“A cult that masquerades as a religion”

No, its not Islam. Not this time. Guess again:

Tom Cruise banned from German military bases

By Tony Paterson in Berlin

Germany has banned Tom Cruise from shooting scenes at military sites for his film about a plot to kill Adolf Hitler because the Hollywood actor is a member of the Church of Scientology.


Cruise was to play the part of Claus von Stauffenberg, a member of the German nobility who attempted to assassinate Hitler in July 1944. The film, entitled Valkyrie, is due to go on release next year and its makers planned to start shooting in Berlin next month.

However, Germany’s Defence Ministry formally banned the actor, who is also one of the movie’s producers, from filming at authentic military sites in the German capital which are central to the movie’s plot.

“The film-makers will not be allowed to film at German military sites if Count Stauffenberg is played by Tom Cruise, who has publicly professed to being a member of the Scientology cult,” Harald Kammerbauer, a Defence Ministry spokesman, said yesterday.

In a further remark which appeared to express utter disapproval at the choice of Tom Cruise for the part, Mr Kammerbauer said: “In general, the German armed forces have a special interest in the serious and authentic portrayal of the events of 20 July 1944 and Stauffenberg’s person.”

The German government usually prides itself on upholding artistic freedoms and normally maintains a position of neutrality when dealing with film projects.

However, the Church of Scientology is regarded with suspicion in Germany, where it is widely considered to be a cult that masquerades as a religion.

* Perhaps the Germans should dig a little deeper. They might find more cults that masquerade as a religion.

The organisation, which opened a European headquarters in Berlin this year, is kept under surveillance by German intelligence services.

Tom Cruise’s character, Claus von Stauffenberg, was opposed to the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews, despite being a German army officer. On the afternoon of 20 July 1944, he went to Hitler’s “Wolf’s Lair” headquarters in East Prussia and planted a briefcase bomb next to the Nazi leader. However, Hitler was only wounded in the attack. Stauffenberg was caught soon after and executed.

His family has not welcomed the decision to use Tom Cruise to play the part. Berthold Maria Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, 72, von Stauffenberg’s son, dismissed the forthcoming film. “It is unpleasant for me that an avowed Scientologist will be playing my father,” he said. “I had hoped for a long time that the project was just a publicity stunt on the part of Cruise. Clearly that appears not to be the case.”

Cruise himself was not immediately available for comment.

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  1. If only American and Germany would see the light on piglam already. Pigslam is the World’s biggest Pyramid Scheme ever know to Man.

  2. Thank You, Sheik Yer Mami for allowing people to post freely and uncensored on Your board.

    Many of us have been unduly “radicalized” by what we learn daily about islam and the actions of the pigslamist minions who come to live among us all..

  3. The difference between this cult and the cult of Islam is that a crazy white sociopath founded one cult and a crazy brown skinned psychopath founded the other cult. Hence, the problem.

    The Islamic Imperialist knows that the West will cringe and back off as soon they raise the race card. They do and will use it to silence anyone who is critical of them and their so-called religion.

    Guilt and Acts of contrition is the legacy of Colonialism in the post- modern world for the West.

    The question is will we in the West continue to allow the guilt-ridden apologists to deliver us into slavery and submission based upon the actions of our ancestors and out of a fear of being called a racist?

  4. Thanks Sheik – for all you do and the commitment you have regardless of the personal risk that involves. It does make a difference.

    Here’s proof in an email exchange I had with a good liberal friend of mine:

    Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 19:12:14 -0700 (PDT)

    To me from my liberal friend:
    I haven’t heard from you lately. Just seeing how everything is going. Thanks for dropping my rain suit off. I hope you and your family are doing well.

    reply from me:
    I don’t feel like complaining and trying to scare people lately, so I haven’t been sending out my ‘xenophobic’ materials ( as my friend in California says ) We’re busy and life’s good for the moment.

    I’m busy building the concrete bunker and stocking up on ammunition… so I don’t have time to write much. The neighbors think it’s a swimming pool, boy what a bunch of crazies.
    note:(I’m just kidding – I’m not actually building a bunker and my neighbors are very reasonable people)

    response from my friend
    Life may be good for the moment, but unless we have social discourse about the radicals who want to destroy our, and our children’s, way of life we are sure to feel the repercussions. Although I don’t like the means of our current “War on Terror” it is necessary for people like you to continue to educate whoever you can on the hate the other side is spreading and attempting to eradicate our way of life. You have certainly influenced me. Keep up the good work. An ostrich can only keep his head under the sand so long until he smothers or a predator attacks.

    Sending information to people, backing it up in a reasonable way and persisting in the effort WILL get this nation to see the threat we’re under.
    Sheik yermami – I wish you all the best and congratulate you on what you do for the good of Western Civilization. Thank you.

  5. If you want to get seriously rich, forget business, start a religion

    L. Ron Hubbard.

    Stauffenberg was a tall man, Cruise is a teensy weeny little shortarse.

    How many limbs and other assorted bits is Cruise going to have removed so he can get into the part?

    Stauffenberg was a brave upstanding man. Cruise is a c***.

    Where’s the fit?

    Questions questions questions.

  6. That should have said ‘teensy weensy’ – but teensy weeny seems appropriate somehow.

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