Karzai wants ‘Dialogue’ with Taliban

From the ‘Suck up to the Enemy-Department’- or rather: ‘Why don’t we all just become Taliban,- for peace?

Afghanistan Open to Dialogue With Militants

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan has said he is open to holding talks with moderate Taliban in order to secure peace in his country. But do the Islamists want to talk?

* ‘A ‘moderate Taliban?’ The mind boggles….

sounds like pygmy’s living in  iglu’s…


Is it time to talk with the Taliban? Here, Taliban guerrilla leader Mullah Hayatullah Khan.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said he is willing to hold talks with members of the Taliban in order to ensure stability in the country.
The Islamist militants have threatened to launch a spring offensive in Afghanistan in the coming weeks but Karzai is hoping to persuade pragmatics to split from the hardliners. He would even consider including Taliban in his government, he said. “I will embrace Mullah Omar and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar for peace in Afghanistan. For stability in Afghanistan. But it is the Afghan people who should decide on the atrocities committed against the Afghan people,” he told DER SPIEGEL.


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4 thoughts on “Karzai wants ‘Dialogue’ with Taliban”

  1. I tell you what, how about I talk to Skaf and his mates and maybe we could exchange sexual conquest stories together so we could become great mates then he could promise not to gang rape any other women……
    sarcasm off.
    Fairdinkum why do we seem to kiss the terrorists arse so much?Just KILL the fuckers..

  2. “Just KILL the fuckers..”

    Right! Let’s talk to the Taliban. Posthumously!

  3. A dialogue with the Taliban means one thing-one party dies and the other party carries off a severed head. One guess as to what party comes away with the “prize”.

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