A Very Quiet Terrorism Trial Downunder

By Taghred Chadhab from the Sun Herald


“I have been making a conscious effort not to say anything because I don’t want to hurt my brothers cause”– he said. “I didn’t abuse anyone in court or outside of court. This has been very hard on everyone and the last thing any of the family members want is to bring more attention to themselves or the case…”

* Right. And which ’cause’ would that be?

* Notice that this Islamo shill of a reporter omits just about everything these 9 Jihadi’s were up to. Instead he tries to drum up sympathy for the 9 terrorist-suspects in jail and their brood of 20 children.

* Sorry that this article dates from over a month ago, it should have been posted earlier but it was rediscovered in the lost and found department. We will keep an eye on this case…

2 thoughts on “A Very Quiet Terrorism Trial Downunder”

  1. “Only” 20 kids? These fine folk are obviously not doing their Islamic duty well enough!

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