The Vilification of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the Traitors Among Us


The unholy alliance of the political left and the Islamo-fascists is self evident


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not only a survivor, but an apostate, an insider who spills the beans, a strong willed, intelligent and confident black women who fits in no box. The ‘racism’ smear doesn’t work with her and with every ad hominem attack she emerges stronger. The ‘defenders of Islam’ are seething: They simply want her dead.

‘Emancipated’ western females, like her former Dutch colleagues Rita Verdonk, couldn’t bear having her around. Ayaan put them all to shame. By forcing them to take a look in the mirror, to face their failed policies, the idiocy of political correctness with the resulting mess caused by an invading, hostile and alien creed, was too much for the meek.
Rita Verdonk, when asked if she had read the Koran, snapped back with “I don’t want to lose all hope“- hoping against hope that remaining ignorant, that by appeasing the restive infiltrators, somehow the status quo could be upheld, for just a little while longer.

A poster on Jihad Watch nails it:
Western women who staunchly defend Islam should be clinically examined for mental illness or psychosis. They are Islam’s first and foremost victims as it has been throughout history. Symptomatic of such gender-treason is avowed feminist Germaine Greer’s attempted defense of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as “an attack on cultural identity”. (Cite from the Journal of Medical Ethics.)

Female Genital Mutilation

Feminist writer Germaine Greer’s comments that attempts to outlaw the practice were “an attack on cultural identity” have been strongly criticised as ignoring the purposes of mutilation and the lack of choice for those upon whom it is inflicted.

This is just one manifestation of how the liberal left has come full circle to defend the rights of those who would kill them first of all. The hypocrisy and self-hatred embodied by such nihilistic thinking would be hilarious if it did not pose such a egregious threat to America’s security and Constitutional liberties.

This ‘tolerance’ for the intolerable, does it stop at cannibalism or with human sacrifices?

The answer would most likely be ‘who are we to judge…’


Newsweek, a typically far left publication provides a forum for a Fareed Zakaria.

Zakaria is a Mohammed Atta look-alike and openly works as a Muhammedan agit prop in America, right in the Dar-al Harb, behind enemy lines. He uses his powers incessantly to stir up the psychologically challenged peace-freaks.

Newsweek allows him to wage his very own jihad against the war efforts of the Bush administration. Newsweek recently allowed a certain Lorraine Ali to call Ayaan Hirsi Ali a ‘bombthrower’ things could hardly get more absurd.

The ‘Religion of Peace’- the most violent socio-political ideology on the face of the earth, a cult that demands total submission of the individual, makes it incumbent on its adherents to wage violent jihad against Infidels and Jews. Until all the world is Islamic, until the unbelievers are either killed or forcibly converted. This ideology is still, 5 years after 9/11,- considered to be just ‘another religion’.

‘Islam is a peaceful religion’- said GWB, hijacked by ‘extremists’ – but everyday we see the rapidly growing numbers of ‘extremists’ hijacking our freedom, our airplanes, buses and trains. Every day the ‘RoP’ murders, bombs, assassinates thousands, from Darfur to Thailand, from Mindanao to Sulawesi, from Chechnya to India. It is time to take a closer look at what Islam teaches instead of parroting the nonsense of the ignorant and the taqiyya masters.

Something is seriously wrong when a Lorraine Ali, an Islamo-shill, is allowed to smear Ayaan Ali Hirsi in a widely read magazine like Newsweek as a ‘bombthrower’. The irony is bizarre.

Moreover, note the use of the words “right-wing” and “reactionary” to describe Hirsi Ali and her views. To Newsweek’s Lorraine Ali, a woman who is a feminist, atheist, pro-gay and combats the greatest religious extremism of our time is “right-wing” and “reactionary.”

Yes, the bombthrowers are among us.

Ayaan is not one of them, but she shows you where they are.

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has a take on Ali Hirsi’s Book ‘Infidel’ and knocks the traitors:

The New York Times continues it’s role as the jihad’s ho. Not its bitch, its ho. There are no journalistic standards at the Times. They have set out to destroy the truth tellers. Tools.


A letter to the editor:

She (Ayaan Hirsi Ali) shouted from the rooftops about Muslim women who endure female genital mutilation, forced marriages at young ages, “honor” killings and denial of education to ensure subjugation. And she went up against obscurantist Islamic religious leaders who use democratic freedoms to pursue antidemocratic goals. In doing so, Hirsi Ali ruffled feathers and stepped on toes, especially those of Dutchmen (and other Europeans) whose deafening silence was exposed.

As to Buruma’s claim that Europe must show greater respect for Islam, the reality is that many European nations have done just that, in some cases bending over backward to accommodate religious beliefs and needs. And where there have been lapses, many have rushed to protest. But Hirsi Ali’s key point is that this must be a two-way street. Newcomers must respect and adapt to their host societies’ defining principles. If not, she contends, Europe will wake up one day and no longer recognize itself as a bastion of Enlightenment values.

David A. Harris
New York
The writer is the executive director of the American Jewish Committee.

5 thoughts on “The Vilification of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the Traitors Among Us”

  1. Fucking stupid bastards, what will we have to do to get it into some people’s thick heads about Islam, the extremely intolerant oppressive barbaric, blood thirsty death cult? I seen the video link above of the freak show, and it was enough to make ya sick. Islam has shown the world for what is in horrific detail countless times, and sill some people never learn.

    Some videos on the religion of peace and tolerance

    The religion of peace and tolerance in Ethiopia

    The quran the source of terror

    The pope’s remarks on Islam out of context and back in context

  2. The insanity of the left is just mind-boggling; just as more and more people are learning about the truth of Islam’s evils, the left and even some of the right seem to try harder to defend Islam.

    At least the NYT printed that letter to the editor. They probably didn’t want to risk not printing a letter from the executive director of the American Jewish Committee, but I’m sure it made them cringe.

    Just like with the Swift Boats and other uncomfortable truths ignored by the MSM, the correct blogs will save the day, hopefully.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    tolerate intolerance

    respect evil practices
    like stoning rape victims

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    all religions are peaceful

    refuse to see real problem
    never destroy enemy

  3. One would think you don’t like Islam but surely that can’t be true. How can anyone not love a creed that brings us the gouging off of hands, feet and heads, torture, slavery, humiliation, subjugation and a love of death? A doctrine that allows us to attain Paradise by murdering innocent people and to then enjoy sex with 72 virgin women and 27 young boys. You can probably have sex with all the goats you wish, as well, as long as you don’t eat them afterward. Who could ask for more than that?

    Islamic Paradise welcomes all sex offenders. Rape a 9 year-old? Hey, that’s cool, Mohammed did. What a great, open-arms religion. Truly, God is great, especially if he’s named Allah. Now submit, or be tortured to death.


  4. As far as the lefties are concerned Islam can do no wrong, there is only a right wing (which is responsible for every evil known and unknown to man of course) and no left wing and that this world is in dire need of change in order to create paradise (paradise being whatever they say it should be).
    Given all this it’s no wonder the whole world is a mess-there are far too many lefties out there and they are more than happy to aid Islam in its quest for world dominance to achieve utopia. Little do they know that the lefties and Islam have diffeerent ideas about what utopia is and that if these crazies do win there will be one hell of a bloodbath between the left and the peaceful ones.

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