Al Bebeceera: Riding with the Taliban

Another jackass journo from Al Bebeceera, David Loyn, is actually embedded with the Taliban, and is filing glowing reports on their progress as they attack and kill British troops: Traveling with the Taliban

There is no army on earth as mobile as the Taleban.

I remember it as their secret weapon when I travelled with them in the mid-1990s, as they swept aside rival mujahideen to take most of the country.

Piled into the back of open Toyota trucks, their vehicle of choice, and carrying no possessions other than their weapons, they can move nimbly.

The bare arid landscape of northern Helmand suits them well.

After one hair-raising race across the desert last week, patrolling the large area where they can move at will, they screamed to a stop at a river bank.


It was sunset, and time to pray before breaking the Ramadan fast they had kept since sunrise.

Before praying, they washed in a dank-looking pool at the side of the almost-dry river bed.

Afghanistan has been in the grip of a severe drought for several years, but the lack of clean water does not seem to concern these hardy men.


Taleban fighters appear both ferocious and fearless

They clean their teeth with sharpened sticks taken from trees, and sleep with only the thinnest shawls to cover them.

They have surprised the British by the ferocity of their fighting and their willingness to take casualties.

Their belief in the imminence of paradise means that few exhibit fear.

When we stopped for the night, they would break into groups to eat in different houses in a village.

They demand and get food and shelter from places where they stop, but it is impossible to say how enthusiastic the villagers really are.

* Impressed? Not.  The villagers are probably a lot less enthusiastic to feed the Taliban than this degenerated idiot would have us believe. But do they have a choice?  David Loyn, with his homo- erotic infatuation with  assassins and barbaric mass-murderers,  doesn’t care.

Guys like him are not only  useful idiots, but dangerous enemy agents. And this is supported by Al Bebeceera, by effeminate, ‘enlightened’ western elitists  who are befuddled with turbans and beards ….

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  1. It is amazing the kind of useful stupid idiots we have in the media, talk about appeasers or what

  2. Don’t paint all Journalists bad. My good friend is a journalist with an Australian paper and she is constantly fustrated by her editors, who is seems are all moonbats and US hating. Any reports that she files that shows the bad light on Islam is mostly rejected. She does have some wins however, she is a brave little soul !

    I have met some of these editors and I tell ya, some of them are really off the planet.

  3. Oh Sheik…
    Do I detect a little more animosity in your attitude to Islam and its’ Adorers since you have been outed?

    Or am I guilty of wishful thinking…?

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