Australia: Young Journo abused and insulted because ‘her dress is offensive to Islam’


Rudely revealing …Young muslims abuse a woman for her “offensive dress”-

The Sunday Telegraph

Dress “offensive” to Islam
By Ellen Connolly

THIS is the outfit that has been labelled “offensive” and “disrespectful” to the Muslim community.

Twenty-three-year-old journalist Latika Bourke was verbally attacked by a group of Muslim men outside a Sydney mosque because of her dress.

“This young man approached me and said: ‘You should be wearing more clothes. You need to cover up, you mutt’,” Ms Bourke, who works for 2UE Radio, recounted.

Ms Bourke, who was wearing a black trenchcoat, knee-high boots and gloves, said she was shocked and humiliated.

“I’m just incredulous as to why they would say that … what else is there to cover up? They are doing themselves no favours by behaving like this.”

Ms Bourke was waiting to interview controversial mufti Sheik Taj Eldeen Alhilaly at Lakemba mosque when a man aged about 20 confronted her.

His friends stood nearby, supporting him, as he verbally attacked her.

“He said: Are you aware that this is our Friday prayers? Do you know you’re disrespecting our religion.”

Ms Bourke said she replied: “I’m sorry, how?” He then advised her to cover up and called her “a mutt”.

Ms Bourke, a Christian, said she was very conscious of the need to respect other people’s religions.

“I knew it was important to cover up when you go to a mosque and that’s why I wore a long coat and gloves.

“As soon as it happened I looked at myself and thought, ‘What am I wearing that is offensive?”’

The incident sparked a flurry of calls to talkback radio on Friday _ mostly criticising the Muslim man and his friends for what they described as being “offensive behaviour”.

* Islam will not stop until we stop it.

Or our world will look like this within 50 years or sooner:


More from Australia:

Love, Jihadi Style

Woman ‘plotted Sydney bombing out of love’

By Margaret Scheikowski

* From the ‘prove to me that your no fool, walk across my swimming pool’ department:

A WOMAN accused of planning to set off a car bomb in Sydney’s Kings Cross to prove her love for her jailed boyfriend is to stand trial.

A police statement of facts tendered today in Central Local Court said Jill Alison Courtney was “obsessed” with marrying Hussan Kalache.

“To date, the accused has Kalache’s name and corrective services inmate number tattooed over various parts of her body,” the statement said.

“During this relationship, Kalache wanted the accused to prove her love to him by undertaking a ‘mission’ before he would commit to marriage with the accused.”

After a brief court hearing – in which Courtney appeared via videolink from prison – Magistrate Allan Moore ordered her to stand trial in the New South Wales Supreme Court on a date to be fixed.

Courtney, 27, of Casula in southwestern Sydney, is charged with conspiring to commit murder and conspiring to cause explosives to be placed in or near a public place.

The police statement said Courtney denied the allegation that she was planning to detonate an explosive device in Sydney.

Police allegedly received information that a woman named Jill, living in the Liverpool area, was “planning to detonate an explosive device in a vehicle in Kings Cross, Sydney, on Friday 24 March 2006”.

Investigations revealed the woman to be Courtney, who lived with her father in Casula, the statement said.

Further investigations revealed she and Kalache, now 28, were in a “turbulent” relationship and she was obsessed with marrying him.

The statement referred to conversations between them in March last year, which police believed related to Courtney’s “mission”.

“During (one) conversation Kalache states that after the ‘mission’ is completed he will marry the accused immediately,” the statement alleged.

“Police investigations have revealed the accused had previously approached a number of people, requesting their assistance in the preparation, purchase of materials and manufacture of improvised explosive devices.”

On March 3 last year, NSW and Federal police executing a search warrant at her home seized various items which police said could be used in the construction of an improvised explosive device.

They allegedly included a timing kit, chemical lists, rolls of tape, a receipt for two litres of ammonia and electric motors.

A wig and hair dye also were allegedly found.

“Also located during the search warrant were the documents relating to the chemical list which police allege is the plan to the mission of detonating a device in Kings Cross,” the statement said.

An envelope was found allegedly containing handwriting saying “no regrets for actions of sincere intention”.

The notebook which police said detailed the “mission plan” included writing which said: “go place, set it up, leave, do it, go to borrowed car, change clothes, wig, drive home”.

* There is a sucker born every minute.

LGF link

Last not least:

Hicks ‘elated to be back home’

* And the far left loonies from the MSM don’t even call him by his real name: Muhammad Dawoud

* A nation that is too soft to execute its traitors is a nation bound to fail:


Back to jail … David Hicks (in red overalls) is escorted from the charted jet after being flown from Guantanomo Bay to Adelaide’s Edinburgh Air force Base / AAP


DAVID HICK’s Australian lawyer David McLeod said the confessed terrorist supporter was “visibly elated” when the plane transporting him from Guantanamo Bay touched down on Australian soil.

Hicks arrived at Adelaide’s Yatala prison to serve the rest of his nine-month sentence, after his flight landed at Adelaide’s Edinburgh RAAF base at 9.50 this morning.

Hicks was escorted by Mr McLeod, members of the Australian Federal Police and South Australian Department of Correctional Services officers on the 24-hour journey.

The convicted Australian was transported from the airbase in a vehicle convoy flanked several police cars. The convoy drove straight through the jail’s gates and into the prison compound, without allowing a glimpse of convicted man.

A short time later, the Federal Government confirmed Hicks’ arrival in Adelaide in a joint statement from Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Attorney-General Philip Ruddock.

Hicks will remain at the Yatala Labour Prison until he completes his sentence for providing material support for terrorism.

After five years in the US-run Guantanamo Bay prison, Hicks boarded a government-chartered plane which flew back to Australia via a long route becaue the US would not allow it to fly into its airspace.

Hicks received a seven-year jail sentence with all but nine months suspended. He is expected to be released on 30 December.

Read it all..The Sunday Telegraph and AAP


From the Age:

A far leftard compares the excremental Hicks with Nelson Mandela here

and a poster on the Bolt blog answers it:

Posted by bush boy of the bush on Mon 21 May 07 at 01:16pm
So Louise Adler approves of Hicks’ declaration that “the Western-Jewish domination is finished, so we live under Muslim law again” and his warning to his father to ignore “the Jews’ propaganda war machine,”
And she’s OK with Hicks wanting “go back to Australia and rob and kill Jews”, “crash a plane into a building”, and “go out with that last big adrenalin rush.”
I’d like to see her explain to relatives how this creep compares with Mandela: “He once told me in Afghanistan that if he were to go into a building of Jews with an automatic weapon or as a suicide bomber he would have to say something like ‘there is no god but Allah’ . . . just so he could see the look of fear on their faces, before he takes them out,” writes former Camp X-ray inmate Abbasi.
One can only hope that Adler has enough decency left in her bones to one day be very ashamed.

Raving far left ratbags cook the news for you: 

That very same day, Ray Martin presented on Nine’s Sunday one of his typically even-handed reports, entitled: Caged Animal David Hicks: A Nation’s Shame, and said the treatment of the al-Qaida recruit made him “ashamed to be an Aussie”.

Good work, Ray. If we need one thing from you its another show on Hicks, whose only mistake was to join the terrorists behind the killing so far of more than 100 of his and your fellow Aussies.

See, if it wasn’t for Ray’s report, we’d have to get our Hicks fix from, well, about every one else, actually.

Take SBS, which on Monday screened a one-hour debate on Hicks, followed just 90 minutes later with a repeat of its documentary, The President vs David Hicks.

Or we could go to our other daily supplier, our ABC, whose staff campaigns so hard for Hicks that network radio editor Gordon Lavery had to hose them down with a memo headed “Hicks demonstrations and others”.

This was a “timely reminder”, he said, “that there needs to be a legitimate news hook for stories which preview events, demonstrations, etc.”, because “we have no business trying to rally sympathy or boost numbers”.


7 thoughts on “Australia: Young Journo abused and insulted because ‘her dress is offensive to Islam’”

  1. “This young man approached me and said: ‘You should be wearing more clothes. You need to cover up, you mutt’,”

    If I recall correctly, this is exactly the sort of intimidatory behaviour (by muslim males of middle-eastern appearance against ordinary Australian beachgoers) that led to the Cronulla riots. How about some “cultural sensitivity training” for the denizens of the Lakemba mosque, starting with “Sheik” Hilali, and the “mosque committee”.

  2. Ok, she was outside a mosque. The mosque is in Australia. Therefore she is entitled to wear what she wanted to. It’s not as if she went with a plunging neckline etc etc.

    Funny how simple things like this offend them, yet they have no idea how offensive they are to others: they are NEVER wrong!

    Stop all concessions to muslims now! Already there are too many.

  3. More evidence muslims are NOT assimilating. Obviously these muslims prefer to live in a country where they have every opportunity to bully women around…

  4. “* Islam will not stop until we stop it.”

    The Australian Constitution would appear to limit Federal action against Islam. (I’m not a lawyer, much less a constitutional one)

    “116. The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.”

    However, a constitutional lawyer might challenge the constitutionality of “Halal Certification Services Pty Ltd”, which is “is an Islamic body appointed by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) according to Federal legislation.”

  5. Liberalism v Islamism.
    “If a liberal society doesn’t accept a hierarchy of values, that there are core principles which are non-negotiable and to which everyone must sign up, then by definition it can no longer remain a liberal society but must fragment into a kind of Balkanised tribalism in which the strongest groups win through intimidation or force.”

  6. A further show of intimidation from the cretins and morons.

    As a nation, are we expected to accept this in our own country or should

    something be done about these disgusting creatures who I am loathe to

    call human beings?

    If they are allowed to get away with this, their intimidation will continue to


    I for one will not be intimidated in my own country and will not accept

    this for anyone else. The behaviour of these objectional

    muslims,islamists,jihadists ( choose your own term) has to be stopped and

    been seen to be stopped…….NOW and for good.

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