4 thoughts on “Jack ‘Chamberline’ Straw or Britain under Islam”

  1. Actually, I think Straw grew a backbone as of late (relatively). I drew that while muslims were busy tearing up embassies and calling for genocide in London. Not even 9/11 woke me up to islam like that cartoon jihad episode did.

  2. Savitch Says:
    Not even 9/11 woke me up to islam like that cartoon jihad episode did.

    I agree with you. I was in the US on 9/11, not a pleasant experience, and saw it as the beginning of WW3 or maybe WW4(?)

    The cartoon thing was worse because they are now trying to tell us what to think and how to think. They are censoring western democracy and since I didn’t vote for them I d not take this lightly. They manipulated the whole thing which was a bad also.

    They spin the truth to suit themselves and re-write history. They are not allowed to think.

    I do not want to be “bent’ to this repulsive ideology. It has nothing going for it: absolutley nothing.

  3. Muslims are winning becuase whoever insult Islam are under death threat. No body is there to talk about this terrorist action by muslims around the world. The Europeans are still sleeping thinking that there is no threat. You can’t imagine, how 9/11 happened, the same type of attacks will be found soon. Muslims are very smart, these attacks are not organised by normal individuals, they are planned by Islamic head of states. You will find this, say after ten year by the time they attack Vetican city. There are muslims who are very good friends of Europeans, some of the Europeans are asked to convert like Michael Jackson, so this is the real war, coversion, holding the mouth of all Europeans and attacking the Europeans interests every where. Israel knows this game but they can’t do anything as they are on their way to defend their country. Let’s wait and see how long this war takes and how it will finish.

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