Breeding Zombies

Video: Death Cult Children’s Theater

From LGF

Uploaded to YouTube by a Hamas supporter last April, this is one of the most unbelievably evil videos I’ve ever seen.

It’s a home movie from hell, featuring a group of young girls dressed as suicide bombers and terrorists, waving knives and guns and holding dolls, performing a school play somewhere in Gaza. A doting father carefully adjusts his daughter’s suicide bomb belt so it will look just right for the performance.

Absolutely monstrous.

In this still from the video, one little girl dressed as a suicide bomber has her hands painted red to symbolize blood, in a scene that’s probably meant to invoke the horrific lynching of two Israelis in Ramalla



The result of this genocidal indoctrination can be seen here. Warning: Very Graphic Images!


Read all about Ideology of Hatred and Genocide: Islamic supremacy over the world, destroying Israel and Jews, promoting terror and violence,”



YouTube Lets the Jihadis Delete Comments?
After our post earlier today about the unbelievably vile Hamas video posted at YouTube, dozens of appalled and disgusted comments were posted at the video’s page.

But tonight, every single comment denouncing this death cult insanity has been deleted, and the person who posted the video, “engahmed,” has posted one comment apparently replying to the critics:

the jewish must be wiped from the earth.

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  1. This is the Islamic insanity that the left bastards form the msm won’t show the world. This is despicable and evil and the people that hide this madness form the world are no better. Thanks for the internet and great men like sheikyermami and shiva to educate people about the most evil and deadly dangerous ideology ever.

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