Muhammedan hatred against unbelievers and Jews is deeply rooted in the Koran and the hadith, the traditions and sayings of Mohammed. Muslim children, from the tender age of three, are paraded on Arab TV proudly proclaiming that Jews are descendants of Apes and Pigs and must be murdered for the glory of Allah, and self-sacrifice, ‘martyrdom’- is, must be the goal for every Muslim in order to conquer infidel lands.

Apart from Geert Wilders in the Netherlands no western leader has publicly spoken out against the Koran. Calls for censorship on video’s, CD’s, DVD’s in an age of information technology are misguided, it simply won’t work.

Vilification laws, imposed by many countries in the EU and in Victoria, concocted by an alliance of red-green utopian’s and Muslim ‘advisers’- are generally used and perverted by socialist judges, lawyers and politicians, to go after people (like us) who expose the Islamo-fascists and draw attention to the problem. The most recent and obvious example being the case of the two pastors Nalliah from the ‘Catch the Fire’ ministries, who read publicly from the Koran and were therefore accused of ‘vilifying Muslims’ and dragged through the courts.


We have enough censorship already! We have a self-censoring main-stream media that doesn’t dare to ‘hurt Muslim sensitivities’ -by not printing innocuous Mohammed cartoons, we have more than enough lefty loony journo’s flash-as-a-rat-with-a-gold_thumb4.jpgwho are totally befuddled with the perceived ‘underdog’- who see the Islamo-fascists as stormtroopers in the fight against capitalism and believe more Islamic immigration will ensure that socialism will once again triumph.

No. Video’s, DVD’s and CD’s such as the one by Feiz Mohammed and Bilal Philips should be widely disseminated. Every School, every teacher, every politician and everyone who cares should be confronted with this material. It should be discussed in parliament and in the families. Education is the key.

Only people who are informed can make an informed judgment.

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5 thoughts on “NO TO CENSORSHIP!”

  1. Hi Dave,
    You have an excellent point. Maybe we should show the offending videos to the general public. I think it would work to our advantage here in Australia because of the small numbers of Muslims and because of our ‘Aussie pride and nature’. We can’t stand much more of this bull……t.

  2. Sheik,
    I do see your point as much as I would like this garbage to be removed from our country. the more you ban something, the more people want it!
    And they will find ways to get it.

  3. I tend to agree about censorship, which might outlaw DVDs, books etc on the basis that they “vilify”, are “hateful” etc, when the laws will be crafted as broadly as possible to catch anyone not following the PC line, and probably zero mad muftis.

    I wouldn’t object to treating the terror DVDs the same as bomb belts, ricin, anthrax, RPGs & other nasties the terrorists use; outlaw the possession on terror grounds – net “censorship” – imprison, deport, or internal exile those possessing the stuff – demolish the mosque or “school” selling or distributing the stuff. The sight of Whelan the Wrecker approaching the Lakemba Mosque with his ball swinging might have more of an effect than Philip Ruddock calling another news conference.

  4. Oops – net “censorship” was a typo for not “censorship”!

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