Bomb hits market in southern Thailand

By SUMETH PANPETCH, Associated Press Writer


AP Photo: Thai soldiers stand guard next to a burnt down school building in Pattani province, southern…

* No it was not a Buddhist bomb.

* In addition to the shooting, burning, and beheading reported yesterday in southern Thailand, “insurgents” wounded 20 people when they bombed a market.

Suspected Islamic insurgents in southern Thailand exploded a bomb at a busy night market and wounded 20 people Monday, police said. Earlier in the day, police found the bodies of two Buddhist villagers, one beheaded, apparently slain by Muslim rebels.

Similar handwritten messages were left after both attacks, saying they were revenge for a deadly weekend bombing at a mosque, police said.

Thailand is overwhelmingly Buddhist, but Muslims are a majority in the deep south, where they have long complained of discrimination. Since the Muslim rebellion flared up in early 2004, near-daily bombings, drive-by shootings and other attacks have killed more than 2,000 people.

Insurgents have targeted Buddhist civilians in what is believed to be an attempt to drive them from the area and to rouse animosity between followers of the two religions. Muslim citizens — especially those seen as collaborating with the government — also have been killed.

On Monday, a bomb hidden in the front basket of a motorcycle blew up in front of a Muslim food stall in the market, causing customers to flee in panic, police Lt. Somjit Nasomyon said. Four of the 20 wounded suffered serious injuries.

A message written in red ink said: “This is revenge for people in the mosque in Nong Chik (district) who were cruelly killed by the soldiers,” Somjit said.

The mosque bombing in the town of Hutae Bongor killed a Muslim man and injured three people.

The message suggested the attackers believed the culprits in the mosque attack were members of the security forces of Thailand’s Buddhist-dominated government. Authorities said they suspected the mosque attackers were Muslim militants bent on stirring up communal tension.

Earlier, two burned bodies, one of them headless, were found on a road, police Lt. Natachai Janpho said. He said they were apparently killed Sunday night.

A spray-painted message on the road near the bodies said: “This is revenge for Hutae Bongor,” Natachai said.


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The product of a sick culture, and proof of the naivety of those who think peace with such people can be reached just by talking:

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  1. So called the religion(cult) of peace is at it again,again,again, can some one tell me when will it all end?

  2. surj posted- can some one tell me when will it all end?

    When we start retaliating with a 10: 1 kill ratio in our favour.

    I’m sad to say that this is the only language the Ummah actually understands. Ofcourse they will complain that we are overreacting ie making a disproportionate response.

    What an ugly thought this ” disproportionate response” has crept up in our policy making. The worst thing one can do in a war is to have a proportionate response to the enemy’s actions. It not prolongs the war, leading to greater casualties on both sides, it has the disadvantage that the enemy feels that he can win a negotaited peace even when getting a drubbing.

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