Setback for Muslim sect’s ‘mega-mosque’ in Londonistan


* Will it float, will it fly or will it sink? 

Image of Abbey Mills Islamic centre being built in Stratford East London. Once built it will be the largest mosque in Europe, which will be located just outside the London Olympics site in East London


Joanna Sugden Times Online
An ultra-orthodox Islamic sect has delayed plans to build a “mega-mosque” in East London after the Government warned it could “raise tensions” in the community.

* Hard to imagine that the British government these days concerns itself with ‘tensions in the community’-

Tablighi Jamaat had intended to submit plans to build Britain’s largest place of worship next to the Olympic site, this September. But the group told Times Online that no plans would now be submitted until next year at the earliest.

More than 48,000 people have petitioned the Government to “abolish plans for the £100m mega-mosque” with a capacity for 12,000 worshippers beside the London 2012 Olympic park in Newham, East London.

The Government said that the issue could “raise tensions” and did not expect any planning application to be made in the “near future”.

* Similar situation in Berlin, Germany.


Residents of Berlin’s Heinersdorf neighborhood protested the foundation laying ceremony last week. Residents have also filed legal complaints to block construction of the mosque. (Johannes Eisele/ Deutsche Press Agency)

And the mosque is going ahead in spite of massive protests by the population…

A statement in response to the petition, published on the Downing Street website, said: “We understand from Newham Council that there is no current planning permission or application for a mosque and Newham Council do not expect a planning application in the near future.”

A spokesperson for Tablighi Jamaat said that plans for the 18-acre site in Newham were being drawn up, but he added: “There’s no expectation of any planning application before the end of the year, because of the size of the application.”

The Government called the proposed mosque, which would hold four times as many worshippers as Britain’s largest Anglican cathedral “controversial” and said it had to take into account the views of local communities. “All involved should ensure that discussions are conducted in a manner that respects the views of all sections of our communities and in a way that does not raise tensions in local areas,” the statement said.

* There is that limp dick word again: ‘Controversial..’- the valueless society doesn’t like ‘controversy’…

Tablighi Jamaat’s spokesperson said the group did not think the plans were controversial but admitted there would be a lot of public interest in the application, “It should not be looked at any differently from any other faith building” he said.

Plans for the mosque have been blighted over the last few months. The group, which intelligence agencies fear is a gateway to extremism, recently claimed they had dismissed award-winning architect Ali Mangera from the project, and has yet to announce his replacement.

Alongside the proposal for the mosque the group also envisage a religious boarding school for up to 500 pupils on the site, a former chemical works that they bought for £1.6m in 1996.

* ‘Religous Boarding School’= Indoctrination center for the soldiers of Allah…

Strong local opposition has generated bad publicity for the mosque. A Newham councillor, Alan Craig, who is leading the campaign against the development, described the mosque as an unwanted “landmark” in the East End of London and Tablighi Jamaat as a “ambitious, separatist and isolationist group”.

The beleaguered group have recruited a Westminster lobbying company to undertake their public relations. The public affairs company, Indigo Public Affairs set up a website for the mosque and put Tablighi Jamaat on YouTube with a short statement from an unnamed representative who tries to dispel fears and says the mosque will only reach its maximum capacity of 12,000 at two festivals a year.

Tablighi Jamaat, which translates as “Proselytising Group”, claims on its website to stand for “democracy and freedom” and says it is “a role model to promote social and religious integration”.

* Islam is “Democracy and Freedom?”

Funny, last time we checked we saw Muslims run around with placards reading ‘Freedom go to hell’ and ‘Democracy is western terrorism’

But the site also adds that “complete success in this world and the hereafter is only achieved in following the way of life shown by Muhammad and every other way leads to failure in this world and the hereafter”. Strict followers of the sect’s doctrine sleep on the ground and brush their teeth with a twig following the practices of Muhammad.

French intelligence agencies and the FBI have raised concerns that jihadi groups could use Tablighi Jamaat as a recruiting ground. The movement, founded in India in 1927, has 80 million followers worldwide and refutes all accusations of links to terrorism or terrorists. Its website states: “We do not teach an extremist line, but we clearly can’t speak for every single one of those who have ever attended our mosques.”

* Allah is with the believers… But we are unbelievers. What do you make of that?

Besides: ‘Unbelief is worse than slaughter and resisting Islam is terrorism’- Muslims are only following their religion… got it?


Boston: Another mega-mosque project runs into difficulties

Breaking: Islamic Society of Boston Drops Lawsuits from LGF

Well, well. The Islamic Society of Boston, who has been filing harassment lawsuits against every critic of its planned mega-mosque project, has suddenly abandoned all their claims without receiving any payment. Apparently, the ongoing discovery efforts by the targets of their suits were getting uncomfortably close to exposing things the ISB didn’t want exposed.

The ISB’s decision to drop all of its claims against all of the 17 defendants it sued back in 2005 alleging “defamation” and accusing them of conspiring to violate its civil rights comes just months after the defendants—who included a Muslim cleric, a Christian political science professor and the Jewish daughter of Holocaust survivors, as well as Boston civic leader William Sapers and national terrorism expert Steven Emerson—had begun through their lawyers to conduct discovery into the ISB’s financial records, its receipt of millions of dollars in funding from Saudi Arabian and other Middle Eastern sources, its contributions to certain organizations and the records of certain of its officers and directors. The ISB’s abandonment of its lawsuits comes only weeks after two of its original Middle Eastern Trustees, Walid Fitaihi of Saudi Arabia and Ali Tobah of Egypt, suddenly resigned as Trustees just before they were required to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts court hearing the case.

The David Project, whose public records litigation against the BRA forced the public disclosure of evidence regarding the below-fair-market land deal between the BRA and the ISB and the role played in that deal of BRA Deputy Director Muhammed Ali Salaam, will proceed exactly as before with its litigation, seeking the remainder of the documents presently withheld by the BRA. That litigation, The David Project v. Boston Redevelopment Authority, is on file in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston.

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  1. Holy shit! that is one hell of a size of mosque! If the dumb British government let this go ahead what is stopping them from giving the go ahead for another1 and another1 and so on, and then before you know it ya have something like Saudi Arabia! The lunacy of the British and other western governments is frightening.

  2. islam is easily proven to be a harsh divider, not a peaceful uniter. Only islam treats non-muslims as inferior beings who are expendable in the drive to a world caliph. islam justifies any means to achieve this and its opposition will continue to grow. Freedom is greatest!!!

  3. EloiVsDiablo said: “Only islam treats non-muslims as inferior beings who are expendable in the drive to a world caliph.”

    In a sense that is correct, in that non-muslims (as well as muslims) are expendable in the drive to a world caliphate, but Islam is the sacrificial anode in a much larger battle being fought out in the heavens as much as on earth.

    All the mega-mosques and “martyrdom operations” and other abominations in its name hasten the day of its destruction, when God gathers the largely Islamic nations against Israel (Persia, Libya, Syria etc) and lays them to waste (Ezekiel 38). Israel will be kept busy marking and burying the bodies and body parts of the invaders, to cleanse the Holy Land.

    Islam is most certainly not a peaceful uniter, but the day comes when Earth will be peaceful, with people saying “peace and safety”; and then comes sudden destruction.

    I went to my favourite curry outlet on Monday, & noticed the Halal Certificate on the wall for the first time; that is the last time I eat there, knowing that its food is sacrificed to idols … it has only been a recent thing that “halalification” means that it is becoming harder to eat food not sacrificed to idols / false gods … I will eat more pork, knowing that it is not likely to be halal slaughtered to “Allah”.

    HALAL – Heeding “Allah’s” “Laws” And Lies

  4. * Radical Muslim :: The Mega Mosque :: January :: 2010

    It is one thing for muslims to whinge about “islamophobia” when there is opposition to islam’s agenda & mosque building in the Dar al Harb, but it will be insignificant compared to their “hurt feelings” when the Jews start rebuilding the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

    While I have no knowledge of the date that construction of the Third Temple will commence, i am quite confident that it will be rebuilt, and that Antichrist will rule from it. Vilna Gaon apparently believed that construction of the Temple would commence on the day the Hurva (Ruin) Synagogue was completed for the third time – scheduled for March 16, 2010. In any event, islam will pass its useby date, regardless of what happens on March 16th.

    If the Vilna Gaon was right, the 3rd Temple is on its way

  5. * Radical Muslim :: The Mega Mosque :: January :: 2010

    For any muslims following the “Radical Muslim” link, the construction (or not) of the Londonistan “mega-mosque” will be about as important as a cinema mega-plex in the local shopping mall, in comparison to the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount.

    Muslim denials that a Jewish Temple ever stood in Jerusalem will be in vain, as will their attempts to block construction of the Third Temple. Islam is doomed, along with allah, its false prophet, and its millions of followers …

    Third Temple of Jerusalem Coming Soon: It is time to begin Temple Tax in Israel

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