“Thou Shalt Not Kill” Offends Muslims, Among Other Things…

* After Theo Van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam in bright daylight, some people put up a sign nearby that read ‘Thou shalt Not Kill’- The Dutch Dhimmi City Council promptly removed this sign after Muslims complained that such a sign was ‘offensive’ to Muslims.


It was never explained what exactly offends Muslims about it, and curiously, nobody even asked the question why Muslims should be allowed to murder infidels and then object to a sign asking them not to do so.

Now, once again, we have a little sign-affair that gets a poor Churchman in trouble. Rev. Gary Murrell put up a sign that a that offends Muslims:


The other side reads:

When is the last time you heard of a Jew or a Christian with a bomb strapped to their body?

This from WRAL Raleigh-Durham:

Words like “bomb” and “die” draw attention to the small sign in front of Good News Independent Baptist Church.
Rev. Gary Murrell put up the sign, which on one side claims the message of Islam is “submit, convert or die.”

Despite some in the Islamic community who claim the sign is offensive, Murrell says it is not a hate sign.

“It was not put up there with the purpose of showing that we hate those people,” he said. “It’s not the people, it’s the religion.”

Murrell says it is a violent religion compared to Christianity. But not everyone agrees.

“I would really say that the actions of one individual really do not represent the Islamic faith,” said Debbie Jaunich, with the Islamic Center of Raleigh. “The Islamic faith really calls for peace.”

Yes, Debbie, it does. It also calls for other things, needless to say. And what, pray, does Islam mean by “peace”? A humble acceptance of diversity of opinion and criticism of one’s faith? Not exactly. Rather, once the earth is subdued under Sharia law then, of course, peace will reign. In the meantime, Allah ordains combat against the House of War (the non-Muslim world) in a myriad of places throughout the Quran and the other canonical Islamic sources that I am, now on my fourth glass of port, too tipsy to specify.

“It’s sad to see that we still have this kind of ignorance in the community about the Islamic faith,” she added.

Murrell says the sign has been up for about a week and that he plans to change it this weekend.
But discussion about the message will likely continue. The Islamic Center of Raleigh is inviting Murrell and his congregation for a visit to learn more about Islam.

Gee, they really seem to think the message to convert or die is irresistible, don’t they?

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  1. Maybe people could paint crime scene style body outlines near Muslim terror attack sites, like the WTC, Madrid, London, Bali etc, as a reminder of Islam’s “peace”.

  2. Of course a sign saying you shouldn’t kill offends the peaceful ones-it infringes upon their most sacred right. What would they do with themselves?

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