Norway: Killing his wife doesn’t make him ‘Guilty’

Norway: Iranian killed wife, but pleads ‘not guilty’

Because it was an honor killing, you see.

“Man killed wife, but pleads ‘not guilty,’” via Dhimmi Watch
An Iranian man charged with stabbing his wife to death outside a crisis center in Drammen last autumn pleaded not guilty when his trial started on Tuesday.
The 44-year-old man also said in court that he was certain his wife had cheated on him, and he blamed her brother for being a bad influence on her. The brother, he claimed, had become “too European,” and gave the dead woman “inappropriate advice.”


Norway resumes direct aid to the Palestinian Authority (AFP) 

Disgusting beyond belief: Norway directly supports genocidal terrorists and sends them 10 million US dollars in ‘AID’

Norway, the only Western country to have normalised ties with the new Palestinian government, announced Thursday it had resumed direct aid to the Palestinian Authority, unlike the EU and US.

The Scandinavian state has given 10 million US dollars (7.4 million euros) in aid to pay Palestinian civil servants’ salaries, the government said.

“We hope our contribution will help solve the social crisis that the Palestinian people are living amid, especially for the families that are dependent on one salary,” Norway’s foreign minister Jonas Gahr Store said in a statement.

The Norwegian government announced in March it was normalising its ties to the Palestinian unity cabinet formed a few days earlier, making it the first, and so far only, western state to resume relations.

The international community froze direct aid to the Palestinian Authority after Hamas came to power in early 2006. The United States and the European Union consider Hamas a terrorist organisation and have not formally recognised the government.

Norway said earlier the aid would resume once technical issues concerning banking restrictions imposed on the Palestinian Authority are resolved.

On Thursday the foreign ministry did not however give any details on how the money had been paid out.

“This is direct aid, it is budgetary support, not humanitarian aid, which has been given to the Palestinian finance minister Salam Fayyad to pay for Palestinian civil servants’ salaries,” ministry spokeswoman Anne Lene Dale Sandsten told AFP.

The United States and the EU, of which Norway is not a member, have demanded the Palestinian government fulfill the three conditions set up by them, Russia and United Nations before ties can be normalised.

The so-called quartet has demanded that Hamas renounces violence, recognises Israel and honours past peace accords.

“The critical situation in Gaza is caused by a number of reasons but despair and pressing social problems have had a negative impact,” Stoere said.

“This is why it is important that the Palestinian authority receives financial aid from the international community.”

“It is important that aid is not only given in form of emergency humanitarian aid but also to make sure Palestinian institutions function properly, a step towards a Palestinian state,” the minister added.

* It will never happen.

Netherlands: Blackmail & Intimidation

Man Halts Action against Compulsory Arabic Names following Threats

An update on this story. Islamic Tolerance Alert: “Man Halts Action against Compulsory Arabic Names following Threats,” from NIS News, with thanks to Fjordman:

HAARLEM, A Moroccan man who was opposing the Moroccan state intervention with the names given to children born in the Netherlands has halted his campaign. The many threats he received were too much for him, newspaper De Volkskrant reported yesterday.
In registering a newly-born baby, Moroccan parents have a list stuck under their nose by Dutch municipalities out of which they have to choose a name. This official list distributed by the Moroccan government contains only Arabic names. This is discriminatory and violates freedom of choice, according to Moussa Aynan. Dutch municipalities are thereby an outpost of the Moroccan government, De Volkskrant quoted him as saying.

The 34 year old Aynan, who has just become a father himself, is a Labour (PvdA) council member in Haarlem. Hundreds of angry and threatening reactions have reportedly come in on his website in the past weeks from the Netherlands and abroad. So many that he has now decided to remove his weblog from the air. “It became too much, my wife particularly became afraid,” said Aynan in the newspaper.


* It might not be a bad idea to allow this Moroccan bullying to go on: Sooner or later the Dutch citizenship of these invaders will have to be removed. If they keep their Muhammadan identity they’re much easier to spot…

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  1. What’s going on? Just found out Norway is considered the most peaceful countries in the word.

    Someone forgot to consider the rapes and the fifth column.
    Most peaceful country
    Norway is the planet’s most peaceful nation, according to the Global Peace Index.

    The index, drawn up by analysts from the Economist Intelligence Unit, ranked New Zealand second out of the 121 countries listed, with Australia 25th.

    Norway was one of four Scandinavian countries to make the top 10, with Denmark, Finland and Sweden also getting the nod.

    The United States just scraped into the top 100, placing 96th, while war-ravaged Iraq was last on the list.

    The report concluded that small, stable, democratic countries within the European Union are most likely to have a high ranking.

  2. Guess if they would export the invaders back to Islamistan Norway/Scandinavia would hardly have any crime at all. Perhaps they just imported the Muhammedan nightmare in order to keep the police busy…

    thats the issue,breach of sovereignty and dhimmi attitudes of the people to accept the offical accepatablenames even when under foreign govt rule, who the heck do morrocco islamists think they are ….this man was brave and should be congratulated for trying to protest intereference in his freedoms
    Time the people are given support to decry and protest at the foreign interventions in their lands
    typical though of a dhimmi attitude in the europeans
    hell that just aint ever going to happen here in australia, can anyone say cronulla riots?????
    us aussies will only go so far muhammedans be advised…our tolerance will only go so far and not on step more
    I( was blessed to have a grandfather whom served in aussie airforce, and a father whom served his national service in airforce also,and was given medals for bravery according to family story/information gatherer…….will never know if it was true but se la vie
    THIS LAND IS MY LAND for past 6 generations my kin have toiled and helped build this great nation of Pioneers from Ireland and England etc, THIS Is CHRISTIAN JUDEAN HERITAGE
    land,my government and MY GOD is YAWeh or otherwise called HASHEM and I will never submit to a false God a Muhammedan blashemic satanic entity of evil and death cult worshipping of chld sacrifice which islam is.remember a time when decent democracy loving freedom loving people Patriots did stand up for their sovereignty and serve their Country and governement, toiling the lands
    why is it now in australia so few are prepared to stand up and shout hell no muhammedans not in my neighbourhood!!!!
    by the way saw a police raid on mosque at midnite in mirrabooka mosque in perth last week maybe muhammedans u are finally being brought to acct for their evil…we can but pray and hope…get these fifth columnists out now oh by the way about the raid we saw many police guys in cars and men with police dogs too they looked prtty awsome like amazing and gorgious cute guys too yummy looking even if it was a midnite we saw them with our own eyes as we went for a walk….raid the mosque at midnite why the late hr and how come NOTHING in the papers????no official ress release???? …me thinketh something evil this way doth come….

  4. Sheik?

    How come the poster calling him/herself Archangel Gabrielle writes like a typical Moslem dropkick, yet claims to be a Jewish sixth-generation Aussie?

    Doesn’t this wanker know that Jews haven’t been living in Australia for that long, and anyway they can all spell.

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