Muslims Rise Against British Oppression

Gee, those  recalcitrant Brits!

They just won’t lie down and let the Islamo-fascists take over:

STOP resisting Islam NOW!


The inevitable response to the arrest of 6 Jihad freaks two weeks ago: 

More here and here.

Of course, this is the work of a radical fringe, which isn’t supported by most Muslims.

With thanks to Andrew Bolt who just can’t stop resisting:

But “isn’t supported” is not the same as “opposed”, unfortunately, as Peter Clarke, head of the Metropolitan Police’s Anti-Terrorist Squad has discovered:

But what Clarke had to say about the flow of useful information emanating from Britain’s Muslim population was far more revealing about the enduring vulnerabilities of the security system.

Clarke stated that ‘almost all of our prosecutions have their origins in intelligence that came from overseas, the intelligence agencies, or from technical means. Few have yet originated from what is sometimes called “community intelligence”. This is something we are working hard to change.’…

* Good luck with that, brother…


According to one authoritative figure in the policing world, Clarke was being generous in his assessment of community intelligence: as of mid-2006, there was virtually nothing from such sources. By ‘community intelligence’, Clarke meant those low-level titbits from friends and neighbours — of aberrational behaviour that could be early signs of violent radicalisation.

13 thoughts on “Muslims Rise Against British Oppression”

  1. If the British regime is a terrorist one then why are these cretins living there? I know Iran’s regime is a terrorist one so I don’t live there. Shouldn’t it be the same for them? Does that not make sense?

  2. You are either with us or you are with the terrorists. These muslims/jihadists/islamists are making it perfectly clear for those with eyes able to see the great divide that exists between the two opposites, ‘freedom and slavery’.

  3. You go Sheik yer’Booty. It’s going to come down to fighting in the streets.
    Thanks for helping some of us see it before it starts.
    What you’re doing is extremely important.

  4. They have a better life in any western country than they possibly could in any muslim country.

    No wonder they feel oppressed!/sarcasm off.

    Must be masochists or idiots, or both.(and many other interesting adjectives, but that would take me all day,,,,,,)

  5. They feel oppressed as they are not in command of the welfare they receive.

    Mudslims need to be in command as allah commands, or the chosen of allah are not the chosen – and that is mental anguish, and thus oppression.

  6. DP111..

    Funnny thought, if they WERE in charge of welfare then no-one would get paid cause their bums would be in the air most of the time…

    he he he …

  7. Andrewnt posted: Funnny thought, if they WERE in charge of welfare then no-one would get paid cause their bums would be in the air most of the time…

    And that is the paradox – they want to take over the world but not entirely, just enough and to let dhimmis do the work. The important thing is, Muslims need to be in charge, as they are the chosen of allah.

  8. One of the axioms of Sun Tzu is, “Know yourself and know the enemy, never be in doubt. Know yourself and not the enemy, you are in danger. Do not know yourself or your enemy, you will be defeated.”

    Our leaders far from knowing the enemy, do not even want to know the enemy, as that would require them to jettison their politically correct blinkered approach to a war that has the possibility to destroy our civilisation, and hence the world.

    That is why we continually hear that Islam is Religion of peace. Where and on which planet was Islam the RoP?

  9. Fuck u, u fucking motherfucking muslim fuckers. I think i have established the 5 pillars of islam
    1.promote islam whatever the cost
    2. JIIHADD!!!!!!!!!!!
    3.slowly try to infiltrate non-muslim lands and convert them
    4.Worship a murdering, pedophilic ‘prophet’

    i cant believe the tripe they come out with. Its just not true. They should take a look at themselves and realise, they are frauds and just pieces of murdering shit.

    Jesus Christ is the way forward, and his message of peace and love will enrich everyone on the planet. Unfortunately christianity is not promoted to the extent of islam, becuase it doesnt believe in destoying other religions and killing. However, as a deeply religious christian, i have realised the way, and so should the whole world and america in order to halt the rise of a fraudulent cult.
    RIP Jerry Falwell

  10. DP111 says “And that is the paradox – they want to take over the world but not entirely, just enough to let dhimmis do the work.”

    Precisely – they are parasites. Control the host, but don’t kill him entirely; sap his strength so he can’t resist, and suck, suck, suck his blood. Take everything good from the host culture, take the welfare; but don’t accept any jobs that you consider unsuitable (the infidels HAVE to allow you to pray 5 times a day and take time off for the holy month and also the Hajj); you need to refuse any job dealing with halal products, the charging of interest, or the mixing of sexes (the horror!), and then you can settle into a fine whine about how the whole hateful society persecutes you and doesn’t recognize the contributions of your superior culture…

  11. these muslims are doing very good job, becouse all the countrie are cruppeted and they are change it to good. so they are doing good in the countrie, becouse where ever they are is good for that countrie. so people should be glod of these muslims.

  12. Khan,
    Our countries were doing just fine before Muslims came along.

    Also, the Muslim definition of ‘good’ is a long way off the mark in terms of Western ‘good’. But, if you’re feeling oppressed, vote with your feet and leave. Nothing’s stopping you and we’d probably be better off separate.

    I have a God whom I worship and He ain’t Allah. I would rather die than convert. And I mean it.

    Cruppeted? The most corrupt thing I have ever seen is Muslim evil parading itself as ‘good’.

    Khan, I pray one day your eyes will be opened and you will know what ‘good’ really is. (Little hint: the life led by Mohammed was not ‘good’. You want ‘good’, check out what Jesus did).

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