Hamas TV Drops Death Cult Mickey

CNN Covers up Death Cult Mickey Mouse Outrage


The outrage of the day is the way CNN tried to cover up the Hamas Mickey Mouse story; Glenn Beck was played for a fool by his CNN producers, and he talked about it on his radio show today:

With the bright glare of publicity fully upon them, the genocidal lunatics of Hamas have decided that their brilliant idea of using Mickey Mouse to preach Islamic supremacism was actually stupid: Hamas TV drops militant Mickey Mouse.

A program using a Mickey Mouse-like character to urge Palestinian children to fight Israel and the West and work for world Islamic domination has been pulled off Hamas’s television station for “review,” Palestinian Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti said Wednesday.

Barghouti said the use of the cartoon character in such a role represented a “mistaken approach” to the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation.

* In other words, they are sorry to have been caught…

A “mistaken approach” means that they revealed a bit too much of their true selves with this display of depravity and megalomania. Their goals remain as stated by Death Cult Mickey—the destruction of Israel and the Islamic domination of the world. And that’s not my spin; that’s straight from the mouse’s mouth.

It’s also important to point out that this kind of degenerate child abuse by Palestinians is absolutely NOT unusual. We’ve been documenting this stuff for years at LGF. The only thing different in this case is the mouse.


Infiltration at CNN

Beck’s radio show seems to attribute the ballyhoo over the translation which nixed his Headline News show’s use of the video to Octavia Nasr at CNN. Here’s Nasr in 2006:


CNN Editor Equates “Terrorism” With “Freedom Fight,” Insulting All Coalition Forces
By Andrew Cochran

You would think that a worldwide news operation would recognize and apply standards and definitions for the reporting of a “terrorist” and “terrorist act.” We appreciate and work with many outstanding reporters and commentators worldwide who certainly have no problem. CNN apparently has a problem, as indicated in an interview of “Senior Editor for Arab Affairs,” Octavia Nasr, by a student news reporter for CNN Student News. Read this excerpt:

CARL AZUZ, CNN STUDENT NEWS REPORTER: WordCentral.com defines terrorism as the use of a violent or destructive act to achieve a goal. Why is it so difficult for the international community to agree on a definition for terrorism?

Well, I think for one, terrorism for one person is a freedom fight for another. And you know, the Arab world always talks about this, as they say the so-called terrorism, because they believe that – in Iraq, for example, many people are struggling against occupation, so in many ways they support that struggle against occupation but then they draw a line between those who are struggling. They want a free Iraq, they want the occupiers out and those who are pushing the envelope and crossing the line by terrorizing people. And when we say terrorizing people, in a sense, it’s going after the innocent civilians, the unsuspecting civilians, taking hostages, beheading them. Committing acts that are totally unacceptable, even by the standards of a freedom fight. So, you know, if you think about it, “terrorism” is a subjective term depending on which side you are on.

Amazing that Nasr doesn’t appear to know the difference between U.S., Iraqi, and other coalition forces on one hand, and Al Qaida and Iraqi terrorists on the other. If, after all the beheadings, kidnappings, and suicide bombings perpetrated in Iraq by Zarqawi and Iraqi gangs, Nasr really believes that terrorism is a “freedom fight” by another name, she is not qualified to edit or direct other reporters. And it’s insulting that she uses the pejorative “occupiers” to describe coalition forces, definitely not the objective, unbiased term for use by a world-class news operation.

Here’s more on the egregious Octavia Nasr:


By Mark Finkelstein:

Excerpt: You just knew it. The MSM had to find a way to downplay the significance of the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Whereas he had been portrayed as the key to violence in the country, now that he’s dead, he is described as just one among ‘many thousands’.

Read Paul Sperry’s book: Infiltration

Glenn Beck Transcript from tonights show: 

It is unbelievable that we have Arab Muslim infiltrators in our news services obstructing, sabotaging and distorting the news for us.

Here’s Death Cult Mickey for the record.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to all mujahideen:


10 thoughts on “Hamas TV Drops Death Cult Mickey”

  1. With all the death and killing they’re pushing on these kids maybe they should have used Pluto(nium) instead.

  2. I actually saw this on the Channel 9 morning news. I haven’t recovered from it yet; I thought I was dreaming!

  3. I mean my God what should even one person have to say?The U.N and all the other “Groups” really got on the ball here,what couldn’t figure out a way to blame Israel or the west.Good grief islam is so deprived of free thinkers they couldn’t even invent thier own character.Not that they know anything about character.

  4. Dar Al Harb Says
    “Not that they know anything about character.”

    Not a good character,, but they know a pure evil character when they see one: their prophet!

  5. “Not a good character,, but they know a pure evil character when they see one: their prophet!” Gramfan


  6. Clay, molded in dark shapes. As it hardens with age it becomes a weapon with the sharp edges of its broken body finding their destination, their purpose. Allu Akbar!


  7. Maybe we need to have a Cartoon Crusade!

    These asshats go on worldwide rampage over mildly objective MoFoe cartoons in Denmark and we have to watch Jihad Mickey Mouse with nary a wimper of protest?

    We need to make more noise.

    Righ now it’s the moslmes who are the mouse that roared. And we’re giving them the kitchen sink!

    Luck Fislam! I am SO SICK of them!

    And WHO hired that SOWdi Barbarian wench Nasr to work in a high position at CNN?

    Don’t these CNN asstureds get it? They’ll be hanging from a crane one day just liek everyone else.

    Religion of peace ® my FOOT!

  8. Sheik,

    Always good to see you’re alive and well. Keep up the good fight always. I agree, Beck is or should be becoming disillusioned with CNN. That being said, Glenn still has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do, IMO.



  9. Why are there no western crusaders in the assorted Christian Churches willing to defend the West world once again from the
    muhammedan invading hordes? Where is The Roman Church’s brave defender of faith, The Papacy’s Army of Loyal Catholics in all nations to rise up and join the papal Armies to defend Europe and indeed the entire world against Muhammadans determination to destroy us?.
    Where are the brave strong Knights of Olde Christian Churches?
    Where are the brave and noble British Lords ready to defend Christianity and The Holy Christian Anglican Church in England who now as we speak still sit in the House of Lords for a reason?????”?

    It is time for the Knights of the Crusaders monikers, Traditions, and titles to be awakened by Christian Churches ,to fight against islamic invasion and propaganda once more. Time to call for a Crusade against the moslem invaders. Just as King Ferdinand and Queen Isabellah managed to do in Spain so too it is time to evict and deport this infidels back from whence they came.
    The Queen must call as the Head of the Anglican Church for all islamics muhammedans to be expelled from the Christian Centre of Christianity in Europe, The British Realm of Kings and Queens, Dukes and Knights of the Cross, and the proud ancestry and line of brave strong Noblemen to take once again the Titles of the Royal Crusaders and Knights of the Most Holy Christian Cross and defend English Christian nations from the hoardes of illegals Muhammedans etc and expel them forcibly from the land of Europes Christian Nation. We must have christian nations to be returned To Christianity and freed from the peril of Muhammedans.
    Our long histories of constant battles against islam should have woken up the governements of our western decent civilised nations to wake up and read historical accounts of what islam has done to prisoners and anyone they deemed infidels?.
    Your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth you MUSt demand and command as a Royal British Queen and Monarch for the English Nobles and commoners immediately to arise and defend the English nation in her direst hour of need ,and defend the Holy Christian Church, and Britain, from the invasion by Muhammedans.
    Any less of your Majesty will amount to a failure of your Most Holy Vows of Coronation and render you guilty of treason and denial of your Holy Annointing, and a Queen’s Right to Rule.
    England and Australia and all Commonwealth nations has a RIGHT to expect the Monarch to honour a 1900 year yr tradition of Good Reign by those worthy to Rule and to defend England and keep it a Christian Nation by Royal Decree.
    Britian must insist on a Queen whom proves she is fit to protect her nation, and defend Christian Church against the Muhammedans now in The Holy Christian Churches most dire hour of need now.

  10. I would like to say something about only one part of this story, which is the disputed translation produced by MEMRI regarding the Mickey video.

    I happen to be a native speaker of Arabic, and I believe every native speaker of Arabic will tell you that MEMRI completely invented the words of the little girl caller on the show. In this case, I am afraid Octavia Nasr happens to be right, and MEMRI is wrong.

    Here is the breakdown of MEMRI’s clearly intentional invention of the words:

    The host of the show (little girl) asks the caller girl (Sanabel), “Sanabel, what will you do for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque?”

    The clown in the ridiculous Micky suit says (and make the gesture as can be seen in the video) “I will shoot.”

    Now, MEMRI in its published transcript of the video actually attributes the sentence “I will shoot” to the girl caller, which is completely wrong. The girl caller did respond however, but MEMRI omitted her response. What is her response you might ask, well it was (Arabic text follows)

    بـدّي ارسم صورة
    beddi arsem soora

    which means “I want to draw a picture”!!!!

    Then when she is asked ” what should we do if we want to liberate…” she responds with

    بدنا نقاوم
    bedna enqawem

    which means “we want to resist”

    MEMRI translates that to “we want to fight”

    When the girl is asked “what else?”, she responds

    بـيـطـخـونـا اليهود
    betokhoona el yahood

    which means “the Jews shoot us”

    MEMRI translated it to “we will annihilate the Jews”.

    Where did MEMRI get the word “annihilate” from I have no clue, but I assure you the MEMRI spokesman himself who spoke with Glenn Beck probably doesn’t even know how to say “annihilate” in Arabic himself!

    betkhoona can be broken down easily to show you the meaning:

    betokh: the verb “shoots”
    oo: the 3rd person plural subject pronoun attached to the verb, so it becomes “they shoot”
    na: the 1st person plural object pronoun attached to the verb, so it becomes “they shoot us”

    In sum, what she said translates word for word to “they shoot us the Jews”, but really it just means “the Jews shoot us.”

    I don’t mean to sound like I’m giving the show producers a pass, I’m only givin this little girl the pass and not allowing MEMRI to have its egrigeous deliberate mistranslation pass just like that.

    It’s not like the video clip of the show wasn’t so damning of the producers of the show that MEMRI had to do this (they would still not be justified even if it weren’t so damning), but MEMRI decided to do this nonetheless. They basically inserted lies.

    Most of the sources that carried this story focused on the “we will annihilate the Jews” sentence without verifying the translation becuse they trusted MEMRI. This trust is clearly misplaced and must be revoked in the future.


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