France: Segolene Royal Madness “Vote for me or Muslims will riot”


France’s Royal warns of violence if Sarkozy wins

In a tactic straight out of the Islamofascist playbook, socialist Segolene Royal says that if her opponent Nicolas Sarkozy wins the French presidential election, her friends the “youths” are going to tear the place up.
By Kerstin Gehmlich Reuters

Socialist opponent Segolene Royal said on Friday that France risks violence and brutality if her opponent right-winger Nicolas Sarkozy wins Sunday’s presidential election.

On the last day of official campaigning, opinion polls showed Sarkozy enjoyed a commanding lead over Royal, who accused the former interior minister of lying and polarizing France.

“Choosing Nicolas Sarkozy would be a dangerous choice,” Royal told RTL radio.

“It is my responsibility today to alert people to the risk of (his) candidature with regards to the violence and brutality that would be unleashed in the country (if he won),” she said.

Pressed on whether there would be actual violence, Royal said: “I think so, I think so,” referring specifically to France’s volatile suburbs hit by widespread rioting in 2005.
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* Of course, its not like Sarkozy will actually be able to govern. All the politicians, academics, media, etc. are hard core, defeatist, self-loathing libtards and will block everything he does

This is just in from Atlas Shrugs:

If Sarko wins the 6 may, its will be war”

These words resound like an incantation on every French suburbs. For the “banlieues”, Nicolas Sarkozy is THE enemy. After his speech of  “cleaning up the suburbs with an karcher” and the word “racaille”, (scum)  a large part of these multicultural areas is strongly mobilized against the UMP candidate.

This mobilization behind Segolene Royal is strong on the suburbs [punk jihadis – Atlas] : 41.63% of votes in Clichy sous Bois, the start place of the 2005 ramadan riots. Same at La Courneuve and Argenteuil, where she’s the leader. The left won the immigrants [punk jihad – Atlas] vote without contestation. The Socialist Party promises the right for the stranger to vote, they promised a lot to the suburbs population.

After 2002, when Le Pen arrived on the second turn, the left pushed the suburbs to vote. They know these populations are favorable to them.

This work paid, and these populations who didn’t vote before is now strongly mobilized behind Segolene Royal.

A large front against Sarkozy (extreme left, suburbs) was born.

Now this is a kind of blackmail, and even the socialist candidate plays this game, “choosing Nicolas Sarkozy would be a dangerous choice,” Royal told RTL radio.

The French are warned, if they vote for him, this will be the war on the streets with sporadics riots, and on the ground of social contestation with the extreme left.

This “alliance of the worse” is determined to go over the vote and the democracy if they don’t have what they want. Things are like that in France, the left wing considers himself as the “good”, and the rest is the “evil”, this strategy of diabolisation started with Jean Marie Le Pen who represent the incarnated evil. In 2002, despite he was on the second turn, the mobilization on the streets shows they will not respect the vote and play by the rules of democracy.

This is a French specialty, a left wing that is very influential, particularly on the mainstream medias (94% of the journalists says they vote left or extreme left, according an IPSOS poll), that means even the right wing papers are controlled by leftist journalists.


Nicolas Sakozy

presidential candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in April, waves to the assembly during the conservative party’s congress in Paris.

Photo: AP

Out with the old, in with the ‘Jew’? Sarkozy talks to the ‘Post’

Sunday’s runoff election between Socialist candidate Segolene Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy will be a historic event, and not solely because it will produce the first French president born after World War II.

If the polls are right, the Union for Popular Movement’s Sarkozy will be the next leader of the Republic, which means that France will have a Jewish head for only the second time in its history… almost.

Sarkozy, whose father is Hungarian, has been something of an adopted son here (especially in Netanya) due to his Jewish background: His mother had a Jewish father. Sarko, as his supporters call him, has openly and repeatedly called himself a friend of Israel in good times and in bad. While he remains politically neutral regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he has drawn criticism from many for his views and positions on Israel, notably from extreme right-winger Jean-Marie Le Pen, who said during the Second Lebanon War that while the land of the cedars was under attack, Sarkozy was declaring that he was a supporter of Israel.

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  1. Is Royal’s statement a threat or a promise? Either way, she wins. That must be a good feeling for someone lacking a conscience like this idiot.

  2. If she wins not only France will know where it stands: everyone in Eurabia will also, not to mention the rest of the civilized world.

    Hope some of the French are still sane.

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