Netanyahu on Maher: ‘We ain’t going back to the gas chambers’

Maher can’t get over himself, but Nethanyahu rocks. With thanks to Atlas Shrugs:

A British ‘Lord’ and about delusion in high places

British member of Parliament Lord Andrew Phillips, in an interview with BBC Radio, says “To hell with America,” and means it. He’s just returned from meeting with Dr. Ismail Haniyeh of the activist group Hamas in Gaza, and he’s all fired up about their moderate message.

* Hmm, just wondering what kind of ‘doctor’ Ismail Haniyeh is. Doctor of terrorism? In which university did he graduate?

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Questioning the latest fad:  A case of mass-hypnosis that has turned into a political movement and and Ersatz religion. Big business, propaganda and intimidation drives the global warming mafia. The more you know about it, the more absurd it becomes. Meanwhile, the real problems of our time are being ignored for this mass-delusion…

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