ON THIS DAY APRIL 04 1920: Arabs attack Jews in Jerusalem


One of the el-Husseinis, Haj Amin, who emerged as the leading figure in Palestinian politics during the mandate period, first began to organize small groups of suicide groups, fedayeen (“one who sacrifices himself”), to terrorize Jews in 1919 in the hope of duplicating the success of Kemal in Turkey and drive the Jews out of Palestine, just as the Turkish nationalists were driving the Greeks from Turkey.

The first large Arab riots took place in Jerusalem in the intermediary days of Passover, April 1920. The Jewish community had anticipated the Arab reaction to the Allies’ convention, and was ready to meet it. Jewish affairs in Palestine were then being administered from Jerusalem by the Vaad Hatzirim (Council of Delegates), appointed by the World Zionist Organization (WZO) (which became the Jewish Agency in 1929 ).

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  1. I’m sure that almost every day of the year would reveal some Islamic outrage against infidels somewhere in the world. A sizable almanac could probably be compiled.

  2. I agree with Islamforlosers from what I have been finding they have been shifty no goods for longer and more undercover that we actually know!

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