A building application has been lodged with the Cairns City Council for a mosque to be built in 31 Dunn Street, Cairns North 4870

First reported here:
Jihad Close to Home: Mosque Development Application for Cairns!


Objections have to be lodged by the 9th of March. We’ve had quite a few concerned citizens who already wrote to the City council in order to stop this.

Sheik Yer’mami had a look at 31 Dunn Street and found it to be a narrow, quiet street opposite the pioneer Cemetery in a residential neighborhood.

Objections could be based on an impact-study. A mosque impacts severely on a residential neighborhood.

*1. Parking: Dunn Street is too narrow for 100 and more cars to park for Friday prayers. Ambulance and fire brigade would have insufficient access, which is a safety hazard.

*2. Noise pollution:

At this point in time it could not be ascertained whether the council allows the building of minarets and permits the call to prayer over loudspeakers 5 times a day. The cacophony of the Azzan as early as 4:00 am  and at various times during the day would impact severely on residents in the area and on businesses in the neighborhood. Friday prayers would attract several hundred worshipers, it can safely be assumed that this is not in the interest of the community.

*3. A mosque in the area would, over time, attract many more adherents of the Muhammedan persuasion. It is more than likely that the area would gradually turn into a Muhammedan ghetto, a virtual no-go area. A Ghetto where women are hijabbed or burka-clad and where aggressive, bearded men in Middle Eastern robes drive off other citizens, harass non-muslim citizens from coming through and prevent the police from doing their job. In France there are now over 750 such ‘No-Go area’s’ due to the liberal government that elevates negligence over policing:

Eurabia: Fruits of Liberalism

*4. What is a mosque? A simple place of worship?

No. There is ample evidence that mosques are monuments of Islamic conquest. Mosques are symbols of Arab Imperialism and supremacy. Mosques, as we can see around the world, are centers for plotting and subversion, they are used as bunkers and places for weapons storage. Mosques are fortresses in the Dar al Harb, bastions in the land of the infidels which is yet to be conquered for Islam. Mosques are indoctrination centers and will encourage the soldiers of Allah to wage violent jihad against infidels and Jews.

Take a good look what is taught in mosques here. Watch it now before YouTube censors them again…
Undercover Mosque


Impact on tourism:

A Mosque in Cairns will encourage many more Muhammedans to settle in Cairns. This will have a severe impact on tourism. Hijabbed and burkha-clad females with lots of children, sinister, aggressive Middle Eastern males in robes and henna-dyed beards will not contribute to what we call a multicultural Australia. It will impact negatively and drive other tourists off.

So much for now. I will be posting pictures of the area later in the day. In the meantime, please get the word out and forward this article to everyone you know and to every newspaper and every politician in the country.

46 thoughts on “STOP THE MOSQUE IN CAIRNS!”

  1. Saudi Arabia may be behind this. Muslims want to start the 3rd World War and bring an end to this world. They will do this because Eruopeans and Americans are more ingnorant than Muslims. Europeans think that there is not problem with Islam, it is only a religion and we can be good to them. Do you know what Muslims have in their mind, spread Islam through convertion by force or else. The are doing this and they almost achieved their goal. There are mosques every where in Europe, America and Australia. Turkey will soon become a part of Europian Union and the real war starts from then on.

    Europeans are now crazy for money and they do not pay any attention to the safety of their country. So Islam will rule the whole Europe, the only nation who can save the civilization is Israel. We have to wait and see what will happen.

  2. Everyone rants about the dangers of global warming. There’s more danger in having mosques sprouting up all over the world like mushrooms. More mosques means more Muslims to “worship” there. And mosques are more than a place to pray-they’re basically a jihadist supermarket selling everything necessary for the destruction of the nations they defile.

  3. You racists pigs!!!! If you want to know what Islam is then actually do some research. Don’t be so ignorant and ignore history! You people make my blood curl! I am a typical aussie girl whose background is Irish. The idiots who blow up things have nothing to do with Islam at all. If you actually researched what is going on in the middle east then you would know this! I have friends of all religions who agree that there is evil in the world and websites this only help keep the evil alive!!!

  4. You guys are blind aren’t you. Take a drive around Cairns one day and note all the different types of religious homes there are and how so far Cairns is still in one piece and thriving on Tourism. Oh and the Gold Coast is full of Muslims and is the hottest Tourist spot on Australia! Don’t you want their money? Muslims make up almost a majority of our world, don’t be so afraid and shut yourselves out!

  5. I am catholic and have read the bible and I also understand a fair bit about the Koran (for you “uneducated bogans” thats the Islam bible) and both are very similar. Ever stopped to think that maybe Jesus is the same person as Mohammed (if you don’t know who that is then google it).

  6. i just dont get it
    a priest rapes a kid
    and thats seen as an individual act
    but a few muslims commit a few crimes
    and thats seen as the fault of muslim on the whole

  7. When will everybody wake up and get on with their lives without the need to base themselves on a religion of any sort? The day this happens is the day that mankind will truly progress! Religion stinks!

  8. Dave says ban all mosques in democratic countries der noting but trouble and come down hard on Muslim immigration, Muslims are noting but trouble in democratic countries.

    You are a very blind and stupid Rowen, Peta, Sarah, you can’t even tell the difference between a race and an ideology wake up and hear me out you stupid thick shell heads!!! an ideology is not a race I repeat a ideology is not a race!!! Islam is a fascist ideology and it poses a very serious danger to the future of democracy all over the world. Islam is not a religion of peace Islam means submission. Islam preaches hate and death to any one who is not a Muslim go read the fucking quran, Sira, Hadith, and find out about how peaceful Islam is! You will find 100s of versus calling for the death and genocide of non Muslims which means Jews Christians and everything ells that is non Muslim non Islam.

    Islam means submit and be a Muslim or ells. In Islam the butchering murdering pedophile profit called Islam the religion for all mankind the whole world! Islam cannot dialog with other fates beliefs and culture because according the quran, sera, and hadith, Islam is suppose to be the one and only religion, gods divine word and noting ells will be tolerated! Islam is a all or noting religion.

    The Muslim terrorist butchering and murdering and committing mass genocide of innocent people all over he world are following the teachings of Islam the profits words. If you still think Islam is a peaceful religion why don’t the 3 of you go to Saudi Arabia, Islam’s hearth land with a Christian cross around your neck, sit on a wall and open a can of beer and you will find out what will happen to you fairly fast what the peaceful Muslims will do to you! Don’t expect it to be pleasant! And all the peaceful Muslims will be only doing is what the quran, hadith, and sira, told them to do Allah’s words!!! The Islamic government in Saudi Arabia know a lot more about Islam than you 3 fools, go read Robert Spencer’s books about Islam you ya might learn something and wake up

  9. You really don’t read anything do you! I have an aunt who worked in Saudi Arabia for 3 years, she is a canadian catholic and knows a heck of alot more about Islam than you idiots. Read that and then maybe you will understand something about the history of Islam. The war in the middle east is based upon two different religions, one is based on christ’s teachings and the other is based on mohammeds teachings (both teachings were very similar, just translated badly over time). Both religions have been fighting for a long time over whose god is the best, it has nothing to do with us and America has dragged our country in to it only because their is oil in that region. If you don’t want to have to worry about terrorists, then don’t fill up your holdens. Buy a car that runs on water or electricty, coal is an Australian resource. Or even better you could support solar powered cars and we wouldn’t have to worry about Oil running out at all! Americas interest in the middle east is soley based on money and oil. The Bush family has many investments in large oil companies and they are bigger than a majority of the countries in the world put together. There is a small minority in the middle east and in south east asia (not australia and never will be) that have only one goal in life and that is to prove that their god is the only god, these people are maniacs but do remember that they are a very small minority and we are at no risk in this country unless we continue to support the war in iraq. I beg of you, before you just Muslims as a whole, sit down and reasearch their history and the places on earth that they reside, also take some time out to actually make friends with one. I have a friend who is muslim and is in her mid 50s. She comes from turkey and has sought refuge in this country from a husband who treated her poorly. She is a true muslim and follows the teachings of the koran to the point. She has the same morals that I have, we both agree that human beings deserve respect and have the right to believe what they want. I may not believe in her god or any god but I respect her for the strength she has gained from her religion. Also 9/11 was a crock of shit, yes it is sad that many families lost loved ones in that event but think of how many innocent children are being murdered in the streets of the middle east for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If the western world receives violence of this kind then it is mother nature trying to wake us up and make us realise that human beings are not the be all and end all. We need to watch out for each other and help each other to be healthy in mind and body. Stop wasting your breath on me and stop wasting your breath on this website as I am going to because I am smart enough to see that you people are ignorant and just as bad as John Howard and George Bush. You are evil people who do not deserve to have family of friends. If you want to do good on this earth and utilise your time wisely then I suggest donating your time to kids in africa or india or even in your own town, stop violence against animals and children and people in general. Wake up from your sleep.

  10. Oh and in case you have forgotten, the Brittish Empire stole this country we call Australia from an innocent group of people we call Australian Aboriginals. If this country gets stolen from us by Muslims then so-be-it, I call it Karma!

  11. I have noticed that your friend Robert Spencer has never been published by a University … That says alot … If no University will respect then then I would not trust that his views are correct without indepth research into the issues myself. Stop clinging onto every hope that Muslims are evil. They aren’t Terrorists are and this world is full of them, they are called Osama Bin Laden and George Bush, those that follow either of those men are classified as Terrorists and the U.N. knows this.

  12. I could go on forever but I will not waste my breath. I have more important studies to go on with for University so I can graduate with a degree and join the other Salary Earners in Australia who are doing their best to educate others. I have tried and I can see it will not work. I give up on trying to educate people like you, but I will do my best to educate younger people and to stop people like you from recruiting in Al-Queda style because that is exactly what it is. BRING DAVID HICKS HOME!!

  13. For the Idiots
    Who cares if universities don’t publish books by Robert Spencer. Of course they don’t. Yet they make the best seller lists always. Many Unis here and O/S are funded by the saudis – you do the research. Maybe the one you go is also?

    It seems to me that you have nothing to teach us. Your ingnorance is revealing enough.

    There is no moral equibalence between the Bible and the koran – nothing whatever.
    The prophet was a thief, a murderer a pedophile, a polygamist and a destroyer. Where is he like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Moses or anyone other than a medieval brigand?

    Please feel free tp pay the costs of Hicks’ trial. As far as I am concerned he has turned on his own country, wife, children and family. He has joined al queada and LET. And all of his own free will. He should be released when the war on terror is ever. He didn’t even have the guts to wear a uniform thus making him a POW.He has appealed and appealed. It is his fault he is still incarcerated.
    Go back to your lefty uni and see what else you can dig up.

  14. Gramfan,

    According to the stories in the old testament Moses was not exactly a paragon of virtue. And, regardless of that the teachings of all religions have generally being altered over time by various groups in power to push certain things that they feel is necessary for the control of society.

    It is quite naive to blame all Muslims for the actions of some…if you are Christian would you like to shoulder the blame for the many violent acts which have being committed in the name of Christianity throughout history? I think not.

    Fundamentalist views are problematic in any religion when an individual believes it is his or her right to impose that view on others. However, if as you say Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the world, then fundamentalists are in the minority.

    Australia is a free country, people have the right to build and worship in their chosen place of worship in a religion of their choice.

    Unfortunately, Islam has become the scapegoat for the witch hunt of the 21st century, much like the Communist hunts of the McCarthy era in the fifties. The xenophobic attitudes expressed on this page only add more fuel to the fire. No matter how insignificant it may be.

  15. I don’t believe it!!! We moved up here to ESCAPE those muslims in Sydney, and now they’re talking about building a mosque here!! In Sydney it is a disaster! Gang rapes all the time, young girls in short skirts being spat on and sworn at and feeling scared for your life if you walk through a mainly muslim area!

    Everything here is true!! Not only will the area will be devalued, but our Cairns girls will be at best insulted, and at worse, gang raped!!!

    This is scary. I’m really pissed off!

  16. Hey, Sheik, do you know what organisation is building this mosque? What denomination are they, ie are they Wahhabi, Shia, ‘orthodox’ Sunni, Ahmadiya… ? Are the Saudis or another foreign government sponsoring the construction?

  17. Popovitch, all the mosques turn into Wahabi outfits, sooner or later. Just follow the money. Where do you think the money for this mosque comes from if not from Saudi Arabia?

  18. I am looking to move to Cairns soon and I really hope this doesn’t go ahead.

    I am from a town in England called Slough and believe me when I say that a lot of the muslims there have no respect for others. They bully their beliefs onto others as if they are the moral guardians of the town!

    Ok they don’t exactly patrol the town centre with sticks but they have already set off one riot due to an illegal mosque in a Dairy Farm (Google ‘Dairy Farm Mosque Windsor’).

    For people who call people who speak out against Muslims as racists – It’s not a race!

    For people who say that terrorists are not the true face of Islam – Think again. The Koran actually mandates those actions against non believers. They don’t aim to kill everyone but instead offer three solutions.

    1. Convert to Islam.

    2. Keep your religion and pay the jizyah(sp?) tax that allows you to keep your religion but you have to pay protection tax.

    3. Die.

    The only kind of moderate Muslim is one who doesn’t really give a toss about their religion much like I am a moderate Catholic.

    Also please stop taking examples from the Bible about violent ways. The New Testament is about Christianity and I don’t see a lot of mandated commands about violence and hate. there.

    The Koran on the other hand does. Islam was once people loving when they were weaker and it suited them. It goes downhill from there once they got stronger.

  19. Having lived and worked in the middle east for 10 years I can confidently warn my fellow Australians against allowing any growth of islam in Australia.

    Individual muslims are good,bad and indifferent like every other group…but Institutional Islam is entirely unsuited for Australians. Emotional multiculturalists should not blindly rush out to defend institutional islam like they are defending pacifist Quakers. I highly recommend that such emotional multiculturalists actually visit Arabia for a four week holiday. See the real islam at work. You won’t think the same way after seeing it for 4 weeks.

    The cry of ‘racism’ is stupid. Islam is not a race. There are black and white muslims…how can blacks and whites belong to the same race? Is it asking too much for me to ask for some thinking here? Less emotion.

    The silly catholic girl who remarked about the New Testament and the koran being similar is dead wrong. These writings are diametrically opposite in their intentions and values. The idea that Jesus and Mohammad are the same person is psychotic. I suggest that you contact a local catholic bishop who will explain it all to you…slowly.

    Finally, multiculturalism does not mean that we have to let everyone who has an agenda to come and have a free go in Australia. Those of us who are already here have a right to expect that our way of doing things is not just chucked out the door by any new set of blow ins.

    Those who yell in favour of islam should ask themselves why so many muslims are fleeing from muslim countries to Christian places like Australia? Is something going wrong in muslim countries? Could islam be making it go wrong? Give THAT idea some thought before you start yelling.

  20. The center of bullshit here is Saudi Arabia. There are new hitlers. Iran plays the role of Japan, but it is doing less troubles than these “anti-terrorist” paranoids. So, our demand #1 must be BREAKING ALL RELATIONS WITH SAUDI MONARCHY!

  21. I heard what happened with Gavin King. It is the essence of journalistic integrity to protect your sources no matter what you may think of their opinions or activities. Moreover, even when a source is not confidential, nobody in their right mind would ever reveal that person’s home address and property holdings unless they were pertinent to the story, which, in this case, they were certainly not. That was a clear attempt on King’s part to bring some sort of retribution on you. I’m sure they have private investigators in your country. My recommendation to you is to arrange some retribution of your own. Find out if he’s cheating on his spouse, where he goes on saturday nights and then shuffle it on to places like Little Green Footballs and your own site.

    The book is open for me on whether Islam is a redeemable cultural system. It seems to me that peaceful Muslims are like medieval Catholics who supported indulgences. It’s all well and fine, but when someone comes along with a clear scriptural argument showing that the practice in question (in this case, abstaining from war against the Infidel) isn’t supported by the Holy Book, they really can’t come up with a response. If Wahabism is the Islamic equivalent of the Protestant Reformation, then the quality of the texts the religion is attempting to more faithfully observe becomes dispositive of the issue. In that case, since the Qur’an and Hadith are substantially more bellicose in disposition than the Bible, it would seem Islam doesn’t need a return to “first principles,” but instead the rise of something akin to Unitarian Universalism, which, forgive me, but I believe this is the case, doesn’t make much of the text at all in its doctrines.

  22. We, the tolerant, open minded people have to always make an effort towards harmonious, peaceful existence with all the ethnic and religious minorities in a society, where Muslims, – like it or not – will live with us in smaller or larger number, depending on theirs settlement preferences. With such a simple fact we really don’t have any other choice but to strive in to a perfect sort of co-existent’s, where ignorance and bigotry have no room to operate.
    To achieve this won’t be easy because of the enormous cultural differences which deeply penetrates our mentality, or philosophy – if you like – won’t let us to do so, because the non-Muslim people resent lots of Muslim practice and the Muslims are perfectly convinced that their high morality are superseding the rest. There are quite few cultural and traditional practices which are not acceptable anymore by the majority of
    the non-Muslim population, even with an open admittance that the ancestors of the non Muslim population practiced the very same things before. Arranged marriage, forced marriage, and the most horrible, ‘honor’ killings are more than unattractive tradition or strait disgusting regarding of the killings, where the victims are always females. Similarly difficult to accept the practice of self imposed segregation, in our western world by the majority of Muslim immigrants, of what is today a sad reality from Holland to Australia. Segregation is more common in areas where the Muslim population are represented in dominating larger numbers, like within townships or suburbs. Where theirs numbers are insignificant, integration and general mixing in every level are more active with people
    of different cultural background.
    It is indeed never the case, that they lock themselves in a sort of ghettos, or that they not talking to their neighbors, neither is, that they behave any other abnormal way than the general public –let’s say – in shopping centers, or government offices. Of course they smile, behaving friendly, like any of us, yet there is a form of segregation which is actively alive, creating a barrier of ‘us and them mentality.’ It is of what I call the ‘Bicentennial Park’ syndrome. Years after years I used to go with my wife to this
    beautiful park of Sydney, because we lived near by. It was easy to observe that how
    different ethnical and cultural groups engaged in picnicking or playing, enjoying
    their weekend. What is striking most of the times that people with Islamic culture do
    not mix with non-Muslim Asians, Anglo-Saxons, or other European groups, always
    separate, women are always burqa-clad, in heavy dark garments even in the sweltering heat, many times forming separate circle, never actively participating together with
    the men in sporting activities or sun bathing. So it is perhaps no wonder, that they won’t mix with other groups, where women wearing bikinis, where perhaps little kids could teach undesirable, unislamic thing to each other, and men disrespectfully, frequently using the ‘f’ word even in front of older folks.
    Other aspect of this syndrome, perhaps the biggest obstacle in true integration is
    the total absent of cross-cultural marriages, where Muslim girls can freely marry with
    a man of any other faith. In other words, you can marry a Buddhist or an Animist -without any spiritual or religious obligation, but you can’t marry a Muslim girl – unless
    you convert to Islam. A few cases which happened against all the odds, are regarded as
    illegal by the Islamic religious authorities and they view the participant of the Islamic
    background: as apostate.
    Islam, is a all pervading force within the Muslim communities, and to apply its
    rigid teaching to our modern, free world is indeed a great challenge. Tolerance must be
    a two way street, even in uncomfortable topic’s: such as homosexuality. Homosexuals
    are regarded by religious authorities as lower form of existence than pigs or dogs and
    in several Islamic countries homosexuality is punishable by death or prison. When representatives of the Muslim communities in western countries are lobbying fore more rights as a minority, but then the same cultural, religious organizations are ready to
    deny the right to exist for other kind of minorities. And is not only the homosexuals.
    The teaching of any kind of Christianity is forbidden and punishable by prison in several Islamic countries. To teach any sort of ‘reform Islam’ – like of the US-based Free Muslim Coalition – is even more outrageously intolerable for the same deeply respected leaders. There are lots of frightening example – what triggers anti-muslim sentiment – bombarding us from the media, and to little explanation that how it will be resolved in the future.
    These misunderstandings makes people uncertain or sometimes angry ‘islamophobist’, makes them say things which are incorrect or sometimes silly. Muslim extremists are not taking over the world, or wipe out all the infidels – in spite of that there is a strong sort of propagation of this extremist view within the Islamist world.[ Dr. Al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Islamic Brotherhood, Muhammad Mahdi Othman, leader the of the the European chapter of the same organization, Dr. Zaki Badawi, Islamic Cultural Center, London, to name a few.] This people are dangerous dreamers who will never succeed, but only to stir up trouble, give ground to misguided extremist reactions. However just to sit back and not demand a constant changing for the better or ignoring and not to criticizes, and not to widely publicize the negative sides of their societies, communities: is also a mistake! Without pressuring measures from the outside there won’t be any significant activity within the Muslim world to limit those who advocate violent extremist Islam. Name them as you like; Al-Qaida, neo-Kharjites, Hamas, Taliban… the thriving existence of this organizations won’t be curved without an ‘renascence like’ religious and traditional overhaul. If there is no change in the future, these extremist organizations and theirs supporters will marginally bankrupt our western societies. Fortunes are already wasted on brutal wars, huge refuge problems, ever increasing security, bribes, different aids programs, politically correct propaganda… fortunes, of what, could be better used for the benefit of humanity and environment. If the Muslim community – willingly or unwillingly – give more room to the above mentioned fanatics the financial burden could be devastating for the next generation. In these ‘pressing-pushing’ regimes the media should have a prominent role like put on the pillory those who propagate hostile attitude towards universal values and mentality.
    The majority of the western world unconditionally condemns every form of terrorism including those who kill and maim Israeli women and children. Not only here in Australia, but nowhere else in the world, ever any Muslim leader condemned the Palestine terrorist whom in reality, aren’t any better than any other terrorist scumbags. Any times, they ready to condemn the perpetrators of 9/11 or Bali but never the Palestine
    suicide bombers. Muslim leaders in the cases of this sort of attacks; denounce the bombing itself, but not those ‘low life’ who carried it out. As a matter of fact they refer them as ‘martyrs’ and their instigators as respected politicians. The media should demand in the opportunity of interviews that this ‘leaders’ openly and unconditionally condemn the Palestine terrorists as well. This is extremely important, because in our society there is no ‘good terrorist’ and ‘bad terrorist’. If we ignore this point we became accomplice and our morals are bended to the worst.
    Just recently we had commemoration of the abolition of slavery which happened 200 years ago. It made me wonder, that why I wasn’t able to come across a single article of
    the still existing slavery and slave trade. Even today some pockets in Africa like remote tribal areas of Niger, Chad, Sudan, Mauritania slavery and slave markets are alive, regardless that is in theory illegal and forbidden. One could argue that is much smaller
    scale than twenty years ago, that the attitude is slowly changing, that its respective authority trying everything to eliminate the practice; but one cannot deny that the slave traders and slave keepers are exclusively all Muslims, mostly Arabs, Berbers and other nomadic groups and the slaves are non-Muslim Negroid Africans. Slavery was common
    practice in all historic Muslim countries from Morocco to Persia for much longer time and greater extent than in the Americas. [In the Turkish Empire for hundreds of years quarter of the population where slaves.] Yet this facts slept the mind and the attention of the media. Countless examples of misery and suffering caused by the white European
    ‘bastards’, where emotionally portrayed, but not a world for those unfortunate’s whom perished by the millions in Muslim countries. This partially bias, one sided representation by the media is wildly practiced and excepted as a norm by the media; not to antagonize the Muslim world, because they very sensitive.
    When it comes to religious dogmas or Islamic theologies, this self-censured norms
    are more widely kept under control. Those few reformist within the Islamic world are
    not getting the support of what they deserve, or of what is warranted, in the same way-
    as those governments and individuals are not criticized whom are behind of the extreme negative and dangerous Muslim mainstream of Wahabitta, Deobandi, Safalist, ect. movements. Those few who criticized Islamic costumes and behavior are quickly labeled by the media as racist bigots or fascist but those, like Sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Sudais, who openly call for the overthrow of all other faiths, are welcomed in England to preach
    their hatred, and called ‘moderates’ by the media.
    The Saudi royal family seldom and very lightly criticized by the media, in spite that
    the same family bans all churches in Saudi Arabia, and all the schools there teach that Islam is the only true faith. All the handpicked imams for the highest religion posts – by this family – are nothing, but hate mongers, instigating violent struggle against the non-believers. If I would say the same rhetoric’s against Muslims I would be vilified, yet this
    fanatics are turned media celebrities in Saudi Arabia. The same royal family is financing
    every single Madrassa in Pakistan where bomb making and women bashing is a significant part of the curriculum, yet when some of the member of this family [princes] arrives to a western country all what the media can say; how good taste this royals got
    for buying horses, luxurious cars.
    The only way out from the continuous conflicts between civilizations is to shape Islam to the rapidly changing modern world, modify dogmas or abandon those teachings and practices which are denounced as extreme by the majority of the advanced civilizations.
    Time, we haven’t got for polite reasoning, therefore we must demand this changes, must point out for the ultra conservative majority, those few brave enlightened Islamist, who realized that Islam in its current form provides more controversy than happiness.
    Mahmud Muhammed Taha advocated – more than 30 years ago- that a distinction must be drown between the Meccan and the Median section of the Koran. He argued a return to peaceable Meccan Islam, which he propagated as more applicable to today, whereas the bellicose Medinan teaching should be consigned to history. It is indeed an other shameful page in the history book of Islam, that this brave reformer was arrested for apostasy and executed by the Sudanese government.
    Another Muslim modernist was the Pakistani Fazlur Rahman teached the ‘double movement’; i.e. understanding Koranic verses in their context, their ‘ratio legis’ and then
    using the philosophy of the Koran to interpret that in a modern, social and moral sense.
    An Egyptian professor, Nasr Hamid Abu-Zayd who also argued against the ignorant Muslim majority – that the Koran and hadith should be interpreted according to the context in which they originated. He was also prosecuted and persecuted.
    In the US there is a small but extreme courageous Islamist reform group the Free Muslim Coalition which promotes a modern and secular version of Islam, has proposed the followings:
    1. Reinterpretation of Islam for the 21st century, where terrorism is not justified under any circumstances.
    2. Separation of religion and state.
    3. Democracy as the best form of government.
    4. Secularism in all form of political activity.
    5. Equality for women.
    6. Religion to be a personal relationship between the individual and his or her God, not to be forced on anyone.

  23. Pigs blood.

    Tip pigs blood on the site of the building.

    Should have the desired effect.

  24. Sheik, get some bacon and sprinkle it over the site. Pour some alcohol over the site as well, and put a teddy bear with the name Mohammad on it, and put it there as well.

  25. Rowan, Peta, and Sarah et all : what are you doing on this website if you think that we are all racists?

  26. Islam is truly a dangerous religion…it is not a “bogan” opinion…I have a family friend who converted to Islam, this woman told her husband that unless he converted 2 she would leave him. He refused to convert and thats what she did….now if he wants to see her, she has to escourted by and Islamic Chaperone, and becuase the huband didnt convert the Islamic communtiy doent believe that they are even married. Islam is cult-like!

    and by the way “Catholic girl” if you think that “Jesus is the same person as Mohammed” then ur not actully a real catholic yourself. Jesus is the Christ, and regurdless if you believe him to be the lord or not nce cannont deny that (even though Chrisinas arnt perfect) the Holy Bible and Jesus words are about love and tolerance and forgivness.
    Mohammed was a misogynist, woman-hating, mad-man from mecca and the Koran is a hate-crimes manifesto against Humanity

  27. to all the racists on this page: suck din. you losers will have to put up with muslims your whole lives. so its uselss that you’ve come here to complain because you cant get rid of them. i think its great that there are so many muslims in the world. soon we will out number the lot of you. praise be to allah, lord of the worlds

  28. To all AUSTRALIAN MEN: don’t mind these naive comments from women here. They don’t know what they’re talking about. They have no sense of self protection and protection of our freedoms. They defend an ideology that is absolutely ridiculously oppressive to others and especially WOMEN. Has nothing to do with racism little Madina grow up.

    So to all beautiful (non naieve) women, we love you and thank you for caring about FREE australian people of all races, instead of defending an ideology that is antagonistic to our society.

    I would say get a peacefull demo going with 200+ cairns citizens, not to prevent it, but only to show that nobody wants it here and they are doing it against the will of the community.

    Great post mike davis!


    Having lived and worked in the middle east for 10 years I can confidently warn my fellow Australians against allowing any growth of islam in Australia.

    Individual muslims are good,bad and indifferent like every other group…but Institutional Islam is entirely unsuited for Australians.
    Emotional multiculturalists should not blindly rush out to defend institutional islam like they are defending pacifist Quakers. I highly recommend that such
    emotional multiculturalists actually visit Arabia for a four week holiday. See the real islam at work. You won’t think the same way after seeing it for 4 weeks.

    The cry of ‘racism’ is stupid. Islam is not a race. There are black and white muslims…how can blacks and whites belong to the same race? Is it asking too much for me to ask for some thinking here? Less emotion.

    The silly catholic girl who remarked about the New Testament and the koran being similar is dead wrong. These writings are diametrically opposite in their intentions and values. The idea that Jesus and Mohammad are the same person is psychotic. I suggest that you contact a local catholic bishop who will explain it all to you…slowly.

    Finally, multiculturalism does not mean that we have to let everyone who has an agenda to come and have a free go in Australia. Those of us who are already here have a right to expect that our way of doing things is not just chucked out the door by any new set of blow ins.

    Those who yell in favour of islam should ask themselves why so many muslims are fleeing from muslim countries to Christian places like Australia? Is something going wrong in muslim countries? Could islam be making it go wrong? Give THAT idea some thought before you start yelling.

  30. Here’s the news item!

    leave a note on how disgusted you are by this disrespectful act
    and send it to your friends. These people need our support this is insane.


  31. first they want a mosque in every city, then in every town, this will be followed by islamic schools, & the use of halal meats, & islamic banking systems, the mosques will be used to preach wahabi anti west anti freedom. this will continue as the numbers of muslim immigrants join added to the family with several wives & 3 to 4 children from each wife. muslims will never intergrate with the host country & desire for the host country to become less unislamic, & to allow the islamic community to enforce its own sharia courts on family matters. this will continue whilst members of the islamic community chip away at your freedoms, accusing you of being rascist & to not critisise any forms of questions of the intent of islam.
    they will then seek to get muslims into positions of power, police/politics/councils/airports & the like always pushing all the time to convince the host nation not to speak against islam but to change its unislamic or freedoms into a more islamic way of thinking.
    once the muslims become confident enouph they will then try to enforce sharia law & force the host country into submitting to islam.
    see bosnia as an example !!!.
    if australia allows the spread of islam & muslims you will find your selves on the road to becoming (the islamic republic of australia)
    to see other examples of this attempt at global domination research much of europe france/germany/england/denmark/sweden/holland/itali/austria/spain/& more, & what you will see is a familier pattern, growing confidence in the islamic world that is trying to change the world into islam.
    i am in the uk. & i can tell you there is growing concern over this islamic problem, & i can only see this heading in one direction/
    civil war.
    australia you have been warned !!!.
    advice: destroy the mosques & force muslims out of australia.

  32. GARY is 100% correct.

    Australians get your politically-correct liberal heads out of the sand!

    This is an unholy war on the way and your children will curse you for your stupidity in giving these fanatical religious bigots the keys to our country and our culture.

    Actually your Parents and Grandparents will curse you.

    Your children and grandchildren may well be praying in the mosque!

  33. I dunno if its just me but I had some pretty awesome teachers in my life my parents and my history teacher mr Hamill especially. My dads in a major in the army and has been to Iraq as a result of operation Iraqi FREEDOM, he was away almost 9 months. Most Australians today especially the younger generation beleive that everyone deserves freedom and more important Equality! there is a specific law in Australia which pretty much says everyone has an equal chance in employment and other such stuff, let me ask you this would you ever want to change this law, because of course if you did you would have to give up your right to equality and freedom not just someone elses. Why should religion be any different? Im a 17 year old catholic girl and attend a catholic school, i would never ever let my religion be sacrificed in order to make some one else happy its MY faith and i will never give that up, think of what you are actually asking these people to do. And before you or neone else says that its for public safety blah blah blah blah have a look in the mirror and get a LIFE… stop trying to restrict other peoples freedom so you can have greater freedom, everone should be equal not just whites or just catholics Equality can have no limitations else its not really equality. ANd whoever says this mosque is a playground for jihadists, where did you get this information from? what proof do you have.. just because some muslims take this road doesnt mean all of them do, Your ignorant and for that i am really sorry for you. I used to be like you i used ti think that anyone who was muslim was dangerous but i grew up i researched and studyed the events of th emodern world and eventually i came up with a theory that the only really harmful people in the world are not muslims or communists but CHRISTIANS and WHITES who are so ignorant of the world that they believe theyy are better than everyone else. Adnd finally yes in the end maybe ill be proven wrong that having the mosque there was a bad thing to do but even if i am i at least no that my conscience can live with it because it is the right thing to do, and people two wrongs dont make a right.

  34. Islam is a cult. It is also the greatest threat to female kind ever in the history of the planet. The young girls posting early on are ignorant and brain washed.
    My advice is ” Buy a dog”…..this is what all the Chinese do in Malaysia.. Dogs or rather their saliva is supposed to be Haram or whatever..what a load of rubbish.
    The gang rapes of young women from Sydney to London to Copenhagen to Paris etc etc are disgusting beyond belief. Beautiful blond Swedish girls dye their hair dark colours hoping this will make then less of a target.
    The young girls above should all watch the Bilal Skaf…. “Beyond the Darklands programme.”

  35. So ironic, when you have stolen the land from abrogines and treated them as the world knows.

    and dont forget where you all came from, criminals who were place here.

  36. Is there any land occupied by the soldiers of allah that is not stolen?

    As it is, Australia is being overrun by Mohammedan criminals.

    Our Aboriginies are treated well.

    Now tell us what happened to the Jews, the Christians, Zaroastrians, Hindus, Animists, Buddhists etc. in lands occupied by Mohammedans?

  37. Peaceful ISLAM as described by devout Prime Minister Erdogan, of so called “moderate ” Turkey…
    The Mosques are our Barracks
    The Minarets our Bayonets
    The Domes our Helmets
    And the Faithful our Soldiers
    As for Rowan, Peta, Sara, Bob, and Idiots, your ignorance is astounding…study the history of Hindu India, its enslavement, subjugation, Islamic sex trade of its population under Islam, and its Janiserrie system, up to this present day with the partition into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India…these were once a wealthy and cultured people, and ONE nation before its invasion by terrorist Islam!
    AND you won’t be able to say its a LIE because the history is written graphically by the muslim scholars themselves who were VERY proud of their enslavement and torture of hindus for the glory of the prophet and islam..

  38. AND I would just like to say to the sanctimonious Equality4all, I have every respect for the equal rights of all people, as long as those people have every respect for MY rights!!
    So tell me, miss righteous one, ( who I suspect is a MUSLIm pretending to be Christian{ dead giveaway with your rant on CHRISTIANS}
    WHERE is the EQUALITY in ISLAM….hypocrite! huh???
    STONING for rape victims,
    DEATH for those who leave their religion
    DEATH for gay people
    DEATH for Christians and jews and infidels
    and thats just for starters..
    Yes I would like to show muslims their version of equality!!
    by doing to them as they would do to us …and its all in their hate book quran!! read it , you dill!

  39. Peta, you are woefully ignorant…go to an ENCYCLOPAEDIA, dear….Muslims are NOT almost the whole world! they only make up ONE FIFTH!! 1.2 billion muslims in a world of over 5 billion, one third of the world are CHINESE…so don’t hold your breath dear…
    it’ll be a freezing day in hell before I kiss muslim butt, but obviously YOU do! and as for their filthy money , I buy nothing from muslims, I don’t buy halal, or kebabs,, and considering they have nothing of value to offer me its no loss…oh and I won’t take a taxi with a muslim driver, they are known rapists and molesters( just study the stats)..NO, I will not support them in any way..

  40. muslims are not to be haterd ,nor any other religin. every one has his own choice accorging to his knowkedge and beleif,a very small nos of muslims who donnot have any knowledge of real islam have defamed the whole community,but its not like that ,that there is any role of force or jabbar in islam ,moreover islam never teaches to hate any other religion.for centuries sunnyes shias and christians have been living together in hormoney and peice and they have to live and marry each othether yet again if this world has to go on.terrorist will die there own death.

  41. Let me remind you all here how many of us learn what islam means:
    When we hear bombs, we hear islam.
    When we see women dressed in black sacks, we see islam.
    When we learn of amputations and stonings, we learn about islam.
    When we read about sexism and homophobia, we read about islam.
    When we face animality, anger and greed for power, we face islam.
    When we smell death, we smell Islam.
    When we hear muslims say peace, we know they mean war.
    Islam is just one big F-ALLAH-CY!

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