The Return of the Jihad Rat: More Islamic Supremacism from Death Cult Mickey

Palestinian Media Watch has posted more excerpts from the depraved Hamas children’s show, featuring a Mickey Mouse clone that Disney doesn’t seem to care about.

In this one, “Farfur Mouse” is caught cheating on a test, and blames the Jews.

Then jolly Uncle Hazim tells the kiddies how wonderful it will be for the Jews and Christians when Islam takes over the world.

But not only that, he reminds them that Jews and Christians never had it better than under Islamic rule.

Here’s part of the dialogue:

The following is some of the dialogue:

Hazem: “By Allah’s will, we will promote through Islam good, love and justice. Ask history, and ask the Jews, did they ever live in a time period better than the one they live under Islam. And ask the Christians how their security was assured in the churches and monasteries…Once we were! Do you remember Andalus [Spain and Portugal]? This dear Andalus will return one day.

Sara: We remind you dear kids, that the glory and the civilization of the [Islamic] nation, you shall restore!

Those were the days. Unfortunately they’re not gone. Christians or Jews who have to live under Islamic rule live in constant fear for their lives. But that’s how it has to be according to Islamic teachings:


A Pali spokesman on Fox just made a statement saying “There are some things wrong with the show but they will be corrected. The show for next week will be better…”

We can always rely on our Pali ‘friends’ to honor their promises and ‘do better’- give ’em another $ 60 million Condi! Lets give ’em a state!

Here is a great take from Jihad Watch, read the comments if you have time…

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  1. The Jews, always the Jews.

    And of course infidels always had it made under Islam. That’s why we hear so much about immigration TO the ummah being so problematic.

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