New Catmeat Mufti in Denmark: Women risk becoming a victim of an attack if they don’t adapt themselves, and wear a hijab.

Hmmm, perhaps the ‘right kind’ of burka is not so bad after all…?

Yes, lets all wear head scarves to please our Muslim masters, no doubt the nutroots would agree: In America there are already places where infidel women wear the hijab out of ‘solidarity’- in other places (Egypt, Iraq, Iran, even in some places in Malaysia and the Gulf states) infidel women are severely punished if they go uncovered.

Thanks to Sir Henry Morgan, who send this in:

Denmark: Women should stop tempting men

Every tenth man is sex-crazy. Women risk therefore becoming a victim of an attack if they don’t adapt themselves, and wear a hijab. That’s according to the new Danish imam, Mostafa Chendid, of the Islamic Society in Denmark (Islamisk Trossamfund). He thinks women must stop tempting men.

“Let me mention America. Every half a minute there’s a new rape there. When a women struts about, then it tempts the man.” The headscarf serves to protect her, Chendid emphasized to Weekend Aviser in a longer interview.

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9 thoughts on “New Catmeat Mufti in Denmark: Women risk becoming a victim of an attack if they don’t adapt themselves, and wear a hijab.”

  1. Where are the feminists, ‘NOW’ and all the other radical feminists, who have spent the last three decades demonising us men of the West? Hiding under the bed when confronted by Muslim men with an allah defined mission to put women in their place.

  2. The beast says we have all these rapes in America. They’re moslem for the most part doing the raping. Just like they do in Sweden and in Norway.

    Stop the BS!!

    Get rid of the moslems and lower the rape statistics.

    If I were a moslem I definitely wouldn’t want to open THIS particular can of worms!

  3. I suggest someone start making t-shirts for honourable western men to wear: with slogans like ‘I am a man, not a tomcat. I rule my desires.’

    Surely a protest march, sort of like ‘Reclaim the Night’ but in daytime and in Muslim ‘enclaves’, could be organised. Women and girls of all ages, in everything a Western woman chooses to wear – from bikini to evening gown, business suit, ballet leotard, nurse or doctor’s uniform, army or police uniform, nun’s robes, carrying placards like ‘this is modest at the beach’, ‘this is modest in the lab’ ‘this is modest in the office’ ‘this is modest at the opera’, ‘this is modest in the street’; bare-headed, hatted, scarved, whatever they like. All their men (fathers, brothers, grandfathers, sons, friends) come too, wearing t-shirts, ‘I am a man, not a tomcat’ and carrying placards, ‘rape is a crime no matter what she’s wearing’ and ‘I am a gentleman; her No means No’. Include lots of men and women who are qualified Martial Arts practitioners; also offduty policemen and women, offduty servicemen and women. March peacefully and quietly down the streets by the thousand through the de facto ‘Muslim quarters’ of Western countries. And if physically attacked – the martial arts people and the police and servicepeople quietly move to the edges of the crowd and exercise their right of self defence and citizens’ arrest.

  4. You have to hand it to these moldy muftis-they sure like to pontificate about the causes of rape. They should know-their “religion’ condones it more often than not. No wonder they think they’re “experts” on the subject.
    I myself wouldn’t mind at all if they’d all shut the hell up already.

  5. what hell dont those immans go back to their own stinkholes of a country. leave the WEst alone. We are the enlightened ones, the islamist are weak minded oversexed perverts, they cannot control themselves.

  6. Didn’t some of them rape women in Egypt last Ramadan? They were covered up. It didn’t help them at all.

    I like some of Sylvia Haworth ‘s ideas also:
    The t-shirts, take back the night,,,,highlight all the differences betwen us and them as often as possible!

  7. Gramfan, they were’nt raped, just molested for not being in the company of male relatives and the fasting during Ramadan ‘fed’ their frenzied attack…
    Sylvia, excellent idea…

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