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  1. Hey this is a bit Off topic, but if I may:

    Have you taken any legal steps re. this journoroo violation of one of his profession’s most iron-clad rules?

    At the very least he should be fired AT ONCE!

    He and his paper would stand to owe you some money as well. I don’t know Australian Law but I hope you have grounds to sue them for what they have done to you.

    As an added bonus of such a lawsuit this would draw attention to the dhimmitude which reigns supreme all over our Western Media.

  2. allaisnogood.
    I am taking the liberty of reposting Sheik’s update from JW
    (Hope you don’t mind, Sheik!)


    >>Gavin King featured here:


    Before that he printed this BS here:


    Thanks for the support. I have lawyers onto him, the press-council, the CEO of Newscorp Ltd and we are exploring a few other legal avenues.

    Posted by: sheik yer’mami

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