Hamas leader warns of new Palestinian uprising

* Well, the last ‘uprising’ never ended, did it?

Over the last year the Pali Arab terrorists (many names may bless them!) have been going apes*#t over the Western resistance to paying the jiziyah, (the jiziyah is the Islamic extortion racket, the blackmailing, by which billions of Euro’s and dollars from western governments are transferred into a giant black hole, huge amounts of money, which Arafat and his gangster-companions made disappear magically.

Abbas shrugs and pretends he doesn’t know where the money went, but the Pal’s use it -as always- to buy weapons in order to keep Israel under siege) The Pal’s just can’t understand how the west can be so recalcitrant: After all they have democratically elected a terrorist organization, and how can those cursed infidels not respect that?

That calls for jihad, Jihad JIHAD!!!!

From Reuters, with thanks Jihad Watch

RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) – Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal warned Israel could face another Palestinian uprising unless conditions in the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank improved.
* Let it be remembered that the conditions in the Gaza Strip and West Bank are of Hamas’ own making. The Israelis handed over the economy and infrastructure of Gaza to the “Palestinians,” including the greenhouses that were worth many millions. The Palestinians destroyed the greenhouses and used Gaza as a base for jihad attacks on Israel.

Meshaal told the Palestinian daily al-Ayyam in an interview published on Monday continuation of a Western economic embargo of the Palestinian government and military actions by Israel would “give notice to a huge explosion that would not only affect the Palestinians but also the entire region, especially the Zionist entity”.
“I warn and say that I see that the current situation is heading in the direction of the conditions that prevailed in the late 1990s … that paved the way for the al-Aqsa intifada,” Meshaal said. “I warn and under ‘warn’ I put many red lines.”


There are too many stories from Israel daily. We cannot possibly cover them all here. We have to leave most of it to Israeli bloggers and they’re doing a great job. We will keep an eye on the global jihad…

But we will continue with the most important stuff:

Fitzgerald: The “Palestinian” “refugees”

Arab and Muslim states, or governments, although they now ask Israel to surrender still more, created the so-called “Palestinian refugee” problem. These were not classic refugees, hounded out, but rather people who left a war zone, for an Arab assault was anticipated even in 1947. They were confident that they would soon be returning. The evidence for this, written and spoken, is overwhelming. However, very few people bother to consult that evidence. Or if they do, they dismiss it with hardly a moment’s thought, since it does not correspond to their own deeply imbedded misinformation. An army of Arab propagandists, speaking both directly and through their willing Western megaphones (such as Jimmy Carter, morally the worst of our presidents), have fed them that misinformation for decades now.

One of the staples of modern journalism is the “Arab” or, in a little nunc-pro-tunc updating, the “Palestinian” family that “returns” to Jaffa or Jerusalem to stare wistfully at their old house. I remember one case a few years ago where someone came to “stare” at his “old house” and it turned out that the “old house” had been built long after 1948, and on an empty plot.

Why is it, do you think, that you never have stories showing Jews who fled Syria, or Iraq, or Morocco, or Yemen, under threat of pogrom replacing the usual insecurity and daily humiliations of life as a Jew in a Muslim Arab land, visiting their “old houses”? After all, Baghdad early in the 20th century was the second Jewish city in Asia (after Jerusalem). What happened to all those “houses”? No, the Jews do not make a fuss, do not demand compensation, do not make their huge losses a source of constant, obsessive media attention and U.N. focus. In Israel they integrated the Jewish refugees from Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, and later from Iran, not to mention those who came from non-Arab and non-Muslim lands lands such as Ethiopia and Russia.

A Saudi columnist’s recent recognition that the so-called Arab refugees ought, more than 55 years after they left, be integrated into the Arab countries, is welcome — but it is 55 years late. And if it is being suggested as part of a campaign to force Israel, in turn, to surrender still more of the territory to which it is entitled, both under the specific terms of the Palestine Mandate and under all the rules that have governed the aftermath of wars (as a thousand examples in the past century demonstrate — start with Austria’s Sudtirol becoming Italy’s Alto Adige), then it is to be treated warily.

Read it all, click here

Pali Work Accident Report 

From the  ‘mysterious objects’  department

Of all the shady and bizarre terrorist organizations among the jihadi’s they have a

“PCHR -Palestinian Centre for Human Rights”

Don’t laugh! We have to take their report seriously:

Field Update
29 April 2007

One Palestinian Killed and 9 Others wounded Due to the Misuse of Weapons

In the past two days, one Palestinian has been killed and 9 others,
including a child, were wounded in separate incidents related to the misuse
of weapons in the Gaza Strip, in the context of the state of security chaos
and proliferation of weapons in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) .

According to investigations conducted by PCHR:

At approximately 03:30 on Sunday, 9 April 2007, 4 masked gunmen beat and
fired at Majed ‘Ali Tanneera, 43, near his house in Deir al-Balah town in
the central Gaza Strip. He was wounded by a gunshot to the left thigh.

At approximately 23:15 on Friday, 27 April 2007, Mohammed Khalil Hamdan, 25,
and Zaher Mousa Hamdan, from Beit Hanoun, were wounded by shrapnel
throughout the body, when a hand grenade, which the former mishandled,
exploded. The two were evacuated to the hospital, but medical efforts to
save Mohammed’s life failed.

Earlier on the same day, at approximately 19:00, Mahmoud Tayseer Saleem, 18,
from al-Shojaeya neighborhood in the east of Gaza City, was admitted into
Shifa’ Hospital as he was wounded by shrapnel throughout the body. He was
wounded in al-Nasser neighborhood in Gaza City, when a mysterious object he
mishandled exploded.

At approximately 14:30 on the same day, 7-year-old Ahmed Ziad al-Haitham was
wounded by a gunshot to the head coming from an unknown source, when he was
near his home in al-Nasser neighborhood in the north of Gaza City.

At approximately 22:20 on Thursday, ‘Emad Fayez al-Daoudi, 33, a police
officer, was admitted into Shifa Hospital in Gaza City as he was wounded by
a gunshot to the face. According to police sources, he was wounded when a
bullet was unintentionally unleashed from his colleague’s gun, when the were on duty guarding the house of the Minister of Interior in al-Jalaa’ Street in the center of Gaza City.

At approximately 20:00 also on Thursday, Ahmed Ussama al-Li, 20, was
admitted into Shifa Hospital in Gaza City as he was wounded by shrapnel to
the face and the hands, when a mysterious object he mishandled near his
house in al-Sabra neighborhood in the center of Gaza City exploded.

At approximately 15:30 on the same day, Yousef Mohammed ‘Aashour, 18, was
wounded by shrapnel throughout the body, when a mysterious object he
mishandled exploded in al-Tauffah neighborhood in the east of Gaza City.

At approximately 15:00 on the same day, Ahmed Mohammed Hijju, 18, and his
brother ‘Abdul Wahab, 28, from Deir al-Balah, were admitted into al-Aqsa
Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah town, as each of them was wounded by a
gunshot to the left foot. According to police sources, the two brothers were
shot by their father
, and investigations are still ongoing.

PCHR is gravely concerned over increasing casualties resulting from the
misuse of weapons. PCHR calls upon the Palestinian National Authority,
represented by the Attorney-General, to investigate these incidents and
bring those who are found responsible to justice.

Public Document
For more information please call PCHR office in Gaza, Gaza Strip, on +972 8
2824776 – 2825893
PCHR, 29 Omer El Mukhtar St., El Remal, PO Box 1328 Gaza, Gaza Strip.
E-mail: pchr@pchrgaza.org, Webpage http://www.pchrgaza.org

3 thoughts on “Hamas leader warns of new Palestinian uprising”

  1. Yawn! These losers have been in uprising mode for 60 years. That’s all they do. Yet we’re to feel sorry for them, give money to them and help them errect a nation. Sure-we don’t do these things with killers in our prisons so why should we do these things for killer scum in a desert?

  2. Why exactly does the West owe these scum a living? Taxes are way too high already. Politicians ought to lower our taxes rather than wasting our money on a pack of cheap muggers.

  3. The Palis are promising uprisings not because they think they can hurt Israel to any great extent, now that Israel has withdrawn from Gaza and has built a wall. They think that if they stage an uprising, their sympathisers in the Western MSM will blame Israel for the poverty, the desperation, and the “occuption”. All blame will be laid on Israel, and Isreal will lose another propaganda war. The purpose is ofcourse to delegitimise Israel in the West, and that is a real danger to Israel. Israel cannot afford to lose propaganda wars one after the other.

    War or no war, the aim of the Arabs is to first delegitimise Israel in the West. Once that happens, Israel will itself lose the heart to fight.

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