Our ‘Friends’ the Turks: ‘Stop calling it Genocide, or else…!’

Turkey ‘warned’ Canada and U.S. against using term ‘genocide’ April 24


/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Turkey warned Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper last week not to issue an April 24 declaration where the incidents of 1915 are defined as genocide. The Canadian Parliament recognized the Armenian Genocide and Harper became one of the few heads of state to use the word “genocide” in his written statement during 2006.

Wary of these genocide claims spreading to other countries including the United States, Turkey is trying hard to block efforts by the Armenian Diaspora in almost every country in the world.

Canadian Prime Minister Harper was warned through diplomatic channels last week that “repeating these claims annually will not help in normalizing Turkey-Armenia relations and will harm Turkish-Canadian bilateral relations as well.” “We hope that the Canadian PM will not repeat this year what he did last year,” a high-level Foreign Ministry official said, the Turkish Daily News reports.

Click here for a slide show of Turkish propaganda to whitewash the crime of Turks against Armenan Christians in New York just a few days ago

Ankara made the same diplomatic attempt with the United States before April 24 where President George W. Bush also issues a declaration. Turkish officials said Ankara is not expecting Bush to use the word genocide. U.S. presidents prefer to define the incidents in 1915 as a massacre.

Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper
made a statement in connection with the 92nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. “Today we recall the horrible losses of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire, particularly the terrible tragedy of the Armenian nation. Last year I reminded, the both chambers of Canadian Parliament adopted a resolution that recognizes the first genocide of the 20th century. This day makes us remember why we should do everything possible to guarantee rule of human rights and democratic freedoms in our times. Today Canadians with Armenian and Turkish descent live side by side and share values of tolerance. We hope Armenia and Turkey will guide themselves with those values in order to develop their relations. Together with you we recall the past and share your hopes for building the future based on peace and mutual respect,” said Steven Harper in his statement.

George W. Bush failed to define the events of 1915 as genocide in his annual April 24 statement.

Is there anything that GWB didn’t fail to do?

2 thoughts on “Our ‘Friends’ the Turks: ‘Stop calling it Genocide, or else…!’”

  1. Of course there was no genocide in 1915. Why? Because there were no newsreels to show and there was no occupation of Turkey after WW1. Therefore, the Turks can deny it all. Poor Nazis-they had no such luck. The Turks should really thank their god that what they did to the Armenians happened at a good time for them in their history.

    This whole Armenian genocide must be a point of pride to the Turks. The Turks could have always admitted the truth and simply blame it on their Ottoman predecessors but they have never done that. Therefore, it’s logical to conclude that Turkey is simply proud of this outrage.

  2. The Caliph’s Universal Fatwa of 1915 gave official sanction to the jihad-genocide of 3 million mainly Christian subjects of the Turkish Empire. The Caliph was the supreme religious head of Muslims in the world and his order to kill infidels applied to all Moslems. Only the Turks followed his orders and they did so enthusiastically. They murdered 1.75 million Armenians, 3/4 million Assyrians and 300 thousand Greeks. They marched them to death without food or water, raped them to death, bludgeoned their brains out, burned hundreds to death in buildings doused in gasoline, sank boats of them in rivers, shot them to death 3 or 4 deep to save bullets, threw them off buildings. The killings were documented and duly reported by the foreign diplomats living in Turkey. Their communiqués can be found in archives today and are widely quoted in scholarly books on the Turkish genocides.
    The Turkish supremacists following Ataturk were mostly secularists. They replaced Islamic religious supremacism with secular Turkish racial supremacism. Yes, Virginia, you didn’t know this, but the TURKS are the real master race suitable for ruling the world. To say otherwise is against the law in Turkey. You may not “insult Turkishness”…whatever that means.

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