Iran to Hezbollah: Islamic Law Permits Jew Killing


* Well, if it is the  “LAW”  it must be alright then, no?

“Do we really believe in a culture of death? Absolutely not. We believe in the culture of martyrdom. Martyrdom is valuable, sacred, respectable, and great, not something that can be used as an accusation. It is an honor for us to be accused of believing in the culture of martyrdom.

Deputy Secretary-General of Hizbullah, Sheik Naim Qassem: We Received Jurisprudent Permission to Carry Out “Martyrdom” Operations and to Fire Misilles at Israeli Civilians from Iran MEMRI Transcript here

Naim Qassem: As for the issue of the culture of death, the culture of martyrdom, the culture of life – with all its different names… It is no secret that the materialistic West, and the atheists in general, and all those who see that the power of Islam is on the rise, and that it is gaining influence – and especially with regard to the philosophy of martyrdom-seeking… They all take a negative position and exert pressure, in order to make the believers abandon the culture of martyrdom. What is the reason? They seek (the pleasures of) this world and compete in this world. They know that if we competed with them according to the rules of this world, they would overcome us, because they are more materialistic than us. Therefore, by materialistic criteria, they would be victorious. But if they compete with us on the issue of faith, we will overcome them, because the competitive power of faith is greater, stronger, and more influential.

So they challenger us, or provoke us, by saying that we have a culture of death. They call martyrdom “death,” in order to make us renounce martyrdom. If we renounce martyrdom, we will only have the strength of our weapons and our numbers, and then they will be able to overcome us. The enemies will be able to overcome us.


“Hizbullah, when it comes to matters of jurisprudence pertaining to its general direction, as well as to its jihad direction, based itself on the decisions of the Jurisprudent. It is the Jurisprudent who permits, and it is the Jurisprudent who forbids. When the resistance of Hizbullah was launched in 1982, it was based on the jurisprudent position and decision of Imam Khomeini, who deemed fighting Israel to be an obligation, and therefore we adhered to this opinion. How Israel should be fought, what equipment you should prepare, when you should or shouldn’t attack – these questions are guided by principles in Islamic religious law, and you can act in this direction, according to your abilities. Therefore, we covered our jihad position with regard to fighting Israel with the decision of the Jurisprudent. “With regard to all the other details – whenever we need jurisprudent clarifications regarding what is permitted and what is forbidden on the jihad front, we ask, receive general answers, and implement then. Even with regard to martyrdom operations – a person cannot kill himself unless he has jurisprudent permission.

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  1. Hmm, looks like another Muslim is “misunderstanding” the Koran again. Surely the religion of peace would not condone the killing of anybody, right?

    We sorely need an infidel law that permits the exiling of jihadist lunatics to a desert island before we all end up dead.

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