Islam Terror in Fort Dix

Only in America:

While the the Hamas-linked radical front group CAIR continues to give training sessions to the FBI, a group of Muslims including some illegal Jihadists were getting ready to attack Fort Dix:

(NEW LONDON, CT, 5/7/07) – Representatives of the Connecticut chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CT) recently offered diversity and sensitivity training on Islam and Muslims to officials at the New Haven office of the FBI.

The hour-long training included information on basic Islamic beliefs and practices.


Soldier at Fort Dix

Major Terrorism Bust in New Jersey

They put the term in scare quotes, but it’s still a shock to see CNN use the I word like this: Islamic radicals’ arrested in plot to kill Fort Dix soldiers’

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Six “Islamic radicals” involved in a plot to kill U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey were arrested Monday night, the U.S. attorney’s office in New Jersey said Tuesday.

One of the suspects was born in Jordan, another in Turkey, the U.S. attorney’s office said. The rest are believed to be from the former Yugoslavia, “either U.S. citizens or living illegally in the United States,” the office said in a statement.

“Their alleged intention was to conduct an armed assault on the army base and to kill as many soldiers as possible,” according to the statement.

The six are expected to appear in U.S. District Court in Camden on Tuesday afternoon, the U.S. attorney’s office said in a statement.

The district attorney scheduled a news conference at 2:30 p.m. ET to discuss the case.

The men were planning to use automatic weapons to shoot soldiers at the Army post, according to a federal law enforcement source and a senior government source.

The men, some of whom were related to each other, had been doing surveillance and planning “for a while,” and they trained in the Poconos Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania, according to the federal law enforcement source.

They played paintball and test-fired weapons, a law enforcement source said.

“I’m Doing it in the Name of Allah”

Islamic advocates are already getting out in front of the media and saying we must not “equate actions with religion.” The six Muslims arrested in the Fort Dix terror plot have absolutely nothing to do with Islam, they say. Complete fluke that they’re Muslims. Could just as well have been Mennonites, really.

But someone forgot to tell the plotters.

One suspect reportedly spoke of using rocket-propelled grenades to kill at least 100 soldiers at a time, according to court documents.

The jihadists who couldn’t shoot straight

Unlikely that such an argument would get ’em off, though… 

“Terror suspects were ‘bad shots,’ says local marksman,” from the Pocono Record:

Suspicious activity at a public shooting range in Monroe County led an official from the state game commission to tip authorities on what turned out to be an alleged terror plot to attack Fort Dix in New Jersey.
“(The men arrested Monday) allegedly used our rifle range in the Gouldsboro area to train in some tactics,” said Tim Conway of the game commission in a phone interview at 12:20 p.m. today. “We did recognize a few things awhile back and reported that to the appropriate authorities.”

Randy Swiden of Blakeslee, a regular at the shooting range near Gouldsboro, said he remembers three to five guys shooting AK-47s there last fall. Swiden was interviewed at the range this morning.

Swiden said he heard the guys speaking in what sounded like Russian to each other and in broken English with a Russian accent to others. The six suspects arrested are nationals of the former Yugoslavia….

Swiden, 59, said he remembers the guys were shooting with 20-round clips rather than the typical three-round clips. He described them as “bad shots.”

They were shooting at 50-yard targets, packs of paper plates and milk jugs, and were missing.

Between them they had three AK-47s, Swiden said.

6 charged with plot on Army post in N.J.

WAYNE PARRY, Associated Press Writer

ORT DIX, N.J. – Six Islamic militants from Yugoslavia and the Middle East were arrested on charges of plotting to attack the Fort Dix Army post and “kill as many soldiers as possible,” authorities said Tuesday.

In conversations secretly recorded by an FBI informant over the past year, the men talked about killing in the name of Allah and attacking U.S. warships that might dock in Philadelphia, according an FBI criminal complaint.

“This was a serious plot put together by people who were intent on harming Americans,” U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie said Tuesday. “We’re very gratified federal law enforcement was able to catch these people before they acted and took innocent life.”

One suspect reportedly spoke of using rocket-propelled grenades to kill at least 100 soldiers at a time, according to court documents.

“If you want to do anything here, there is Fort Dix and I don’t want to exaggerate, and I assure you that you can hit an American base very easily,” suspect Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer said in one conversation secretly recorded by a government informant, according to the criminal complaint.

“It doesn’t matter to me whether I get locked up, arrested or get taken away,” a suspect identified as Serdar Tatar said in another recorded conversation. “Or I die, it doesn’t matter. I’m doing it in the name of Allah.”

Another suspect, Eljvir Duka, was recorded saying: “In the end, when it comes to defending your religion, when someone is trying attacks your religion, your way of life, then you go jihad.”


Meanwhile, the howling and whincing has already started: “If these people did something, then they deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” said Sohail Mohammed, a lawyer who represented many of the detainees. “But when the government says ‘Islamic militants,’ it sends a message to the public that Islam and militancy are synonymous.”

“Don’t equate actions with religion,” he said.

Can’t have people wake up to Islam-fascism, right Mohammed?

All religions are the same… right?

Best coverage from Michelle Malkin:

What a way to show their gratitude:

Flashback June 1999:

The sounds of Islamic calls to prayer echo across Fort Dix, temporary host to thousands of ethnic Albanians who fled war-ravaged Kosovo. But the U.S. Army base will soon play final taps for the refugee resettlement program that should end this month.
“I feel like I’m in a paradise,” one Kosovar explained, as she described the base that has been a haven for about 4,000 refugees.

With nationwide settlement efforts in full swing, the military has no plans to bring other refugees to the makeshift village.

So far, 500 Kosovars have been relocated; about 100 are scheduled to leave daily. All the refugees should know by mid-June where they will be going, officials said.

“This was always intended to be a temporary facility,” said Michael Kharfen, spokesman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

After arriving at Fort Dix from camps in Macedonia, the refugees received medical checkups, security clearances and U.S. government documents.


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  1. Why are American still not doing anything against this? We should now wake up and fight to eliminate Islam, don’t care about anything to save this World from the followers of Allah. This stone aged ideology is like the worst poison and it already destroyed the brains of all Muslims in the World.

  2. I’m about to go to sleep (I hope), but for anyone awake, “Hot Air” / Allahpundit is doing a good job of updating this ( )

    The FBI complaint against Dritan Duka & his various AKAs is at ( )

    This has been developing since August 2006 (per the complaint) – not just “sudden jihad syndrome”.

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