Black on White Racism is Cool: Mugabe targets foreign companies in assets grab

* The despicable Hitlerite Mugabe who ruined Rhodesia, expropriated white farmers, and along with businessmen and administrators drove them from the country, turned a food exporting African country into an aid dependent hell-hole called Zimbabwe. Mugabe and his henchmen are now making sure that the law of the jungle is the only law besides their despotism :

ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe plans to seize majority stakes in all his country’s foreign-owned businesses in what economists warn could be a repeat of the disastrous land-reform policy.

* As usual, organizations like the UN & AI are silent and blame the US and other civilized countries in the West for not allowing mass migration of Muslims to further the global jihad. For Irene “Gulag” Khan from AI there is no difference between Australia’s PM John Howard and Mugabe. The left seems to have no problem with that, since they either support this madness or simply shrug it off.


“The President made it clear, when cabinet approved the bill to be tabled before Parliament, that the time had come to empower our people. He said the indigenisation exercise must be undertaken in the same fashion as the land-reform program.”

A spokesman for Barclays, which has 29 branches in Zimbabwe, said: “We are currently assessing the potential impact of the proposed legislation on our business in Zimbabwe. It is early days and the proposed bill may not become law.”

Other companies likely to be targeted are BP, British American Tobacco and Unilever.

From the AGE