Ahmadiyya Sect in Germany: ‘Eating Pork makes You Homosexual’


And they want to build 100 mosques:

In German. English translation added below, scroll down:
Ahmadiyya-Jugend: Schweinefleisch macht schwul

In einem Jugendmagazin der Ahmadiyya-Gemeinde, die unter Protesten von Anwohnern in Heinersdorf eine Moschee bauen will, wird der Verdacht geäußert, dass es einen Zusammenhang zwischen Homosexualität und dem Verzehr von Schweinefleisch gibt.

Im Jugend-Journal der Jamaat, dem Jugendmagazin der Bildungsabteilung, Ausgabe 26, heißt es: “Der Mensch ist, was er isst. Auch lässt sich dieser Aphorismus beziehen auf die Auswirkungen von Schweinefleischverzehr auf das menschliche Moralverhalten, denn ein schamloses Tier wie das Schwein prägt oder unterstützt die Ausprägung gewisser Verhaltensweisen des Konsumenten (…) Unser geliebter vierter Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (…) äußerte in dem Zusammenhang, dass er den zunehmenden Hang zur Homosexualität mit dem Schweinefleischverzehr in unserer Gesellschaft in Verbindung setzt.”

Der Lesben- und Schwulenverband kritisiert diese Äußerung. Sein Sprecher Alexander Zinn sagte: “Homosexualität wird in vielen Religionen als dekadent, krank oder sündhaft betrachtet. Gefährlich wird es, wenn religiöse Fanatiker das für Propaganda gegen Schwule und Lesben nutzen.”

Islamische Fundamentalisten, so Zinn, würden verstärkt gegen Homosexuelle hetzen. Das beginne bei der Gleichsetzung mit Schweinen und reiche sogar bis zu Mordaufrufen. “Gefährlich wird es, wenn Jugendliche mit solchen Weltbildern erzogen werden”, sagte Zinn.

Translation thanks to WoJ reader AK (with corrections by Ed)

In a youth magazine of the Ahmadiyya community, which wants to build a mosque under protests of adjacents resident in Heinersdorf, the suspicion is expressed that there is a connection between Homosexuallity and the consumption of Pork. In the youth journal of the Jamaat, the youth magazine of the education department, edition no. 26, it means: “Humans are, what they eat; Also this Aphorism can be referred to the effects of pig meat consumption to the human moral behavior, because a shameless animal like the pig coins/shapes or supports the development of certain behaviors of the consumer (…) Our loved fourth Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (…) expressed in that context that he sees the increasing tendency to Homosexuality with pig meat consumption in our society and that there is a connection.”

The lesbian and gay association criticized this claim. Its speaker Alexander Tin said: “Homosexuality is cosnidered decadent in many religions or regarded ill or sinful. It becomes dangerous, if religious fanatics use for propaganda against gays and lesbians.” Islamic fundamentalists, says Tin, strengthened their aggression against homosexuals recently. That begins with equating Homosexuals with pigs and goes even up to murder calls. “It becomes dangerous, if young people are brought up with such conceptions of the world”, said Tin.


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  1. Geeze I like pork and am not a homosexual….:)
    I used on line language tools:

    In a youth magazine of the Ahmadiyya municipality, which wants to build a mosque under protests of adjacents resident in Heinersdorf, the suspicion is expressed that there is a connection between Homosexualität and the consumption of Schweinefleisch. In the youth journal of the Jamaat, the youth magazine of the education department, expenditure 26, it means: “Humans are, which he eats. Also this Aphorismus can be referred to the effects of pig meat consumption to the human moral behavior, because a shameless animal like the pig coins/shapes or supports the development of certain behaviors of the consumer (…) Our loved fourth Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (…) it expressed in the connection that he sets the increasing slope to the Homosexualität with the pig meat consumption in our society in connection.” The lesbian and gay association criticize this expression. Its speaker Alexander tin said: “Homosexualität is dekadent in many religions as, regarded ill or sündhaft. It becomes dangerous, if religious fanatics use for propaganda against gays and lesbians.” Islamic fundamentalists, thus tin, strengthened against homosexual ones to rush. That begins with equating with pigs and is enough even up to murder calls. “Dangerous becomes it, if young people with such conceptions of the world are educated”, said tin.

  2. Muslims often claims that during the Dark Ages it was Islam that kept science going. Well, this theory, like that of the world being flat, isn’t making that claim very valid.

    By the way, I wonder what Johad Watch’s infamous poster Naseem thinks of this story? She’s of this sect

  3. Gee, I am starting to feel a little bloated and PMS’ie today… And, yup, come to think of it, it started about the time I had some pork sausages this morning…

    Excellent post! I’ve linked it on my website.


    Doctor Bulldog

  4. Well.. they are oushing throught this mosk-building sect over the objections of the local populace. There were pictures of the Amadis giving gifts toi the local German politicians. Something which is illegal under the Laws of the Republic.

    The opponenets of the mosk were quickly branded racists and Nazis..

    The media fully on the side of the mosk-builders.

    This Amdiya sect is forbidden in Pak-land so they are looking for elsewhere to go.

    So they’ve found Germany their soft target. I have no ieda where they get the money to buy the land and build all these mosks. I wish someone in government would ask these questions and look into it.

    it is positively DISGUSTING!!!

  5. Thanks, it makes more sense with your edit.

    They will do anything to brainwash the young…

  6. Ahmadiyya-Gemeinde already looks like he ate a whole lot of pork! you can get any more gay looking with that ridiculaous headgear!

  7. There surely must also be some food that causes paedophilia. Does hadith mention what was Mohammed’s favourite dish?

  8. This may be another scientific theory given in the Quran. That’s why this Imam is talking about the issue. How funny these muslims are. What happened to their brains. Believe it or not, this is the mentality of all muslims and this is the reason why we call Islam the religion for barbarians.

  9. Well – If svine, pork whatever was guilty in mankind becomming hommosexuals – the vikings in northen Europe will not have had children – I have heard no such thing in historybooks – keep Your “Pocket”philosophy to your self – pork is an animal such as cheep and goats!

    hurray for manipulated pictures

    The Viking!

  10. Folks,

    Although some of you have taken a great offense to the suggestion that Pork and the consumption of which can cause homosexual tendencies, I have yet to see any one of you provide any empirical evidence to denounce this claim.

    A further and somewhat scientific explanation as to the claim of the magazine is based on behavioral patters from food consumption. Not in anyone specific but on a general body as a whole one can observe those who are on vegetarian diets to be more patient and calm in stressful situations. It can be argued, that perhaps it was the patient people who chose the vegetarian diet in the first place. I do not have any links to empirical evidence due to shortage of time, however I encourage all of you to research this if you really feel strongly about how great a lie that the Ahmadiyya Magazine is broadcasting.

    Eating pork doesn’t necessarily induce immediate homosexuality. A sausage will never make you want to chase another person of the same sex down after the meal (unless perhaps you had this intention before the meal). In reality however, sexual orientation happens in people in a very subtle approach. Particularly, first through the onset of dreams, then random thoughts of sexuality that may creep into ones mind during weird times (meetings, conversations, readings, day-dreams etc). Eventually a person’s thoughts become strong enough that they ask the questions “what if i try it out”, one thing leads to another and before long, actions have taken place.

    Although eating particular diets do not cause a person to act on those tendencies that are in the food immediately, a similar process takes place with any food which eventually leads into a behavior.

    Similar is the case that those who eat meat develop the tendency to get angry quicker, and exhibit aggressive behavior over a vegetarian group in the same situation. Again thats agressive behavior and not just assertiveness.

    With this line of thought, it is suggested that eating pork can cause tendencies in human beings in the long run, for some people not all, towards homosexuality due to increased homosexual thought patterns, although very subtle.

    This post/reply was written in a rush and I encourage all of you to take the time to do the research on this topic. When I get the time I will do some more research and provide you all with links.

    Peace be on All of you,


  11. ok, c’mon ppl. Ahmadiyya is the most peaceful sect of Islam in the world and you continuosly make unfavourable comments against the Prophet Muhammad and Islam in general. u really have no shame

  12. So the Ahmadiyya have a different Koran and don’t follow the teachings of a mass-murdering, serial rapist who married a 6 year old when he was 52?

    Do the Ahmadiyya reject the shariah too?

  13. Ahsan Ashraf –

    Nice theory, but homosexuals are BORN that way. Sexual identity is not determined by the food one eats, you fool.

  14. Ahmahis are perhaps the weakest and least religious people on earth. i will not call them muslims because they clearly are not. ahmadis are hated throughout d muslim world fore being blasphemous and causing a division. but i doubt you whites who are freaking out have anything to be afraid of! The vast majority (at least 95%) has a very libreal view on religion, and religious pracitse is to be done on 1 day in ramadan. You will notice they are very modern and westernized, they drink, eat pork, dress badly etc. I even know some with western names! and eventaully they are very easy 2 convert to christianity.

  15. I would just like to say that untill no one prooves it wrong it is a theory. Even the theories of big scientist have been wrong. Also. I think that it is more philosophical then physical. it has been a big problem in the people for a long time, they like to talk before understading what is logic. I know that eating porc is not healthy and it is the result of a science study.Porc meat is not good for the heart. So it is very possible that because of the shortage of time, the very person wasn’t able to explain it clearly. To finish, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a great man and did a lot for the humanity. So it would be stupid to judge him for only one comment. Also, it would be wrong to judge islam or any other religion for only one comment because islamique teaching never said to kill a nonmuslim or a gay or a lesbian. The truth is that islam always prefered forgiveness and peace then bloodshed and killing.

  16. Ali first thing ahmadi’s are muslim because mohammad said it very clearly that all person that says ”Their is no other God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger” is a muslim. So who are YOU! to judge if they are or not muslim.
    Mohamed Shahid are atleast aware of what is islam and what have the muslims given to this world. And by the way, if i don’t forget weren’t the germans killed the juesh.
    The roman persecuted the cristians. THe whits people have killed alll the red indians in America(continent). The muslims were the victims but some ignorant people like you, who doesn’t know how to do a research can NOT understand all this.

  17. not important:
    “eating porc is not healthy and it is the result of a science study.” Please provide your ‘scientific study.

    Pleas let us know what Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad did for humanity.

    “islamique teaching never said to kill a nonmuslim or a gay or a lesbian.”

    There are 5 references in the Koran that call for the killing of homosexuals. Why do you post lies about it?

    A mUslim and nothing much:

    Please tell us about “what is islam and what have the muslims given to this world.”

    On that occasion please tell us what happened to the Christians and the Jews of the ME and the 80 million Hindu’s and Buddhists of India who were wiped out under Islamic occupation.

  18. ok….whoever posted this article is even more of an idiot than the person who wrote it.

    and for Ahsan Ashraf….wow….it’s very hard to argue with idiots as you cannot reason with them. Mr. Ashraf….you ask for people to bring evidence denouncing the claim, but you are ignorant to the fact that there is no way to prove that something does not exist. You can only provide evidence towards things that DO exist. It’s like me saying that in space there are pink elephants. How can you tell me that statment is untrue if there is no way to prove that I am wrong?

    The existance of people who have homosexual tendencies and who do not eat pork should denounce your claim straight away, but if you people had enough brains, they would know that sexual preference has nothing to do with dietary consumption…..what fools.

  19. Sheikyermani, you are disrespectful to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings of God Be Upon Him). Your hatred comes from your state of ignorance. I pray that you wil be elevated out of this state soon.

    As far as Ahmadis are concerned, they put many stupid claims out there and unfortunately these are believed blindly by their followers. They are good at covering things up and putting out false claims, like they have over 200 million followers. They convert poor unsuspecting people like those from poor countries, illiterates, those in desperate need of food and shelter. They tell them they are muslims and once these people are hooked, are they told that they must believe in a supposed “prophet” who cam after the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings of God Be Upon Him).

    For those who want to know how they can build so many mosques…they collect a compulsory tax, called Chanda, from all their members. It is about 6% of every members income – no matter how much or little you earn. Even children are encouraged to pay from their pocket money. They even ask their members how much they earn so that they can keep track of the Chanda that person is supposed to give. Other members have been brainwashed into selling their homes and posessions to “further” their cause and that they were promised Paradise after this life. Ahmadiyya is clearly an example of a well run secret organization that feeds their members only harmless bits of information and keep the real juicy explosive stuff under lock and key.

  20. Look, i have many different friends from different sects of the Muslim faith. We might believe different things but we certainly DO NOT have a different Quran. I might not be very religious but it hurts me to see that Muslims are going against other Muslims. Personally I don’t have anything against anyone of any faith. i respect everyone’s beliefs and opinions no matter what. We may have our differences but you are all forgetting one universal truth that none of us can escape. That truth is that we are ALL human FIRST. After that we choose faith and learn these things. There is no religion that encourages being a bad person or not having morals. You can all believe what you wish, but we are all creations of God. Just because someone may have a different belief than you doesn’t make it right for anyone to make fun of that or hate them. If you have an opinion it is good for it to be expressed, but in moderation. There is nothing wrong with saying what you feel, but it is wrong to attack another person’s religion. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from. Some people do not even believe in a God or a higher power. The fact of the matter is, nobody likes a slap to the face. I am not saying any of this as a religious follower or some sort of preacher. I am saying this as a human being. Search within yourself and ask yourself how you would feel if anyone were to ridicule your beliefs. Now without a bias or without thinking that everyone else is wrong and only you are right, imagine that the person you are talking to would feel just like you did. That’s called empathy. We need to grow as people first and get past these pathetic arguments about each other and start thinking about ways to better ourselves. A bad thing is a bad thing, it doesn’t matter how you read it. So calling someone a name is wrong no matter what context or what they did. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. I am sorry to say that i am absolutely disgusted by the behaviour that I have seen on this page. I am Muslim and just had to read someone write about our Prophet Mohammad. It goes without saying that I could get angry and write horrible things about everyone else here, but although this is what my heart tells me to do, God will decide your fates. You could be Christian, Hindu, Sikh, or Muslim; imagine standing in front of whatever God you believe in and asking him if it is right to speak such horrid words against a Prophet that someone else believes in. In this matter, ask yourself something, would God want us to kill someone who has done wrong, or try to understand why they have done what they have done and try to see reason behind it. To try to put yourself in another person’s shoes and feel what they feel. It was only after doing this that I was able to even bear the things that are written on this page. Once again this is coming from a person who is not even religious, and I must say that you people make me sick. Freedom of speech is a great thing to have on Earth, but you would have to qualify under the prerequisites of being a human first to be able to speak. It is sad to me that people like this are what actually cause fights to happen. Answer this, what does it matter to any of you what anyone standing beside you believes when at the end of the day you are being judged for only YOUR OWN deeds and thoughts. Apart from that, if any of you were hurt or in some kind of trouble and a stranger offered to help, none of you would ask first “Hang on, what faith are you from, I can’t accept your help if you are not the same as me.” There was another person who was like this, would you like to know his name? Adolf Hitler. You know what is sad, there are actually people out there who believe that he was right for what he did “cleaning the world” as he saw fit. Let me tell you something people, when we get cut we all bleed red. we all eat and breathe the same air. Here is a question for you people. If someone hurts someone else do they HAVE to go back and hurt them in revenge? NO they don’t. We just can’t handle our emotions and because of it we make up pathetic excuses so that we can justify our so-called mistakes. By the way, before you talk about things that you have no clue about just remember that you are clueless. The Chanda collected goes towards building Mosques and community events as well as being sent to third world countries so that they can have food. Oh and by the way, no child is told or encouraged to give any part of their pocket money to this cause. Also, nobody is brainwashed into doing anything and nobody is promised anything either. It doesn’t work like that. It isn’t like confessing to a priest where I can spend my day doing whatever I want and then go to a guy in a booth who can tell me that God forgives me for it if I repent. Here’s a question, if you knew that you could go to the priest and get your sins forgiven and you did them anyways, what does that say about you? Oh i suppose there is some amazing loophole in this that I just do not understand. You know what? There actually might be one, and I totally respect that in all its forms. However, only God can truly know what is forgiven and what is not. Speaking of converting poor innocent people, I seem to remember a certain crusade that did that along with destroying cities of the people who did not wish to do so. There is no MUST in any religion because one thing I am sure that all of us here can agree on is that nobody can force anyone to do or believe anything. It is a choice that we make ourselves. Oh and just a little hint for those who haven’t gotten it yet, we were ALL brainwashed unless we converted religions because we were born into our own. So no matter how much you might think that your religion is the best one and is the only right one to follow, there are billions of people all over the world that are thinking the same thing. By the way, you call Ahmadi people weak and non-religious? You claim that they are hated because they “caused” a division. Research your facts my friend if that is true then why is it that Ahmadi people are also ridiculed for being the newest sect. Oh wait that wouldn’t make sense would it? Since Sunni and Shia sects existed long before that. Uh oh, I think someone needs to read a book. As for the leader of the sect, imagine someone poking fun at one of your Prophets or Messiahs. What we believe does not necessarily make us right. We all have our own opinions. There was a time when you were stupid to believe that the world was round and could be punished for it. So if you people need science and facts to see what needs to be seen that I truly feel sorry for you all. I cannot say that I am any better, but before I choose to speak I consult morality first; something that we all have. Regardless of what you people may think about me I would like to say have a good day because if you have read or understood any of what I have written without clouding yourself with bias and anger, then you should understand that I don’t care what religion or race you are. It is wrong to commit blasphemy which would include the defacing of ANY religion. You all forget one thing we have in common, if all of this fighting for our faith is true. We all believe in God. Does it matter what we call him by, if it means we can all peacefully follow our own beliefs without hurting or bothering one another? Whoever this higher power or greater being is, I am sure He is watching us and I am quite sure that he loves us all. Think about it, God would not have created so many variations of people or have even allowed for this to happen if he did not have a reason. Now if God has a reason for people to be different then shouldn’t it be obvious that we should agree? Look people, just take care and try not to judge the book by its cover because there are probably a million people who say that about you. Learn to be a good person first, that is all any religion will ask of you anyways.

  21. if Muslim women should not be allowed to wear face coverings because it offends other people, why don’t Christians take off their crosses, Hindu people stop with the mark on their head, Jewish people take of their caps, Sikhs lose their Kurpans, etc etc etc. Here is the problem, you people are all soooooo blinded by yourselves that you forget to actually LOOK at yourselves first before judging everyone else around you. Ignorance is only bliss if you don’t know what is going on. If you are aware of what you do and continue to ignore it then that’s just hypocricy and stupidity. Sorry to burst your bubbles people

  22. Lets scotch this rubbish about muslim keeping science alive during the dark ages – they did nothing of the sort. Muslim made some minor contributions to optics, no significant additions to greek mathematics, some minor contributions to medicine but apart from that, THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING FOR OVER 500 years.

    Ashan Ashraf – the majority of Germans eat pork, however the percent of males/females who are attracted to the same sex is approximately equivalent to those in populations where pork consumption is not common. However, in the muslim world where healthy sexual relations with members of the opposite sex are frowned upon or punished, the actual percentage of homosexuals is significantly higher. Actaully there is a sad video that exists and shows two male arab muslim youths raping a donkey in the desert – I dont call that normal – do you – and yet it seems to be a common occurence in the muslim middle east. Your argument is rubbish, and the excuse that you were in a hurry is no excuse. There is sufficient evidence, both from a sociological viewpoint, and from genetic studies (that is DNA studies Ashran not your single stranded RNA – which make you a rather dangerous virus) that a persons sexual orientation is determined by their genetic configuration at birth.

    To face coverings – the problem is that muslims like you are so blinded by your self delusional world view that you are not capable of making any rational decision. There is not ONE day that passes without some poor person having been murdered by an muslim with the justification being some perverted logic that is generated by the world view you seem to understand. honestly tell us what you , as a muslim, have done to make the world a better place for ALL people. Until then, just keep quite.

    To Just my Opinion – yes. lovely speech but the evidence is out that shows clearly that most of what you have written is not believed by your co-religionists. They are violent thugs. You claim that free speech should have its limits – then it is NO LONGER free speech! Who sets the limits and how far should they go – that is not free speech, You dont like what people are saying here – then perhaps you should hear what they are saying and open your eyes to what you and your kind are really doing to the place where we ALL live- By your actions on a day to day basis you are violent and murderous thugs – AND YOU ASK US TO TRUST YOU!!!! Perhaps you should try and hear what the rest of the world is saying about you and the muslim Umma. Personally I dont consider muslims human, but that is because I have seen muslims do some very horrible things and then blame others for their actions. And most of the people here understand your religion far better than you do – you are just a mindless slave to its will and your comment has little value.

    To the muslim out there – the motivation that drives people to dislike you is provided by YOUR own actions and your unwillingness to accept the responsibility for the numerous outrages that are carried out in the name of YOUR religion. When you can behave like responsible adults, instead of like spoilt brainless thugs, we will start to accept you as people (your faith you can keep!!!). Until then, just go away.

    So many muslims and ALL WITH NOTHING TO SAY!!!

  23. Oh yes, the ranting Imans that I see in mosques do not preach for acceptance of other faiths or different cultures – they preach for subjugation of all that is different to Islam. That is why muslims are now the greatest threat to the development of our species – amusing that muslims function so very much as a virus does.

  24. gideon,

    usually it is possible to disprove things, i.e. by caryying out some statistical tests or scientific experiments on controlloed people.
    plus, sometimes it is not always possilbe to prove things, because of the lack of advancement in science, science hasn’t advanced enough to prove psychological links between swine eating and homosexuality – so be patient. These reasons are sometimes divinely given.

  25. Peace,
    I would beg to differ that Islam is a peaceful religion (there have been enough quotes from Quran etc given in this web blog to justify this point of view so I will not repeat) however I do agree that the majority of muslims are good people. I disagree very strongly with the behaviour of a significant muslim minority and it is these people to whom I address any comment. I simply use the term “muslim” to reinforce the point that I am not willing to make distinctions between “good” and “bad ” at this point in time and that I am willing to err on the side of safety. I would also make the comment that muslims themselves need to ask why a violent component of their faith has been allowed to basically hijack their religion. Part of the mechanism lies within how one is “allowed” to interpret the Quran and Hadiths, and only muslims can change this. However, little evidence of this is apparent and one grows tired of the continual refusal to accept that there is a problem within the muslim house.


    In 1974 the government of pakistan declared the Ahmadiyya Sect of islam non – muslims because they believed the phrophet of the latter days, the promised messiah had come and died a natrual death and that the only way world peace , universal brotyherhood and salvation could be achieved was by accpeting this messiah. FINE SOME OF YOU ARE THINKING THE PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT DID RIGHT BY DECLARING THEM NON-MUSLIMS CAUSE THEY SOUND LIKE A LOAD OF WACKOAS SAYING THAT THE MESSIAH HAS COME.
    However they also believe Jesus Christ did not die upon the cross however, when upon the cross being crucified a few of Christ’s followers came back to rescue him off the cross and indeed they did by treating and healing his wounds that is why over the course of time and history the bible has been altered they say jesus was resurected and seen in the dead of night however it is scientifically proven some crucifixions are carried out today toward south america near easter where people wnat to crucifiy them selves in the hope of coming nearer to GOD, anywya jesus is seen in the dead of night by his followers appeared to be ressurected so answer me thids Christ was a marked mam by the Jews and Romans who wnated him dead so if Christ had been seen during daylight they would have killed Christ went on to carry out his phrophecy of leading the “sheep” of Israel to the promised land it is believed that he travelled north towartds nowdays known as kashmir where he lived out his days and died at the age of a 120 years old . if you look at the ksin tone of kashmiri people they are not pure brown,black or white however a sort of creamy colour which has been done over time, if their ancesotry is traced trhen it will be proved some of their ansectors were israeli. In the 14th centuary it is believed that the religion of Islam was in Danger of being overtaken many muislims had lost their ways , at thspoint in time during the month of ramadhan one of the sayings of the holy phrophet of islam came true after a battle one of the companinons asked thge prphet “oh phrophet of islam messenger of allah what will happen to islam if you were to die today however you have not” ” the phrophet replied to solman farsi “after my death their shall be a khilafat ( leadership within islam) which is going to start after this khilafat ends when thier is to be a solar and lunar eclips ein the month of ramadhan and a person claims to be the ressurector of islam accept him as he shal lead you into a khilafat which shall last till the end of time he who fails to acknowledge that person shall feel the wrath of allah as the earth and bodies od men shall be his witness that he is the messiah” this hadith of the holy phrophet of islam is well recorded after the first khilafat of abu bakr, umar, uthman and ali in the 1890’s a man named Mirza Ghulam Ahmad resureccted islam as their was a solar and lunar eclipse recorded astronomically in the history books only that once and an earthquake and plauge which hit people who did not accept him, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad aslo claimed to be the MESSIAH AND PROMISED REFORMER OF THE AGE when this news hit the eastern continent their was chaos islam was on th ebrink of collapse and christianity nearly reached the whole world man people who had heard the story pass down in their families and some out of curiousty travveleled to qadian india to see if this man was who he said he was, one such person was Maulan Hakim Noordin Sahib a greta phsyician of the time who did not diffeentiate the ppoor or the rich but instead helkped both he was at the time the king of kahsmirs personal physician he travelled to see if the story which tarvelled down in his family that when the messiah comes he shall unite under one religion to be the chsen religiona nd that was islam. He travelled to india and saw with his own eyes the behaviour of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to everyone was equal as was his love from the bottom of his heart to everyone from rich, poor, homelss equal he did not disrespect any religion but defended islam against everyone. Thier is also anothert hadith of the phrophet of islam which says “when the messiah comnes and reformemr of the age comes he shall be in one religion alone and if that relighion is islam then let it be known the 73 sects of islam will unnanimously votre out one other sect to be the infidels and devils and if that is so then let it be knonw that one sect of islam is the pure and rightous sect of islam the most honest as it is they who accepted the messiah and not the others.” AHmadiyya muslim community was voted by 72 sects of islam ti be the infidels as you know fromthis hadith that oine sect the ahmadiyya sect is the only sect of islam which have accepted the messiah, historicallt the same when people accepted Jesus Christ christianity had to endure 3centuries of torture form suppressors to become a huge relisgion the same is again happening for the ahmadiyya muslim community as they are being denied their own abasic human rights in pakistan being killed b y public and by government and also being blamed as devil worshippers but let me ask this why does this commuity desrve these heardaches same as christianity? It is only because they accept the promise messiah and reformer of the age and belive by accepting him and his khilafat like Phrophet Muhammad p.b.u.h said it is the key to world peace. THYE FOLLOW THE RELIGION OF ISLAM, READ TEH SAME QURAN AS EVERYONE ELSE .








  27. This is to Norman:
    In Islam we believe that Hazrat Jesus was sent up to heaven (alive) by Allah, when Christians thought that he was crusified. This is written in the Quran. And hazrat Jesus will return before the judgement day to reunite all people and make , them come towards the one and only true religion islam.

    Mirza Ghulam claimed that hazrat Jesus never died nor never was lifted up by Allah, but kept on living and died a natural death in Kashmir.

    How can you say that you or he was a muslim when your fundamental beliefs goes against the Quran, words of Allah?

    Mirza Ghulam claimed he was Imam Mahdi and the Messias (Jesus).

    In Islam we believe that Dajjal will come after Imam Mahdi appears.
    That has not happened yet.

    When Hazrat Jesus comes there will be peace, justice and equality on Earth. None of these things have happened.

    The five pillars of Islam is the kalma, hajj, prayers, zakaat and fast.

    Nor do Ahmadiyyas concentrate on the zakaat (but chanda) or they perform hajj. Mirza Ghulam never performed hajj.

    If your beliefs go against the pillars of islam, which makes islam, which every muslim has to follow to be a true muslim, how can you claim that your sect is the right one?

    Hazrat Muhammad SAW said that Mahdi will have the same name as his and his father’s name will be the same: Abdullah.
    Mirza Ghulam does not qualify for any of these descriptions.

    I hope Allah will guide on the right way and please be critical to everything you here and seek the knowledge yourself by reading the Quran, the right hadiths and cross checking what you hear.

    http://www.ahmedi.org is a site which will help you start seeing the truth and ex-ahmadiyyas have written their experiences with this particular sect which ended up with them reconverting to islam.

  28. Edit:

    I hope Allah will guide you on the right way and please be critical to everything you hear and seek the knowledge yourself by reading the Quran, the right hadiths and cross checking what you hear.

    http://www.ahmedi.org is a site which will help you start seeing the truth and ex-ahmadiyyas have written their experiences with this particular sect which ended up with them reconverting to islam.

  29. “Muslim” wrote the following blasphemy against Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son: “In Islam we believe that Hazrat Jesus was sent up to heaven (alive) by Allah, when Christians thought that he was crusified. This is written in the Quran.”

    Yes. Muslim, that blasphemy is written in the koran, with a view to deceiving people such as you. Don’t look to the koran for truth; it is of satanic origin, via the false prophet mohammed – islam traffics in human souls.

    Islam is doomed, along with its 1.x billion followers

  30. Dear Muslim haters:

    A great number of you are drenched with thoughts of all the evil and persecution Muslims have caused. O My God! they are coming to get us! First they will get the pigs, then the Homosexuals. nothing is safe.

    As some of you believe that 80 million Buddhists and Hindus were wiped out by Muslims while others claiming no contribution from Muslims to sciences (and no one challenged these claims so all are singing the same hymn) and it is hard to argue with idiots, lets start with the present day world. 650,000 Iraqis were killed according to Lancet, the British Medical Journal by Oct 2006, since American Forces arrived. This no. will at least be a million now. Now I’ll have people challenging this figures…Even if half of them died with few million other lives being affected, is this justice? I don’t see as much passion for saving human lives as I see to assert that Homosexuals are Homosexuals by birth. By God, when buddhists are being persecuted by Chinese Govt., there are people on the streets rallying against it (and they should) but few hundred thousand muslims die with millions others affected and the so-called civilized world is silent. Shame on everyone! Christians who claim that they are pacifists and Islam is barbaric, where is your sympathy for suffering humanity? Kill, kill, kill is what your governments practice and you are in a coma. Have you gotten salvation from being accomplices in mass-murders through the blood of Jesus?

    OMG, What blasphemy is it to claim that Jesus is dead!

    Newsbreak for Christians: The greatest blasphemy to Jesus is uttered by Christians. No, really.

    What is the first commandment?

    Who is a partner with God according to Christianity?

    I rest my case…

    1. Dear Dwayne,

      so for you “humanity” means Muslims only?

      “650,000 Iraqis were killed according to Lancet”- is long debunked.

      FYI: most people killed in Iraq were killed by Muslims, not by allied forces. The Iraqi Christians are running for their lives, their churches being bombed and their clerics murdered. The Jews are long gone, but that wouldn’t intererst you, soldier of Allah, or would it?

      You have no case, f*kcwit! Be gone!

  31. Why are Muslims so long winded?

    ” By their fruits you shall know them.”

    The fruits of islam…..rape , gang rape , murder , mass murder , cultural extermination , slavery , cultural oppression , female oppression , terminal legarthy , ignorance , superstition , arrogance , hand amputation , leg amputation , tongue amputation , cruelty to animals…genital mutilation, honour killings , kidnapping , bombing , drug dealing , paedophilia , oppression , terror , corruption , intellectual retardation , stifling of creativity , destruction of science , obliteration of free thought…
    I am sure others can add to this list.

  32. What case Dwayne – you have said absolutely nothing!!!!! What an idiot!!!!
    Please don’t bother posting again .

  33. They have just discovered a link between abstaining from pork and idiocy. An empirical study, using a group of subjects that abstained from eating pork products, found that the general IQ of this group to be significantly lower and also uncovered significant abnormal sexual characteristics and high levels of homosexuality, as well as abnormally high level of violence and poor levels of achievement. Well – OKAY – such a study has not be officially published but data exists which clearly can be used to support this contention. However – perhaps abstaining from pork is only a symptom and the root cause lies in another shared trait within this group. Dwayne, can you guess which group this is??????

  34. Like I said, the figure will be challenged…

    the figure is NOT debunked….Even so, I made the concession, that even if half of the figure is true, it is barbaric and merciless. In 2006 the violence hadn’t started. What do you think happened if 30,000 bombs are dropped in the firsts few days of the invasion? remember “Shock and Awe”, anybody?

    Did I say I was soldier of Allah!

    Do the bombs and bullets discriminate between religions? I said humans, humanity, not Muslims. Even so, are Muslims not Humans? and without fault in this case? Any suffering that takes place is too much. One life lost is plenty. Jews, Christians. Atheists, Hindus,…any one…and persecution is worst. If any of the things you talk about are true, then it is equally horrendous, especially when done by Muslims.

    When people get cornered and are left speechless, they use language like yours.

    Again Shame on you!

  35. If you choose not to open your eyes or insist on staying in a dark room, there is no sunlight either, no sun.

    enough said!

  36. With due respect to all religions and prophets:

    1. In middle ages both Christian and Muslim imperialists killed million of innocent people in name of religion. But modern west people attribute most brutality to Islam. In modern age, Hitler (Christian by claim) killed 6 million Jews! It is good that we are becoming civilized and learned to value peace more than war. So, brutality does not belong to any religion, it relates to imperialism. How about European’s killing of millions of Native Americans?

    2. Jesus is the sun of God or alive in heaven is another unscientific and mystical believe. There is no mention in Quran of Jesus going to heaven. There are other earlier prophets who said they are sun of God. So, if people, of 2000 years ago, take it literary; it does not necessary to be true. How can be a human be God? There are some scholarly work on Jesus’s death. Please google and read them with neutral mind and logic. Here is a video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DXCZFRsyl8.

    3. Most western people have biased mind towards Christianity. But the fact is that what they attribute to Muslims done by Christians rulers for thousands years. Not so earlier, Hitler in the name of religion!

    4. So, brutality does not support in any fundamentals of any religion. It is done by all religious fanatics of all religions of all the time.

    5. Better be logical and non-biased. Both Mohammad and Jesus including all other great prophets and avatars were kind and peace loving.

  37. To Brother Muslim

    How can you say that you or he was a muslim when your fundamental beliefs goes against the Quran, words of Allah?
    Who said or where is it mentioned that believe in Jeasus living in heaven is fundamental belief in Islam? There are more than 30 Ayats related to Jesus death. I can write a long discussion on it. But I hope you will find it for yourself in any Ahmadi. Just to mention the ayat part “warrafau allah” he is lifted to Allah does not mean physical lift to Allah. We used same word “rafa” in Azan’s prayers and prayer between Sizdah. Do we pray that O Allah lift us physically?

    In Islam we believe that Dajjal will come after Imam Mahdi appears.
    That has not happened yet.

    What is Dajjal? If you literally think of a creature what is mentioned in Hadis, you will never see one come for ever. You have to be intelligent enough to understand the meaning of these Hadis. Here is a links that explains what is Dajjal? http://ahmadiyya.ws/text/books/others/naseerahmadfaruqui/ahmadiyyatserviceislam/greatestdangersworldislam_pf.shtml

    When Hazrat Jesus comes there will be peace, justice and equality on Earth. None of these things have happened.
    Again literary meaning. It has started, wars are dropping. If you think it will happen in few days or years, be careful. Change takes long years. How long it takes Muslims to reach corner of the world: 100-1000 years. Yet Muslims are the second populous religion. It will take centuries. Forty days mention in Hadis is a literal one, which could be four thousand years.

    Nor do Ahmadiyyas concentrate on the zakaat (but chanda) or they perform hajj. Mirza Ghulam never performed hajj.
    That is not true. Zakaat is practiced by Ahmadis. But you have to understand Zakaat is on idle assets like Jewelery. Another person performed Hajj for Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (As). It was not also safe for him to go to Hajj this time. Hajj is a conditional pillar. If it was safe and economic, he can perform. There are numerous Muslim saints who did not perform Hajj.

    Hazrat Muhammad SAW said that Mahdi will have the same name as his and his father’s name will be the same: Abdullah. Mirza Ghulam does not qualify for any of these descriptions.
    Again literal stuff. By the way Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (As) born in India not in Arab. So, he should have Indian names. But this Hadis is true. Ahmed is one of the name of Prophet (SAW). His Father’s name Gulam Murtuza which also means Abdullah (Abd of Allah, as Gulam means Abd and Murtuza is a name of Allah). His mother name was Cherag Bibi which is similar to Amena which also means light.

    I hope Allah will guide on the right way and please be critical to everything you here and seek the knowledge yourself by reading the Quran, the right hadiths and cross checking what you hear.
    We pray as same.
    There are thousand sites against Islam also, it does not mean these are true. Ahmadis are the truth themselves, most peace loving sect in Islam. If you are after fanatic Mullahs of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, Allah saves you!!!
    But Brother Muslim you have to be unbiased and logical about your findings. There are lots of wrong attributes to Ahmdis and Ahmadiyyat, same as Muslims and Its Prophet. But you know we can proof them invalid.
    The thing is that we have to be logical and unbiased. And also, we do not take the meaning of Quran and Hadis to its literal meaning. Then you will not find your answer and way.

  38. Instead of disrespecting someone elses religious sect just move on with your life. If you dont belive it its fine. But how do you even know that the this person said this.This website article author could be lieing just to disgrace that religion. I would never trust this website. They always have false claims.

  39. Dwayne
    Buy some widows for your home – it might be useful to see with some light. As I said before, you are not too bright.

    Perhaps muslims might practise what they preach – oh sorry – they are – just ask the three nurses murdered in yemen by muslim scum, just ask the 100’s murdered in Southern Thailand by you peaceful muslims following the words of your poisonous prophet!! The list goes on!!! And now we have to put up with muslims behaving like pigs ( sorry – like muslims) in our countries because we were kind enough to give these morons refuge. Enough is enough – you will be treated like a civilised religion when YOU START TO BEHAVE LIKE ONE. Most of the false claims here are made by muslims!!!
    Thank you for shooting an pwn goal.

  40. “Instead of disrespecting someone elses religious sect just move on with your life.”

    Tell it to allah and its false prophet. They are obsessed with killing and maiming unbelievers and infidels in the futile hope of making islam the religion that rules the world.

    {Of David. A Psalm.} The earth is Jehovah’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. (Psalm 24:1)

  41. Aisha (Dominique)’move on with your life’
    A good idea Dominique,why don’t you move with your own miserable life of stupid Mahometan coverted to the stupidiest ideology on earth…go explode yourself in a gay bar of Marraketch where you are used to go…..The Best of Luck !

  42. well, if anyone ignores the truth that Muhammad (be peace uopn him) is not the last prophet, there are other prophets after him, then how can they remain muslim! This Qadianis are claiming they have own prophet, bahais are claiming they have own prophet, ismailias are claiming they have something bigger than prophet, then what is the value of khatme nabuat!
    well, how can a same person can become mahadi & isha both? it is clear that Isha massiah was not died, he will be returned, but golam ahmed kadiani was not returned, he was born. & imama mahadi will born somewhere near to Iraq, the name of his father & mother will be same as the name of the father & mother of our last prophet. but gholam ahmed was born in punjab & his father’s & mother’s name were not same as Muhammad’s father’s & mother’s name.
    & most important thing – both imam mahadi & Isha massih are related to Qayamat. where r the qayamat guys? gholam ahmed had been died many years ago,,, . & why didn’t he kill Dajjal? Massiah will kill the Dajjal. but did gholam ahmed do that? no.

    so to be a muslim, u have to accept the truth that Muhammad (be peace upon him) is the last prophet. u can’t believe the prophecy of gholam ahmed or bahauddin or any karim aga khan …

  43. raiyan mahmood moon….
    Why don’t you go to the Asylum right now….I think the prophet is There !

  44. Mahmood sez:

    ” u have to accept the truth that Muhammad (be peace upon him) is the last prophet.”

    Tell us, Mahmood: how do you tell truth from falsehood? Where is your evidence that the profit of Islam was a prophet and what, in your opinion, makes him the “last prophet?”

  45. The other day during work, I drove past a huge mosque that had the words Ahmadiyya plastered across the front. I continued driving and continued to see more and more of the same building. It was abso-f***ing-lutely massive, bigger than any church I have ever seen in my entire life, and possibly bigger than any shopping mall in the surrounding areas. When I started to research the mosque, the Baitul Futuh Ahmadiyya mosque, I came across the words “the largest mosque in Western Europe”.

    It worried the shite out of me when I learned that it could house 10,000 headbangers, and the fact that there are that many in my local area without me being aware of that fact, and also that it towers above any local construction, even the motorway flyover demonstrates to me that SW London is not as safe as I previously envisioned it to be. Obviously, like many other local councils across Britain, they have either been complicit in the islamic domination (no infidel building may be higher than a mosque or the house of a muslim) or they have been incredibly stupid and irresponsibly allowed the muslims to demoralize the local community with a huge, towering mosque without truely researching the nature of islam and it’s desires for world conquest.

    Even I, who has unlimited faith in the hope that the English will rise up and expel those seditious and treasonous muslims lost a little heart that day. I cannot wait til the day I see a BNP government, it cannot come soon enough!!!

  46. This topic was about pork and what it does to humans, and ppl are starting to bring in the whole Ahmadis are Kafir thing??
    First and foremost, Ahmadis DO believe that the holy prophet was the last prophet, and other muslim sects are just so ignorant because they think they know about the ahmadiyya jamaat more than ahmadis themselves!
    Do us all a favour. Research. Alislam.org

  47. What effect would the ham & cheese croissant I ate for lunch have on me?

    Will I be Carlotta’s understudy in the morning?

  48. salaam. peace be unto you all.

    in all, eating pork is bad. lets put what our beloved worldwide leader has said aside and think for a moment. the heart of a pig can be given to a human being to survive. thus if this is the case, then it means human beings and pigs are compatible. now u wouldn’t eat the flesh of a hman being will u? then why so the flesh of a pig?

    so our leader is right. it can also result in these sinful act like gay and lesbians.

  49. * in all, eating pork is bad.

    Really, Amina? I can eat rashers of bacon, roast port, BLTs, sliced ham and so on, confident that it is unlikely to have been sacrificed to the evil god “allah”, unlike lamb or chook, which is suspect these days.

    Do you really equate eating Babe with eating a muslim?

  50. Did you know that Islam wasnt the first religion to ban eating pork?

    “And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be cloven footed, yet he cheweth
    not the cud; he is unclean to you”.
    “Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcass shall ye not touch,
    they are unclean to you.” [Leviticus 11:7-8]

    according to Jewish law, Pork is one of the foods that is forbidden.

    BUT WHY?
    (for some of us that dont care that its banned by religion)

    -higher in fat than any other meat. leading to obesity, etc

    -pig meat is 30 times more toxic then other meat (beef etc) because pigs dont sweat, therefore the toxins aren’t removed from the body and their fat acts as a sponge and absorbs more toxins.

    Swine and pigs have over a dozen parasites within them, such as tapeworms, flukes, worms, and trichinae. There is no safe temperature at which pork can be cooked to ensure that all these parasites, their cysts,and eggs will be killed.

    so basically Pigs will eat anything including urine, excrement, dirt, decaying animal flesh, maggots, or decaying vegetables. AND the toxins they eat aren’t removed from the body thus are transferred over to a person who eats the pig meat.

    so therefore in a way…


  51. Hehe, I missed the Tefillin wearing pig before 🙂

    Kierra, I eat quite a bit of pork in various forms – ham, bacon etc, as I can be reasonably certain that it has not been sacrificed to false gods / idols
    (i.e. allah). Lamb and chook are suspect, as much as i enjoy a roast lamb.

  52. @ Mullah Lodabullah

    I wasn’t referring to sacrificing animals for the sake of any idols, etc. I am just pointing out that eating pig meat is generally unhealthy because the blood has not been properly ridden of, and basically you eat all the toxins the pig eats.

    so whether you want to eat various different type of pork is your choice im just pointing out that it isnt a very healthy choice.

  53. I would be quite happy to eat roast lamb, Kierra, but it is increasingly likely to have been sacrificed to the false god allah, so lamb and chook are suspect. It wasn’t a big problem, but as islam has infiltrated the West, so has halal slaughter, with animals being sacrificed to allah.

  54. Ever heard of YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT?

    Because it’s true.

    Jews as well as Muslims have been told in their Holy Scripts (the Old Testament and Holy Qur’an) that Pork is unlawful for them. Jesus (peace be upon him) was also a Jew and did not consume pork. Why? Because among all edible things we have on earth to eat, some are worth eating and others aren’t…Muslims, Jews and even some Christians CHOOSE not to eat pork because it has negative side effects to health.

    Many atheists also don’t eat pork because of the ill-health effects. Scientific studies also support this as pigs are scavengers – will eat anything, don’t have sweat glands – so toxins build up in their fat, and are also more prone to non-distinctive sexual activities. So you can decide for yourself if your fatty bacon, hot dog or sausage is worth getting obese, cholesterol build up – clogged arteries, Trichinosis, Swine Flu, among others.

    The truth is, you can say what you like, but facts don’t change. Pork IS bad for you.

  55. I am certainly NOT muslim whatsoever, but the Ahmadiyya are totally correct about this! Eating pork DOES make you gay….and it’s also destructive to brain tissue. It’s also not Kosher. But the health effects are what matter to you goyim, so I’ll just say that REAL men eat pork!

  56. @Anton,

    “Eating pork DOES make you gay”

    Please cite source to such empirical data and medical research proving that homosexuality occurs due to eating pork, otherwise you’re repeating an old wives tale.

    And your source can not come from an M.E. or Islamic faith based country.

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