Italy: Spagetti Jihad and BS Reports from a Bus-Hijacking

Thanks to LGF:

The Associated Press includes no information whatsoever about the attackers in their article about a bus hijacking in Italy, except that they were “gunmen:” Gunmen hijack bus in northern Italy.


Whenever I see such a deliberately uninformative and obfuscated report, I start suspecting that the media are covering up for Muslim terrorists again.

One line in the BBC’s article strongly suggests that’s the case: Armed men ‘hijack Italian coach’.

Three armed men seized a bus travelling on a motorway in northern Italy, injuring an off-duty police officer before abandoning the vehicle. All the passengers on the bus were released unharmed after the attack.

The attack took place on a stretch of motorway in the province of Alessandria, some 60 miles (90km) northeast of the city of Turin.

Police said they had captured one of the men and surrounded a farmhouse where the second was hiding. The third of the three men, all believed to be of North African origin, is reported to have escaped.

3 thoughts on “Italy: Spagetti Jihad and BS Reports from a Bus-Hijacking”

  1. Two hijackers were caught & reported to be Albanians. The outcome probably would have been worse, as two trainee policemen were on the bus when it was hijacked. One was stabbed. The hijackers had taken the petrol on the bus.

  2. North African origin? Must have been those murderous Hare Krishnas again.

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