Moderates in Hiding, Catmeat Sheik Hilali stays put


Impact of Al Hilali decision extremely negative: PM

Prime Minister John Howard says Islamic leaders are doing damage to their community by not taking decisive action against Sydney’s Sheikh Taj el-Din Al Hilali.
Meanwhile, the so-called moderate Muslim, Lebanese Muslim Association President Tom Zreika, had to go into hiding because of death-threats by Muslims after he called for reforms. Mr Zreika said he was threatened recently after saying, “I can’t tolerate this freak show”, following recent remarks by Sheikh Hilali.

The despicable catmeat mufti has been reinstated.

Anybody surprised?
Only three months, you say? Well, we can always give him an extension, right?
Andrew Bolt has a take on the cat-meat mufti Al-Hilali:

Despite everything, the Mufti clings on – at least for the next three months:

CONTROVERSIAL Islamic cleric Taj Din al-Hilali is likely to stand aside as the nation’s mufti within three months after being awarded a short “grace period” by Australia’s most powerful Muslim spiritual leaders.

A meeting of 50 clerics yesterday set up an executive committee of the Australian National Imams Council that will subsequently appoint a “fatwa group” to determine who will be the next mufti of Australia…

The Australian understands that the majority of the imams at yesterday’s meeting opposed Sheik Hilali continuing to speak on behalf of Muslim Australia, but were willing to keep him on until they had found a successor.

“The majority don’t want him there, but we basically kept him on to save him face without causing problems in the community,” a senior Muslim spiritual leader told The Australian yesterday.

Problems like this, perhaps?

Strange that such a bigot and hate-preacher, who has done so much damage to the Muslim community for so long, still isn’t out on his ear.


Which proves once again that the ‘moderates’ haven’t got a leg to stand on: The radicals have the scriptures on their side, and they use them to spread the real Islam.

Just listen to this:

Leading Islamic Scholar: Osama Bin Laden is “A Man After My Own Heart”

In an interview broadcast on Al Jazeera March 16, 2007, top Lebanese Islamic cleric Fathi Yakan, described by IslamOnline as a prominent scholar with a Ph.D. in Arabic and Islamic Studies, says Osama bin Laden is a man after his own heart. (Courtesy of MEMRI TV.)

6 thoughts on “Moderates in Hiding, Catmeat Sheik Hilali stays put”

  1. It can never be stated enough-it’s the jihadist crowd that practices Islam most faithfully, not the “moderate” bunch. The latter group knows this and that’s why they’ve let the former group direct Islam for the last 1400 years. Nothing else can explain why that “vast majority of moderate Muslims” has let this go on for this long and has not taken control of Islam.

    Unless they’re just flat out stupid of course.

    Flat-out stupid or scared s***less.

    The only advantage here is that meat mufti speaks the truth according to mo, so at least we know what they think.
    Actually he does us a big favour! He has made more people aware of the negatives of islam and that has got to be a good thing.

  3. How can King Wanker claim the Muslim community,for example,is a peace multi-cultural group publicly opposed to muslim extremists now we see this farce

  4. I’m very happy that Shreik (sic) Hilaly has been re-endorsed….

    I’m just loving it that ol’ Tommy Zreika is feeling so humiliated by The Mufti’s Maniacal Mutterings.

    Absolutely fantastic that Tommy is pooping himself!
    Sorry, Tom. The “Time for Moderation is Passed”.
    No more Western Lifestyle for you, my boy.

    The Debt-Collector is knocking on your door.

    Go Sheik Hilaly!
    Tell us more. Please.

  5. The Islamofascist Monkeys never cease to entertain the choir and open up some lefties’ eyes…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe hates
    to see womens’ skin…

    gives Muslim men tent in pants
    they may grab and pounce like cats

  6. If them so called moderate Muslims are moderate Muslims speaking out of a modern version of Islam who are they tying to fool? Do they know what their religion teaches at all? or are they just stupid? If they know what their religion teaches and are trying to change and modify it, they might as well leave the cult and be done with it, because it is imposable to modify Islam.

    Now this is something that im thinking. Could it be that the majority of the so called moderate Muslims criticizing the radicals are all a staged lies to give the blind west a false sense of security? I believe in most cases this is so. The so called moderates criticizing the radicals stunts will give the blind west the attitude that Islam is peaceful and just hijacked by radicals, and the so called moderates are the real Muslims.

    Them kind of stunts form the so called moderates will give the blind west the impression that there is no threat to the west form Islam. And the violence is only carried out by the extremists, the (real Muslims), my attitude is that no Muslims can be trusted because 99.9% of Muslims know and understand their religion.

    This is all making sense, because I notice that those so called moderates claim they get intimidation and death threats but noting ever happens to them in most cases. It is only apostates that get killed when they are found by Muslims. The cleric that said he got death threats over the phone, what’s stopping this form being a lying staged stunt form the Muslims?

    We all know that Muslims lie to further the cause of Islam, and Muslim lies works pretty well in fooling the moonbats.

    What is stopping the death threats over the phone to the so called moderate cleric a big a lying stunt?

    Anyone agree with me?

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