Religion of Peace terrorizes Thailand, but AFP refuses to call them ‘Terrorists’

* AFP stands for Agence France Press, of course.

AFP is where dhimmified wankersflash-as-a-rat-with-a-gold_thumb5.jpg are in cahoots with the jihadists and cook the news to their liking.


Four killed in southern Thailand

Separatist (??? again???) militants have killed four people in attacks across Thailand’s restive south, police said Monday, while five schools were set ablaze in the region.

* If I ever catch one of those ‘separatist militants in the restive south’ I’m gonna fart, I promise!

One army ranger and one militant were killed in Narathiwat province late Sunday when Islamic insurgents raided an army base.

Local police said about 10 militants opened fire on the base where 100 policemen and soldiers were stationed. Three policemen were also injured in the 20-minute firefight between the two sides.

All the militants escaped and took the body of the dead insurgent with them, police said.

On Monday in nearby Yala province, a Muslim district mayor was shot dead in front of his house by suspected militants. Another Muslim man was killed in a drive-by shooting in front of a tea shop two kilometres (1.2 miles) away.

Five schools, one health office and a teacher’s house were also set on fire in Pattani province. No one was injured.


Militants, who are battling for a separate Muslim state in Thailand’s southernmost region, frequently stage arson attacks on schools, which are seen as representing the central Buddhist state.

More than 2,000 people have been killed in the Muslim-majority provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani since the latest separatist insurgency broke out in January 2004.

Violence has escalated in the past six months despite moves by the military-backed government to bring peace to the region bordering Malaysia.


* Right. Keep calling them ‘militants’ and ‘separatists’ and throw some origami at them. It might just go away, magically…



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  1. Why should AFP call these losers terrorists? They don’t when they terrorize France-they are merely “youths”.

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