4 thoughts on “Muslim Grievances: You gotta watch this!”

  1. Who was that loser on the phone? “Islam’s grievances, which naturally cause them to lash out, include (1) Jews (2) democracy (3) lack of Sharia law (4) black non-Arab Muslims in Sudan …” Did Mr. Loser stop to think that by just staying home (or going back to the home of their parents) in cesspoolistan, these seething Muslims would have everything they want? They’ve got their Sharia, they’ve got covered women, they’ve got imams to pronounce death sentences, there’s nobody but Muslims there anyway – no friction with the hedonistic Westerners whose lifestyles they so deplore. Win-win. Mr. Loser can go there, too!

  2. The idiot on the phone seemed to forget one minor point-who fired the first shot in this war on 9/11? They started it; we need to finish it before they finish us.

  3. Just so everyone knows, The host and caller of the radio show is Phil Hendrie. He does BOTH voices on his show. He is very gifted in that he bounces to and from his radio mike and a telephone receiver. He has been doing this for years. He “argues” with himself over issues that get people’s blood boiling, and then they call in to his show and argue with the “guest”, who is really Phil. It’s quite hilarious.

    So while there may just be folks out there who actually think like this made-up caller, rest assured that it is all fake.

  4. I haven’t heard Phil Hendrie on the radio in years! He’s great! This “Interview” is fake, but sickenly, kinda accurate in regards to what many people think.

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