Blair more deluded than ever

British PM Tony Blair obviously hasn’t learned a thing in his years as PM:

Oh well as long as the $$$’s keep coming…

Blair in crusade to unite faiths

Tom Baldwin and Ruth Gledhill The Australian with thanks to Rosie

BRITISH Prime Minister Tony Blair intends to create a global foundation to foster “greater understanding” between the three “Abrahamic faiths” of Christianity, Judaism and Islam after he leaves Downing Street.

* I can just about smell the ‘Kumbayahhh….’


Mr Blair, who will announce his timetable for resignation today, is expected to make the project the main focus of his energies when he leaves office this northern summer.

A member of his tight-knit inner-circle of advisers confirmed yesterday that Mr Blair is looking to “set up some sort of interfaith organisation”, saying: “He sees this as where the action is and nobody else is really doing it.”

The foundation, which will be based in London and modelled closely on that of former US president Bill Clinton, will also provide him with a platform to pursue other issues including global warming, African development and the Middle East peace process.

* Clinton, Blair: That means Peanut Carter can’t be far off…


But friends dismissed speculation that Mr Blair was preparing to become President George W. Bush’s peace envoy in the Middle East – or even take over from Paul Wolfowitz, the embattled President of the World Bank.

“He is not looking for any formal job like that,” said one close ally. “Obviously, he has a certain skill set from his work in Northern Ireland and he could perform a mediation role, but it would depend on what exactly was up for negotiation.”

Instead, the interfaith project will attempt to foster religious – rather than political – harmony in the Middle East and elsewhere across the world, including Britain, where rising tensions with militant Islam have provided the backdrop to many of the worst moments of his 10 years in office.

Mr Blair, who was enthusiastically reading the Koran even before the September 11, 2001, attacks on the US, said recently: “The tragedy is that as Christians, Jews and Muslims we are all Abrahamic religions. We regard ourselves as children of Abraham but we have fought for so long.”

In a speech in 2006 he referred to a woman protesting about the Pope’s recent visit to Turkey holding a poster which stated that “Jesus was a prophet but not the son of God”. This, he said, was “elevating the placard to an altogether higher plane of theology”.

He added: “Most Christians are hugely surprised to be told that the Koran reveres Jesus as a prophet. Many Jews, Muslims and Christians are entirely ignorant of the rich Abrahamic heritage we share in common.”


* Blair in the footprints of Britain’s idiot prince, who considers himself a ‘protector of the faiths’- something that got him and his voluntarily hijabbed spouse the ‘Assholes of the Month Award’


Although aides acknowledge that the new project may face resistance from Muslims who loathe him for his role as an ally to Mr Bush and in the invasion of Iraq, Mr Blair believes that he can appeal to moderate Islam.

Last year he met Pope Benedict XVI to discuss “how best interfaith dialogue can help with conflict resolution and how the moderate voices of the world’s main religions need to work together”.

Funding for the new organisation is expected to come from wealthy donors in the US and the Arab world, as well as Britain. But advisers insist that preparations are still at an early stage.

* If there are donors from the ‘Arab World’ we know already which way this is going…


How do you ‘dialog’ this, Tony?


“He will start thinking about this properly the day after he steps down. He is still quite busy at the moment,” said one.

* He should have thought about it long before he spoke…

* Cherie Blair is already counting on the $$$$ from ‘speaking fees’…

The Times

* How demented and corrupt Toni Blair really is you can also see here:

West should not fear facing “radical” Islam: Blair


From AFP, Berlin, via Dhimmi Watch

British Prime Minister Tony Blair says a decade in office has taught him that the West should not be afraid of standing by its values in facing up to radical Islam.
“The West must show that it believes in its own values,” Blair told journalists from several European newspapers, including yesterday’s edition of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung of Germany, as he prepares to announce his departure from Downing Street.

We must show the Muslim world that we let our values apply to everyone. That’s why Guantanamo (Bay) is an issue for people,” Blair said, in comments translated from German.

“But we are also on the defensive because we are not energetic in contradicting the opinion of radical Muslims who want to convince us that terrorism somehow has something to do with our behaviour.”


* And what have you done about that, Toni?

Blair has long been in favour of binding predominantly Muslim Turkey to the European Union to create a bridge between Europe and the Muslim world. He conceded that Turkey has a long way to go before it is ready to join the EU, but said it would be a “disgrace” if Europe’s club of nations went back on its promises to the Turks.

“I firmly believe that Europe should offer a place to Turkey. But I also know that beforehand complicated problems must be resolved.”

* Get stuffed, Toni! Tell theTurks there is no way they will get into the EU!
“Most importantly,” the Prime Minister continued, “is the fundamental hostility at the heart of Islam toward the non-Mulsim world. Until this fact is appreciated, sound policy with respect to Islam will be impossible. We must understand – however uncomfortable the truth may be – that Islam presents an existential threat to Western civilization that cannot be mitigated or negotiated away. We are in a struggle for our lives that can only be won through great sacrifice and hardship and the jettisoning of many widely-held but misleading conceptions of the world. As I prepare to leave office, I say to my fellow countrymen and to all those in the West who cherish their heritage, the time to stand up and be counted is now. We are called today to the banner of our forbears who defended the European heritage against centuries of Muslim attack. With the help of Almighty God, we shall make them proud!”

* Oh, wait. He didn’t say that last bit.

4 thoughts on “Blair more deluded than ever”

  1. Blair will go down in history as the most despised PM ever.

    He has sold out the soul of the UK.

    He now thinks he can leave on a high note with yet another disgustingly insulting piece of “gee,,aren’t I a good guy!” bull shit.

    I heard he is planning not to live in the UK after he retires. Why am I not surprised?

    The rat abandons the sinking ship: proves he was never the captain the UK depserately needed.

  2. Good Grief. Can’t the man just retire and LEAVE US ALONE?

    I know this sounds odd – even as I am thinking it – but Tony bLiar may be just as bad for England, Europe and the Western World as Adolf Hitler was.

    Worse in fact. Where Hitler provided a rallying point for brave men to step forward and stand up to him.. how does one stand up to a Tony bLiar who has the world-wide media machine behind him?

    All of Europe has been sold out to islam for no reason at all.

    The depraved vanity of these fools finds its absolute crest in the person of Tony bLiar.

    Winston Churchill is certainly spinning in his grave.

    I am almost at a loss for words how bad things have gotten with our political class.

    Isn’t it telling that the initial turnabout wasn’t actually the election of Sarko [Blessings be upon him] but the rise of Angela Merkel in Germany, who was known for her opposition to Turkey in the EU. Unfortunately he party’s margin of victory was too low and she came into office via a coalition with the German Social Dhimmicrats who co-authored the present German governmen’t platform.

    Thus we got something less than the original Merkel. We got Merkel Lite.

    Sarkozy, on the other hand was elected in what amounts to a landslide in the face of open threats of violence from his opposition.

    The German people have spoken softly and now the French have spoken a bit more decidedly against the islamization of Europe. Let us hope that the French will follow through when they elect their comgress in June so that Mr. Sarkozy will have the political muscle he needs if he is to suceed.

    These two elections have at least slowed down the Turkish steamroller into Europe and I hope we can finally bring it to a halt.

    All I can hope for is that tthe continued hogging of the spotlight by this sorry character called Tony bLiar will enrage the Britons to the point where they elect someone who is outspokenly opposed to islamification of Britain.

    Once we can get Britain aligned with France and Germany the daus for islam in the West will be numbered. of course, the Germans will need to step up in the next election and give Merkel the margin she needs to oppose Turkey and islamification in Germany.

    God, I hate Tony bLiar!!!

  3. bLiar gives new meaning to the term “useful idiot”. He’s giving Dhimmi Carer a run for the money in anti-Semitism and dhimmitude.

  4. Blair wants to unite faiths? Great, then Islam can eat the whole pie in one bite, just like with the EU.

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