13 thoughts on “Last Time it was: ‘Lets get naked and hate Bush’”

    Why use you’re face as a pin cushion and not in a million years luv.
    Hippies have a lot to answer for.

  2. So war is like sex now is it? When was it last used as a weapon of destruction (other than in conquest)?

    I want to know how many casulaties have occurred during intercourse and I don’t mean oldies who “went on the job”.

    Who teaches these kids? They are totally ignorant of similes and metaphors etc etc, and downright crude!

  3. when will the right ever get a sense of humour ? this is hilarious…
    Bush has provided some of the best humour of our time . Not since Joh Bjelke Petersen have we seen such brilliant humour and it will be a shame to see him go next year ……..

  4. atheist

    Yes hilarious!

    Go watch some Billy Wilder movies as your idea of hilarious is pretty lame. Or some good British humour,,,and I don’t mean Benny Hill, which is what this reminds me of, but he was a good comic talent.

    Isn’t Sir Jo dead already??? Or do you mean Bush??
    Your syntax allows for ambiguity.
    I can see the humour, believe it or not, but it is crass, immature and crude. No intellect required.
    Maybe one day,,when/if you have a grown up daughter you may feel differently if she protests like this, especially if she is forced to wear a hijab,,but I digress,,,,

  5. gramfan,
    if I had a grown up daughter who recognised what a disgrace Bush is I would be very proud of her. If she supported him then I would have something to worry about ….
    Can’t see her wearing a hijab either …… when the Saudis run of their petro dollars Islam was collapse like a pack of cards.. Bring on global warming !!! End fossil fuels now !! yeah !!

  6. when will the right ever get a sense of humour ?

    The best humour is based on truth, whereas the “fucking for virginity placard” has nothing to do with the truth, or reality. So it’s not funny, unless your an ignorant moonbat who has never read a history book.

  7. …”but it is crass, immature and crude. No intellect required.”

    But dear Gramfan, this EXACTLY is why he finds it so funny! He has on innumerable occasions demonstrated intellectual subtlety of a pork chop. On his good days.

    You don’t really believe he entertains himself by reading P. G. Wodehouse – for example…

  8. Atheist

    The ignorant wankers in this picture take there freedom and good life for granted the ungrateful pack of morons. Why don’t then stupid morons go to an Islamic state and live under the Sharia with brutal Islamic tyrants and dictatorship and see how they like that! Those silly flower power freaks and brainless geeks haven’t got a clue about Islam. Atheist you should do your research on the Islamic world and Islam before you make comments like that

  9. Christian West
    You always come up with such good stuff!

    Can you find some good Monty Python clips at youtube? They are so much better!!

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