12 thoughts on “Col. Jack Jacobs: Brit Sailors “Disgraceful””

  1. just some simple questions re this:
    if Iranians are good muslims why didn’t they kill the unbelievers when they found them ?
    What would happen if 15 Iranian soldiers were found in Uk waters ?
    Why no outcry about the 4 British soldiers killed in Iraq on the same day these fools were sent business class back to London ?
    Perhaps the most pertinent question: Why is the UK still in Iraq ?
    and you ask why do they hate us ?

  2. Atheist, it has noting do with Iraq, they hated us for 1400 years, read the quran and Hadith, and you will see why they hate us, Muslims take their religion extremely seriously, and follow it by the books, word by word. Have you not learned by now that Muslims take their religion extremely seriously? There is something much bigger for the mad monkey president of Iran, if he manages to make the atom bomb his being working on, believe me, Iran will be very good Muslims.

  3. Dave,

    You are wasting your time.
    I understand that someone wants to make fun of Atheist, kick his butt and ridicule him. I admit I had some fun doing just that. But you take him seriously to the point that you actually engage his crap!
    He is desperate for attention at ANY cost. But being way to primitive to come up up with a coherent argument, however wrong, he must resort to the only thing which is available to him – robotic reiteration of idiocies. Some trolls can be quite sophisticated, but this guy sucks.

  4. CW .. good to see you’re back…
    I’ve been waiting for your reply to this:
    but I won’t hold my breath waiting …

    and Savitch,
    I read the bit in the Koran about killing the unbelievers wherever you find them but I am still can’t work out why these so called good Iranian muslims didn’t do so when they captured the 15 British fools who strayed into Iranian waters.

  5. Yeah I agree Christian; atheist is a complete toss pot. It’s just that I taught that he was one of the poor fuckers that lacked knowledge on the Islam cult, I was flogging a dead horse. Atheist must be a teddy bear head that sends in silly comments to the blog form time to time

  6. Col. Jacobs is right, Iran won the propaganda war by taking the soldiers without a fight and returned them after false admissions of guilt. Apparently, this is the only type of war Iran is capable of. Killing them would have been like shooting oneself in the foot.

  7. Dave,

    “It’s just that I thought that he was one of the poor fuckers that lacked knowledge on the Islam cult,”

    One could have taken for account such a possiblility some years ago.

    Today virtually no one is ignorant about the hideous nature of the Cult, but many deny it for the same reason Western Left, following Kremlin’s instructions rallied for the Nazi Germany until the very day Hitler attacked the Soviet Union.
    The reason was, and still is, the belief in inherent evil of the West and quasi religious faith in utopia which must replace it.

    But I suspect Atheist is not so much motivated by ideology as his desparate ambition to be recognized as a blog’s troll. Unfortunately for him his IQ corresponds to room temperature, or 22 (centigrade). And a minimum IQ required for “trollism” is 30.
    But he is doing fine as “blog’s anus”.

  8. CW – so does that mean Einstein was definitely a left wing atheist ? just trying to read between the lines because you seem to dodge my questions all the time.

  9. “so does that mean Einstein was definitely a left wing atheist ?”

    I already lost count of how many times I answered that negatively.

    I did so when I was new to this blog and didn’t realize that I am debating an intellectual paraplegic. Had I known that I would have never reacted, except by the way of derision, to your crap.
    Well, we all learn eventually – with an exception of idiots and maniacs. As I wrote some time ago, I had a problem determining in which of these categories you belong. Both perhaps..? Oh well, who cares…

    BTW, what in the world have Einstein’s existential and political views to do with the subject of the disgraceful behaviour of the british soldiers? You, absolutely must insist on getting your money back for that botched lobotomy.

  10. atheist

    “you’re really are a reknaw !! ”

    Rather a “reknaw” than its opposite – like yourself.
    (Do ask someone to explain it to you.)

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