Fear keeps Muslims silent on terrorism

* Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Could it be that there is widespread consent amongst the Muslim community to spread Islam-terror in Australia? Violent jihad is a constant of Islamic history, terror the chosen strategy since 1400 years. War against unbelievers, Jews and ‘polytheists is a clear mandate in the Koran.


By Richard Kerbaj, The Australian

MUSLIMS are refusing to give national security authorities counter-terrorism tip-offs, fearing they may implicate themselves or be labelled traitors by fellow community members.
Muslim leaders yesterday warned the Howard Government’s hard line on Islamic extremists was largely to blame for the failure of agencies, such as ASIO and the Australian Federal Police, to attract Arabic and Islamic recruits.

* In other words: Fighting crime creates more crime. Some kind of logic, that.

Community sources have told The Australian that the AFP and ASIO were desperately reaching out to senior Islamic leaders to help find recruits.

* Fat chance.

Intelligence sources also said negative attitudes held by Muslims towards national security agencies were hampering attempts to attract recruits.

Sydney-based Muslim leader Fadi Rahman said there was a lack of trust in national security agencies, stopping people from offering sensitive information and considering counter-terrorism careers.

* Who is stopping them, Fadi? The clerics?

“At the moment they (ASIO) are marketed as an organisation that if (any Muslim) was to go near it you’re basically going to get arrested,” the Independent Centre for Research Australia president said.

* My bullshit sensor just exploded!

A founding member of the Muslim Doctors Against Violence, Jamal Rifi, said police and spy agencies were often perceived to be anti-Islam. He said Muslims who dealt with the authorities were considered “traitors” and “non-believers”.

* There is more truth in that statement than what the good doctor Jamal intended to reveal.

“(Intelligence) is a taboo subject that nobody talks about in the community,” he said. “Boys and girls are not even allowed to think of it as a future career.”

* Hmm, wonder why that is?

Dr Rifi said the authorities’ heavy-handed approach against terrorism was being exploited by extremist clerics who told their followers that mainstream Australia was against them.

* Why doesn’t the good doctor tell us who these ‘extremist clerics’ are who exploit their followers?

Fewer than a dozen fluent Arabic speakers are believed to be working inside intelligence and security agencies. This is exacerbated by the difficulty in obtaining timely security clearances because ASIO is required to delve deep into their past, including time spent in the Middle East.

* Nothing that can’t be fixed. Coptic Christians and Jews from the Middle East could easily be recruited. Where is the political will?

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Oldies, Goldies:


* Muslims don’t seem to have a problem attacking those who oppose the spread of Islamo-fascism with frivolous law-suits:

Blogger Sued for Publishing Stories About Muslims linked to Terror

If the Muslims get away with this “test case”, it will shut us all down. The intrepid blogger and PI (and valued Atlas source) has been sued for publishing stories about Muslims with ties to Islamic terror. News stories already published in the mainstream media. Warner obviously hit a nerve. This is the next nefarious step in the litigation jihad. Warner must prevail. This wreaks of CAIR. Their tactics are written all over it. How is this different than the CAIR lawsuit against the Jane/John Does on the US Airways flight that reported the belligerent, aggressive behavior of the six imams?) Perhaps we need legislation to protect us (what happened to free speech?)
Bill Warner writes me the following;

Blogger sued and facing an injunction to cease and desist publishing stories about Muslims linked to terrorism

This is a serious threat to First Amendement rights of Freedom of Speach for bloggers and news reporters everywhere, and if I lose the law suit and the injunction is enforced, it will set a precedent for future law suits and injunctions to be imposed on any blogger or news reporter who writes about Muslims linked to terrorism.

Link to Atlas Shrugs

8 thoughts on “Fear keeps Muslims silent on terrorism”

  1. Having recently watched “Islam: What The West Needs To Know”, I find it hard to believe that moderates exist.

    (I am not counting those like Wafa Sultan or Walid Shoebat etc who are apostates anyway).

    If they are true followers of Islam then this would be impossible for them.
    The koran is pretty definite on what is expected from a muslim, and “aiding the enemy” is simply not on.

  2. [Jamal Rifi] said Muslims who dealt with the authorities were considered “traitors” and “non-believers”.

    And the authorities are doing what, exactly, to those Muslims who consider their more cooperative fellows to be traitors and non-believers.

    Islam is like the Mafia, but on a bigger scale. Forget stuffing around trying to ID individual terror cells. Bring in “The Untouchables” and shut it down, one mosque at a time.

  3. Muslims keep silent because all Muslims support Bin Laden’s strategy to destroy the Western civlization. All muslims are now waiting to see how smartly they can win this war. The western world is already in the hands of Arab who do not talk about what they have in Quran.

    Wait and see what will happen, the end of civilization is not far from now, it is almost twenty or thirty years. This is can be proved if you look into the matter of Islamic terrorism, whereve you have Islam you have problems, so the world is under attack.

  4. Mohamed Shahid
    Paul L Williams in “Day of Islam” says that the nukes are already deployed in the West, so the fight may be sooner than we think. I hope he’s wrong, but muslims are too well organised, and the theology of islam is too dangerous for us to ignore it anymore.

  5. Savitch said: “Paul L Williams in “Day of Islam” says that the nukes are already deployed in the West, so the fight may be sooner than we think.”

    Search on this – “The Next Strikes in the Heart of America, When and How.” and get a jihadi propaganda scenario for collapsing the USA …

    “The first stage in the scenario involves multiple terrorist attacks on three major U.S. cities, preferably with nuclear weapons, using an unspecified number of trucks. The scenario places priority on attacking New York City …”

    It is not considered to be “operationizable”, just propanda, but any jihadis contemplating the collapse of the USA might be careful what they wish for;
    an attempt, successful or otherwise, will awaken something with big pointy teeth, for which the ummah is no match.

  6. Savitch
    I agree. It is closer than we think:(
    can’t give you an exact date, but 30 years is a long time. I predict 5-10 years, or sooner.

    Why? because the communications and access of knowledge are soooo much faster.

    Two things:
    Either we have another 9/11 or else the world will wake up(not likely without another 9/11.

    An attack on Europe,,,err, Eurabia perhaps?)

    I am also concerned that that idiot Olmert is in charge of Israel and no good can come of it.

    Am beginning to think the lefties are a bigger menace than islam.And together they are formidable.

  7. People are slowly waking up, the muslim numbers are next to nothing in Australia and America and where their numbers are closer to 5% or above the natives are starting to protest the suppression of their culture at the hands of the whining muslims (France). There’s going to be civil chaos, no doubt about that, whatever come first, another 9/11 or an eminent attack on Iran. Muslims will over step the mark and carry on like pork chops, it’s what they do and when this war between the West and islam escalates world economy will be on its knees leaving everything we hold dear in serious peril. Stock up on non-perishables foods, it’s going to be a long winter, so to speak…

  8. Let us face the facts … muslims love islam .. everything about it is beneficial to muslims .. sin, greed, murder, theft, pornography, pedophilia, bestiality, falshoods, everlasting pleasures with allah in the next life, sex, virgins, young boys … even the women know their subservient place .. it aint fear that keeps them in line …

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