You don’t wanna see this…

French Canadians shoot a missile in Afghanistan:

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The complete and total delusion of Hans Blix: 

Ignorance is Blix

From Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch:
The headline, of course, comes from the occasional LGF tagline. But here is new evidence of its truth. This afternoon, after I arrived in Boise, Idaho, to speak at Boise State University, I had the pleasure of having lunch with two members of the campus chapter of the College Republicans. One was John Sawmiller, president of the chapter, who told me that when Hans Blix spoke at the campus some time ago, he had the unenviable task of driving him around Boise.

So in the course of things, Sawmiller asked Blix how he could advocate negotiations with Iran, given the intransigence of Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad, Blix countered, was in fact a “pragmatist” and a “pluralist.” A man who could be reasoned with. George W. Bush, by contrast, said Blix, was a “theologian,” driven by a religious fanaticism that was not open to reason.

A very neat inversion of reality, Mr. Blix.