Andrew Bolts Prayer: ‘Please tell me it isn’t so…’

Andrew Bolt is Australia’s most courageous columnist. He doesn’t buy the Warmonista/Planetarian crap and he calls a spade a spade, well; As long as he is allowed to do so. He points out the failures and the depravity of the socialist Bracks government in Victoria, where reading from the Koran got the two Danny’s (preachers of the ‘catch the fire ministries) into the courts, and the failure by the neutered Police to control ferals, the result of a ‘progressive’ (sensitive) female police chief who knows best what’s good for all of us, like here:

And if we take the heavy censorship in Victoria into account (both: the voluntary self-censorship combined with the Bracks/Islamo-fascist imposed muzzling of the media) then Andrew Bolt should be commended and encouraged for speaking out.

In his latest essay in the Herald Sun Andrew despairs:

Stop the Hatred


Yvonne Ridley

MAYBE this time, I thought. Maybe this first Australian Islamic Conference would at last show us the moderate Muslim leaders we’ve searched for.

God, we need them. Look at the latest doings of the hate-preachers we have now.


No, we don’t need them. We need to see them gone.

Sorry Andrew, the next batch won’t be better. They only preach what’s in the Koran and the Sunnah… They only follow their ‘religion’-

The greatest pity is that Hilaly isn’t the only hate-preacher in our mosques.

Other radical sheiks have been accused of telling followers not to pay taxes to this infidel Government.

Worse, the Howard Government sidelined its Muslim Community Reference Group after finding a third of the 14 “moderates” it handpicked actually backed the Iranian-backed Hezbollah extremist group, notorious for its terrorist wing.

There is more, much more. Read it all…


Catmeat Update:

Mufti told to quit or leave
Richard Kerbaj

THE Howard Government has intensified its pressure on Australia’s most senior Islamic spiritual leader, Taj Din al-Hilali, demanding he consider leaving the country and step down from his position as mufti.
Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer yesterday expressed outrage at Sheik Hilali’s weekend visit to Tehran, during which he called on the Islamic world to unite behind the radical Iranian regime.
Muslim leaders from around Australia attacked the Egyptian-born cleric for becoming an “ongoing problem”.

From the Australian, read it all



The verdict is in: Andrew had  comments all day long and as you can see, the Aussies are becoming increasingly agitated  over the Koranimals:  Nothing but smoke and mirrors, before they finally become abusive.

Who guessed it? No surprises here: We have yet to see one intelligent comment from them or any kind of rebuttal, but its never more than bullshit and Islam, Islam and nothing but Islam….

4 thoughts on “Andrew Bolts Prayer: ‘Please tell me it isn’t so…’”

  1. Definitely one of Bolt’s best efforts!

    Not many have this kind of intestinal fortitude and are willing to take risks in such an open forum.
    Well done, Andrew!

  2. We are doomed to failure in this dilemma unless we stand up and identify the real problem: ‘islam’. One only needs to read the quran, preachers like our controversial Hilali, Phillips, and any other you wish to mention, are damn good muslims. How else do they get so far up the islamic ladder without encouraging the umma to jihad, without inspiring the gullible sex deprived youth to kill and die for allah, without inciting scorn for anything in opposition to the fairytale/nightmare that is islam? I cannot see any benefit pointing out the hate preachers time after time only for them to be silenced for a short time and if ever they are sacked/exiled/deported/whatever another mind-slaver to islam is replaced with another intolerable jackass spewing hatred for anything un-islamic.

  3. Thanks Mr. Bolt for having guts.
    We have to speak out against islam and the horror that surrounds it and it is aggravating that doing this causes muslims to call us racist ( is islam a race? ) or islamophobic. This is a misnomer because the fear is certainly not irrational.
    In every country where islam is,we have atrocities committed in its name and then we are urged or threatened to be quiet and mind our manners.
    The time for good manners is long past and all people who wish to continue living in a democracy (albeit flawed ) have a duty to make themselves heard and not have their freedom of speech and thought buried by threats and political correctness.
    It’s mild here in Australia in comparison to many countries where innocents are slaughtered for not submitting to islam…..please check the internet……Faith Freedom International, Jihad Watch, The Religion of Peace,……read about the world wide atrocities and then see, if you can,in all conscience sit back and do nothing.

    ” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke.

    Women too.
    Marilyn LeBez

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