3 thoughts on “Londonistan revisited”

  1. I am a tooth fairy extremist, and willing to fight for my beliefs. I demand death by toothache of any person who rejects their belief in the tooth fairy. Any person who, during their life, strays from the ways of the tooth fairy (he is most merciful and forgiving) should die an agonizing death of screaming distress and misery. Any person who does not place uprooted teeth in a glass of water beside their bedside is an infidel, a smelly dog who must be wiped out from this tooth fairy’s earth.
    You are ignoring me aren’t you, because you think that my belief is nonsense, ridiculous, insane. You are probably happy to say that to my face as well.
    It is hurtful and offensive that my unfounded, illogical notion is often dismissed, but I have to get used to it. I could become an extremist, start wrapping up my wife when she wants to go outdoors, take her freedoms away, bit of chop chop here and there for my little girl before she is old enough to think for herself, that sort of thing.
    The only thing I need is for you to take my belief seriously, or at least pretend to…

  2. I use to believe in the tooth fairy until the fairy only coughed up a few nickles for a big tooth. Now, I am an apostate!

    Please, I do not want to read death to apostates again. It does not scare me.

  3. this is evidence that islam must be removed from our decent western lands,they are the infidels and anti christian…and all those who adhere to that archaic medieval tribal moon gods stoneworship cult, we are facing the decimation of democracy by the enemy within our own gates as cicero once warned..beware of the enemy in your midst they are the greatest danger. what loony leftists and the ridiculous muliti cultists and the politicians must be held to account for what they have done to our nations
    mass deportations and close all mosques,ban the koran and make it illegal to allow any islamic employment send them back to arab lands now bf it is too late

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