EU’s classified handbook bars governments from speaking of “jihad” or linking Islam and terrorism

 Jihad means ‘inner struggle’

Collective insanity:

Apparently they think that if they don’t talk about it, it will go away. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that while their governments are punctiliously refraining from linking Islam and terrorism, the Islamic terrorists will keep on doing so, right under their noses, and they will be powerless to stop it — because after all, they can’t even talk about it.

“Don’t confuse terrorism with Islam, says EU,” by Bruno Waterfield in the Telegraph, with thanks to Dhimmi Watch

The European Union has drawn up guidelines advising government spokesmen to refrain from linking Islam and terrorism in their statements.
Brussels officials have confirmed the existence of a classified handbook which offers “non-offensive” phrases to use when announcing anti-terrorist operations or dealing with terrorist attacks.

Banned terms are said to include “jihad”, “Islamic” or “fundamentalist”.

The word “jihad” is to be avoided altogether, according to some sources, because for Muslims the word can mean a personal struggle to live a moral life.

One alternative, suggested publicly last year, is for the term “Islamic terrorism” to be replaced by “terrorists who abusively invoke Islam”.

An EU official said that the secret guidebook, or, “common lexicon”, is aimed at preventing the distortion of the Muslim faith and the alienation of Muslims in Europe.

* Right. You see: Its a ‘religion of peace that has been hijacked by extremists’…


Meanwhile, UK Independence Party MEP Gerard Batten claimed that the EU was in denial over the true roots of terrorism.

“This type of newspeak shows that the EU refuses to face reality,” he said. “The major world terrorist threat is one posed by ideology and that ideology is inspired by fundamentalist jihadi Islam.”

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  1. Call a spade a spade!! Islamic Terrorists on Jihad.

    The EU keeps bending over while there is laughter within the islamic circles.

    Maybe these people should spend some time reading the Koran and hence understand the true nature of islam and it’s aims of conquest.

  2. Why this EU-bashing? Just because the EU doesn’t want to play into the hand of those who (unwarrantedly) speak of ‘Islamophobia’ and use it to exculpate terrorists doesn’t make the EU any less committed in its fight against terrorism. Also, if you had actually looked up the EU website you would find that EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini only a few days ago called “Islamist terrorism” the “the greatest threat to the security of Europe”. So, you seem to be confusing your political agendas when you bash the EU for being guilty of appeasement — because it isn’t.

  3. Holy cow. Islam has always been about terrorism. Muhammad was the first Muslim terrorist. From the Hadith:

    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220:
    Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy)

    You will not find anything similar in the Bible or any Buddhist teaching. Probably no other religions

  4. In its first one hundred years, a river of blood flowed from Muhammad’s feet. His religion turned a once peaceful and self-reliant people violent and dependant. In the 3,000 years of recorded history between 2500 B.C.E. to 500 C.E. there isn’t a single incident in all of recorded history of Arabs leaving Arabia to conquer or plunder anyone. Then Muhammad invented a religion based upon jihad – holy war and plunder.

    (from prophet of doom)

  5. AlanMcFarlane pick up a copy of Bat Ye’Or’s “EURABIA”.

    Here is an excerpt from the preface:

    Broad historical movements that profoundly transform human societies are difficult to discern in the short term. They extend over decades, often centuries, and affect the social fabric in multiple was that are scarcely noticed by contemporary commentators but become perceptible in times of accelerated social change. This pattern of historical development applies to the dynamic of Islamic jihad. For over a millennium, jihad has been a potent political force that has subjugated and in some cases extinguished once powerful centers of Judeo-Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and other civilizations in Asia, Africa, and Europe. This historical process can be observed today on all three of these continents. In the 1970s, jihad reappeared as a powerful factor in European affairs but, for nearly three decades, the revival of jihad passed with little comment in both popular and academic journals. European statesmen remained silent. The murderous September 11, 2001 jihadist attacks in America broke the silence. President Bush’s war on terrorism forced Europeans to take sides, while investigations revealed the presence of extensive and well-established networks of jihad terrorists throughout Europe. The Madrid bombing of March 11, 2004 heightened awareness of this grim reality. However, constructive public debate has been hampered by profound ignorance of the jihad dynamic and by the tendency of Europe’s political elite to continue to appease jihadist driving forces. This book describes Europe’s evolution from a Judeo-Christian civilization, with important post-Enlightenment secular elements, into a post-Judeo-Christian civilization that his subservient to the ideology of jihad and the Islamic powers that propagate it. The new European civilization in the making can be called a”civilization of dhimmidtude.” The term dhimmitude comes from the Arabic word “dhimmi.” It refers to subjugated, non Muslim individuals or people that accept the restrictive and humiliating subordination to an ascendant Islamic power to avoid enslavement of death. The entire Muslim world as we know it today is a product of this 1,300 year old jihad
    dynamic, whereby once thriving non-Muslim majority civilizations have been reduced to a state of dysfunctional dhimmitude. Many have been completely Islamized and have disappeared. Others remain as fossilized relics of the past, unable to evolve.

    For over a millennium, following the seventh-century Muslim military offensives against Byzantium, European powers instinctively resisted jihad – militarily when necessary – to protect their independence. The response of post-Judeo-Christian Europe of the late twentieth century has been radically different. Europe as reflected y the institutions fo the EU has abandoned resistance for dhimmitude, and independence for integration with the Islamic world of North Africa and the Middle East. The three most apparent symptoms of this fundamental change in European policy are merly components of an overall vision for the transformation of Europe into a new geopolitical entity – Eurabia.

    The decisive shift in European policy came as a result of the oil crisis of 1973 when the European Economic Community (EEC), at the initiative of France and the Arab League, established the Euro-Arab Dialogue (EAD).
    Since then, the EAD has been in the vanguard of engineering a convergence between Europe and the Islamic states of North Africa and the Middle East. The EAD promotes a specific conception of international politics that determines Europe’s relations with the Arab/Muslim world, and with America and Israel. It has also formulated a vision of European history religion and culture, both past and future. Under the rubric of “dialogue”, the EEC and it’s Arab League partner created a formidable political legal superstructure that encompasses the entire Euro-Arab relationship and fostered increased joint Euro-Arab diplomatic initiatives.


    It is now obvious that Islam in Europe has not followed a process of Westernization; instead, the West becomes increasingly compliant to accommodate the religious and political norms of Muslim immigrants out of a fear of social unrest and terrorism. Policies aimed at the integration of Muslim immigrants and their offspring have generally failed. Many Europeans have perceived this profound civilizational shift. A significant minority of Europeans have responded by voting for rightist or even extreme right-wing political parties. Despite popular protests, European immigration policies were not substantially altered until 2003.


    Over the past three decades, the EEC and the EU’s political and cultural organizations have invented a fantasy Islamic civilization and history. The voluminous historical record of violations fo basic human rights for all non-Muslims and women under the shari’a (Islamic Law) – throughout the past, and in the contemporary Muslim societies – is ignored, or dismissed,. Immunized from criticism by this fabricated historical construct, Europeans could engage in mutually fruitful business transactions and diplomatic ventures – particularly at the United Nations and other world bodies – with dictatorial regimes. It is in this context of international relations – pompously called “international legality” – that “old Europe” driven by France, the main architect of this policy, opposed America and supported Palestinian terrorist organizations.

    Locate a copy of “Eurabia” and read it . . . and contemplate the repercussions of European disarmament in exchange for the maladroit, ill conceived EU.

  6. Coincidentally . . .in another book titled “JIHAD in the West”, a prescient work by Paul Fregosi – it was published pre 9/11 in 1998 – found midway down page 22 is this haunting tidbit . . .

    The Jihad originates in the Koranic teaching and was practiced by Muhammad in his lifetime against Jewish and pagan tribes in the Arabian peninsula, and soon after his death against the Persians and against the Christian peoples of the Byzantine empire, Syria, and Palestine. Hundreds of years later it terrified Europe.

    “From the fury of the Mahommedan, spare us, O Lord”

    was a prayer heard for centuries in all the churches of central and southern Europe.

    Let us pray . . .

  7. Heroyalwhiteness

    We pray while they prey?

    I can think of better, more practical things to do than pray.

  8. If you don’t say “Islamic terrorist” maybe they will all go away, right?

    All the more reason for the EU to disappear. At least let the countries who don’t buy into this BS leave.

  9. Praying will not help – you want your freedom then you will have to fight for it – in the law courts, in the sphere of politics, and when all else fails with a gun.

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