Shakin’ the Sheik, Part II: The Fixers take on Sheik Al-Hilali Again

With tanks to Dr. Bulldog

In case you missed it, watch part 1 first:

In ‘The Chasers War on Everything’ the boys took on Al Hilali and offered him free masking tape to keep his trap shut. Hilali of course reacted with the usual Islamic fury which was caught on video here.

In this weeks sequel the pranksters did it again:

Round two

Part One:

5 thoughts on “Shakin’ the Sheik, Part II: The Fixers take on Sheik Al-Hilali Again”

  1. Sheik, you just slay me! These videos are too funny. The “Fixers” boys are rash, foolish, and rather brave, I think. I know I wouldn’t perpetuate such a “whammy” on my very local Imam (the sight of the guy scares me to death!)

    You mentioned that you’re putting together an album of your music, and I really want one. Where do I go to reserve mine?

    Best regards from Abscedere (a fellow poster on Jhiad Watch)

  2. wow – even muslims have a sense of humour …..
    the Anthony Mundine scene was obviously staged . I thought it was hilarious.

  3. It was ‘thoughtful’ of Mundane to offer assistance in this obvious comedy piece but, I thought the sheik of shriek was heading inside to retrieve a quran for the troubled comic. No, the representative of the religion of ‘peace’ extracted a hitman to do the ‘talking’. Hook, line, and sinker, again…

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