France: Second Night Car Toll: 500+

It’s amazing how little coverage is being given to the continuing disturbances in France after Nicolas Sarkozy’s election—amazing until you realize that the media are probably deliberately minimizing and under-reporting the violence.


Last night’s toll: rioting in several cities, more than 500 torched cars, hundreds of arrests, and who knows how much property damage. If this were happening in the US, you can be sure there would be dozens of articles on the wires, and blogs like Daily Kos would be ranting and blaming George Bush.

One of the very few reports: Fresh violence in France after Sarkozy election.

Some 500 youths shouting “Sarko, fascist!” went on a rampage in the Bastille district of eastern Paris on Monday night, burning 10 cars, looting two stores including a supermarket and smashing windows, police said.

A total of 218 people were detained during four hours of clashes in which protesters threw stones, beer cans and bottles at police, one of whom was injured. Fifteen people remained in custody on Tuesday.

Anti-Sarkozy protests turned violent overnight in France’s second city of Lyon, in Lille, Toulouse, Nantes and Rennes.

More than 500 cars were set alight in cities and suburbs across the country, according to police reports gathered by AFP, many more than the 70 to 100 vehicles that are attacked on an average night in France.

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  1. are these muslim or non-muslim vehicular victims? if they’re non-muslim, then that makes perfect sense to me…until just 1 muslim car gets it. then all hell breaks loose!

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