Switzerland had enough: Swiss push for Islam building ban

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A GROUP of right-wing politicians is gathering signatures to try to force a national vote on banning the construction of minarets in Switzerland.

* Wonder why they have to be titled ‘right wing’- is it because lefties see the Muhammedan scourge as natural allies?

The planned building of minarets, the towers attached to mosques from which the Islamic call for prayer is issued, in small Swiss towns has sparked local protests.

A group of politicians from the Swiss National Party and Federal Democratic Union are seeking to prevent the construction of minarets in national law, saying they are a symbol of power and threaten law and order in Switzerland.

The campaign has to gather 100,000 signatures by November 2008 to force a national vote on the initiative which, if it gains a majority vote, would then be written into law.

“We have no doubt that we’ll reach the goal,” Ulrich Schlueer, a Swiss National Party parliamentarian for Zurich who is heading the initiative, said.

“We’ve now been collecting for a week and we’ve already got 10,000 signatures.”

There are currently only two minarets in Switzerland, in Zurich and Geneva.

The call to prayer is not made from these minarets.

But Swiss President and Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey, a Social Democrat, said a ban on minaret construction would threaten the country’s security.

“Such an initiative endangers Swiss interests and the security of Swiss people,” Mr Calmy-Rey said.

“The liberty to practise a religion is guaranteed in Switzerland.”

The delusion of the lefties can be infuriating… 

12 thoughts on “Switzerland had enough: Swiss push for Islam building ban”

  1. If Islam has any hope of integrating within western countries, visual integration will have to happen. Mosque architecture should be compatible with the surrounding buildings. By the same token – ban foreign dress, the hijab, Muslim beard, forgeing languages, etc. These are all reinforcement of the march of Islam and give the jihadis a comfort zone.

  2. I wish more countries would do this.

    Darrin: spot on! “Visual Integration”! I think you have just coined a new phrase and I don’t believe it is politically incorrect. It makes sense.

    (Anyone here been to Arizona? The architecture has to be generally compatible with Peublo-style and it all looks great. However no one has to dress like a Navajo,lol!).

  3. Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger described minarets as “lighthouses of jihad”.

    Mosques should all carry a health warning … “Minarets are hazardous to your health”, with grizzly pictures of dismembered bodies.

    Hmm… Cox & Forkum could work on that.

  4. Outstanding! Finally, a country has enough guts to do to the peaceful ones what they do to infidels in the ummah. It is about time.

  5. Why would such an initiative endanger the security of Swiss people???
    Oh boy! When they get the numbers don’t forget to tell Gav King…

  6. Banning minarets is simply provoking peaceful Muslims. They will now have all the reason they need to undertake defensive Jihad against Switzerland. Its as simpe as that.

    What can the Swiss do? Well they have those banks in Switzerland.

  7. They seem to be growing some in parts of Europe now. Do I move to Switzerland or Denmark? It’s a tough choice.

  8. The other day, Hilali was being investigated for breaching sedition laws. If you permit foreign architecture, dress, language, ideas, music, etc, then don’t be surprised if the end result is foreign allegiance. It’s dumb reactive-policing to permit all this multiculti crap and then try and catch them in the final act of treason. We need proactive policing of zero-tolerance on all things foreign.

    If little Johnny Howard is unashamedly in favour of assimilation, as he said the other day when they budgeted assimilation dollars down the drain, well start with some common sense – visual integration.

    That may stilll leave a latent threat of invisible Islam, which may be a concern …

  9. It is not simply minarets, but a failed policy of Islamic immigration and non-assimilation that aids and abets the takeover of Western nations from within.

    “Beheading Nations: The Islamization of Europe’s Cities” on Ummah News Links” is good reading. For me, Islam is simply a precursor for something much worse; it will take a 21st Century Hitler to stop it, if Westen nations continue to thumb-twiddle.

  10. Switzerland should take necessary measures to stop these mosques. If you let them do this. next day you can’t sleep because they will start shouting ” Allah akbah, allah akbar”, if you reject these verses, then they will kill you for mocking their Allah or Mohammed.

    Muslims will never understand their problem. If you see the real nogotiation they had during OIC meeting in Pakistan, you understand that they should atleast have talked about their mistakes, but not, still blaming others for not accepting Islam as the universal religion for all. In addition, they crticized human right groups and democracy.

  11. The problem is too much left wing lunacy and not enough good right wingers. It is nice to hear news like this, at least it is a start anyway. .

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