Islam: Setting the United States up for the fall

Sounds familiar?

Look what Islam is doing to Europe. The same thing is happening all over again in the US: 

“Islamic organizations are carefully orchestrating lawsuits, marches, large propaganda campaigns all across the nation. Islamic schools and mosques are being built in record numbers across the nation with Saudi oil money being funneled into the US legally. Islam is on the march. The submission of the great country of the United States to Islam has begun just as planned. Just as we were warned by Osama bin Laden, Islam is using Americas own laws and freedoms to destroy us.”
By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

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11 thoughts on “Islam: Setting the United States up for the fall”

  1. Brilliant article!!
    “Anytime one religion takes precedence or is granted privilege specifically as a religion then there has been a discrimination against all other religions.”

    WAKE UP!!!

  2. Islam will conquer the whole wolrd. They are misusing the freedom we have in Europe, America, Australia and Canada. If you just check what is going on in Middle East, Pakistan, etc, can we see any democracy, you can only see how badly they treat non muslims. If Americans do not fully understand the hidden agenda of Islam, the American will loose and they will become the slaves of Muslims. A few years ago countries where Christian majority was is now losing it and they are becoming the victims of Islam and they are under so many threats from these Muslims. Muslims are already in the war against all non muslims. So don’t say you don’t know this, you all know but need to ignore it. Please wake up and do something.

  3. He really tells it like it is. He isn’t very positive either. Time is running out. Elections are coming up in Australia, the UK and the US. We have to act now.

  4. The submission of the great country of the United States to Islam has begun just as planned.

    The USA is not submitting to Islam and Sharia Law; it is submitting willingly to Noahide Law (Sharia on steroids). USA has acknowledged Noahide Law as being the basis on which the great Nation was founded
    ( ).

    The revived Sanhedrin seeks to impose the Seven Noahide Laws on the Gentile nations (USA, Oz, UK etc); the penalty for any breach is death.

    Further, the Sanhedrin, having rejected Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, claims to evaluate messianic contenders, & that there is no redemption without it – “This current Sanhedrin also sees as one of its goals to evaluate any potential messianic contender. “There is no redemption without the Sanhedrin,” said Stein. “We are building the opportunity for a king (messiah).”

    Islam is simply a useful and disposable tool in a grander project to replace
    Jesus Christ with a counterfeit messiah, who will sit in the Third Temple demanding to be worshipped as God.

    Islam will not conquer the whole world; God will draw the largely Islamic nations into battle against Israel (Ezekiel 38) and destroy them (Gog & Magog or Yajuj wa Majuj in Islam). With the al-Aqsa Mosque out of the way, construction of the Third Beit HaMikdash can proceed.

    Then the Sanhedrin & the Noahide Courts can get on with the bloody business of imposing and enforcing the 7 Noahide Laws (Sheva Mitzvos B’nei Noach)

    Just about “game over” for Islam, as opposed to a “global Caliphate”

  5. It appears a worldwide revolution will be necessary to free us from the grip
    of Islamania. The current “leaders” the West is saddled with are probably the sorriest crop the world has ever produced-few can even name the enemy, much less show a willingness to fight. They take money from that enemy and do its bidding. They welcome more and more of the enemy to live among us. They tell us our enemy is peaceful and there’s nothing to fear. We all need some leaders who will name that enemy and fight to save us all and not sit in their pocket. Give us a Churchill, a Bismarck-someone, ANYONE- who will identify the problem and actually take the harsh steps necessary to solve that problem. A lot of bloodshed will take place in the future if we don’t get some real leaders out there, bloodshed that could have easily been prevented had PC and greed not been worshipped so much.

  6. Too late to prevent the bloodshed. It’s now just a matter of how much. The sooner it kicks off, the less there’ll be.

    We are now at around about 1936.

  7. A Churchill will come only when the people are ready for one. Even now, with all that has happened since 9/11, a significant number of people in the West, do actually believe that Islam is peaceful and has been hijacked.

  8. Was just wandering around and stumbled in. Its nice to find folks like you on a discussion forum.

    Islam is pounding away at the American system, all aspects of it. Top, bottom and working nthe middle heavily. Coddling Islam or entertaining this notion that “Islam is a peaceful religion” is a mistake.

    They say we have Muslim nation allies. Who? Saudi Arabia? The kingdom that isn’t in control of anything, hanging on by a thread? There are some 1200 Saudi princes with billions of dollars each available for terrorism, building Islamic madressas, mosques and funding CAIR (among others). Thats an ally? Riiight.

    Pakistan? There is the ultimate al Qa’ida target for overthrow. An Islamic state with a turnkey nuclear program. Osama Bin laden and Zawahiri setting up numerous camps in the border regions[AGAIN]. 75% of the Pakistani Intelligence favoring bin Laden and his ideology. Musharraf is at any time minutes away from being killed or simply run out. Then al Qa’ida or a sympathetic Pak president is at the helm of a nuclear arsenal that makes me shudder at the thought. They have the missiles to reach the targets.

    Iran on the other end of sand land wanting to confront the US in the last all out war of the world as they feel it is their destiny.

    Question is….who strikes the US first? Iran or Pakistan? How about both at the same time? Yeah, no one speaks of that nightmare scenario.

    Anyway, those are my happy thoughts for today. 🙂


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