“Thailand insurgency may have links to the broader world of radical Islam”

Imagine! Who would have guessed…?

But not to worry: Jihad is ‘inner struggle!’

From AP 

Young Thai Muslims — thousands, by Thai government estimate — are being educated in neighboring Muslim countries and the Middle East, with an unknown number returning as recruiters or actual participants in the insurgency. Some may be receiving military training while abroad.

3 thoughts on ““Thailand insurgency may have links to the broader world of radical Islam””

  1. We can’t stop Islamic terrorism unless we blow up Medina and Mecca. The time has come and we should now attack Medina and Mecca and seize Saudi Arabia. These Saudis are the worst animals in the universe. We should destroy them and control the whole middle east.

  2. It doesn’t matter where the jihadists come from and where they operate, they are all the same. They all need to be wiped out-no prisoners and no pity-just wipe them out. A dead jihadist is the only one proven to be pacified.

  3. Yeah I agree, every freedom loving country should wake up and don’t be so soft with them fuckers, the Mohammedans know well enough freedom loving countries are too soft and asleep. Its time to wake up harden up and come down on the bastards .

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