Hamas Terrorist (minister) leaves Brussels after visa cancelled

* Looks like the Dutch had enough.

A terrorist in suit and tie is still a terrorist…


AFP/File Photo: Palestinian government minister and Hamas member Bassem Naim,

Palestinian government minister and Hamas member Bassem Naim was forced to fly out of Brussels on Friday after Dutch authorities cancelled his visa, the Belgian interior ministry said.

Naim, the Palestinian sports and youth minister, had planned to travel on to the Netherlands for a conference on refugees.

Speaking to Arab news channel Al-Jazeera from his plane, he said he was stopped with a companion by police at Brussels airport, during a stopover, and told his Netherlands visa had been revoked.

Interior ministry spokesman Paul Van Tigchelt confirmed to AFP that the minister was intercepted at Brussels airport at the request of the Dutch authorities.

“We were informed by the Dutch authorities that the entry visas were issued in error and that the visas had been annulled,” he said.

Belgian police told him the justice ministry in the Netherlands had cancelled the visa because he was deemed “dangerous for the security of the Dutch people”, the minister told Al-Jazeera.

Naim left for Brussels from Cairo, according to officials in Egypt, who said he was expected back in the Egyptian capital on Friday.

The European Commission has begun dealing with non-Hamas members in the Palestinian government of national unity, but Hamas is branded a terrorist group in the EU and United States.

In the West Bank city of Ramallah, information minister Mustafa Barghouti said: “We are surprised by this decision and we expect the Netherlands to take a balanced stand between Israel and the Palestinians.”

* ‘Balanced’ in Pali-speak means ‘side with us or else…’

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  1. It sure would be nice if this sets a trend-all Western nations should shun all palestinian officials-Hamas or otherwise.

  2. This is a good decision, why do these Hamas members want to go to Europe. They should remain in Middle East and spread fatwa to kill non-believers.

    Most of Saudi royal family members studies in Europe and America. But what is happening to them when they return? . Do they apply what they have studied in Europe or America. Women are not allowed to vote and they have no right to drive. This is rediculous, these brain damaged Muslims can’t be changed, their brains are poisoned by Mohammed. Likewise, there is no need for Hamas to go to Europe and do anything. Instead they will secretly buy some weapons from Europe to kill Europeans.

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