Muslim Immigration: A Winning or Losing Proposition for US?

* Moderate Muslims are breeding Islamic extremists, but it is rare that Islamic extremists breed moderate Muslims. Therefore, the US and other western governments are putting their “infidel” population at risk by allowing Muslims to live among us.


The Muslim world does not accept non-Muslim immigrants. In fact, it is becoming more homogenous as Islamic regimes drive out religious minorities or whittle them down through other means of attrition. Even Muslims who feel entitled to life in the West often decry the presence of foreigners in Muslim lands.

But if Muslim lands are for Muslims, then it is all the more reason for insisting that this is where they stay, particularly since the legacy of Islamic immigration into the West is becoming a series of unilateral concessions to appease Muslims that not only go unreciprocated, but are then the new foothold for even bolder demands.

Muslim immigration is a losing proposition for America. At best, it is an unnecessary risk that offers no comparable benefit. At worst, it is suicidal.


Muslims on Coney Island Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Are you aware that CAIR insists that any and all Muslims from around the world are automatically “entitled” to immigrate to America? FSM Contributing Editor Glen Reinsford makes compelling arguments on this issue. Is an ever growing Muslim population an asset or a liability for us?

Muslim Immigration: A Winning or Losing Proposition for America?

By Glen Reinsford

Pardon the crude analogy, but what if someone handed you a revolver with one bullet and five empty chambers and asked you to put it to your temple and squeeze the trigger? Would you indulge them?
If you are a sane person, then you would naturally decline the offer, regardless of the number of empty chambers. Even a one in a hundred chance of doing harm is hardly a reason, in and of itself, for taking an unnecessary risk.

Consider the similarities to Muslim immigration:

1)     In most cases, nothing bad will happen.
2)     In some cases, it will.
3)     The risk increases as the process continues.
4)     There is an utter pointlessness to the whole affair.

First, let’s concede that the majority of Muslim immigrants mean Americans no harm. They have their reasons for not wanting to live in Muslim countries and these aren’t hard to guess. Of the fifty-three Islamic nations on the planet, there is hardly a single one that isn’t characterized by some combination of debilitating corruption, economic blight, third-world standard of living, political repression, or an appalling human rights condition.

Unfortunately, however, more Muslims in America will inevitably result in a more Muslim America, which ultimately means having to deal with the problems that plague Muslim society. If there are tangible benefits that offset the added strain of trying to accommodate a religion that is very much at odds with Western liberal values (including freedom of conscience, social tolerance, democracy, and the equality of women), then they are not immediately apparent.

Even the Council on American-Islamic Relations, one of the most vocal advocates of unfettered Islamic immigration into America rarely bothers to try and make the case that non-Muslim citizens will benefit from an influx of those believing that Islam is meant to be the dominant political, religious and social system that Muhammad required it to be. Instead, CAIR merely implies that Muslims are entitled to America by virtue of the fact that the U.S. accepts other immigrants.

Beyond flirting with cultural catastrophe, there is also the loss of American lives resulting from the domestic terror attacks that will certainly escalate as the U.S. inexplicably imports a fifth column in a time of war.

A Pew Research poll released in May shows that one out of every four Muslims in America either supports al-Qaeda outright or is ambivalent about the terrorists that slaughtered 3,000 fellow citizens in the name of Allah just six short years ago. About the same percentage of younger Muslims also believe that suicide bombings can be justified in “defense of Islam.”

Support for terrorism isn’t just theoretical. The release of the study was sandwiched between news of a shooting rampage plot by Muslims against Fort Dix residents and a separate Fedayeen plot literally to blow up JFK airport in New York. It also follows the murder of five Americans at a Utah shopping mall by a Muslim teenager in February.

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4 thoughts on “Muslim Immigration: A Winning or Losing Proposition for US?”

  1. I think it is part of the Cultural Maxism the CFR new world order types want in order to destroy the America we once knew. Illegal immigration, homos being married, and killing your children,(abortion) are more examples.

    It appears individuals who are weathy enough have think tanks. The Dr.’s within the think tanks make $100,000.00 a year, and publish BS about how children should be allowed to express themselves in school, and then it is placed within the education system. Soon we have Children growing up without respect for authority.

    Or, we can look at it another way; Spare the rod spoil the child. There lies the real issue. Anything to do with the G-d of the bible has to be attacked by the Lucifer worshipping Globalist new world order types.

  2. Who cares is “homos are gettig married”? I agree it’s not the best thing for our children to have to think of when it coms to the institution of Marriage but.. the mullahs hate the thought more than anyone and as such they are likely to show their hand and drive gay/leftist support to our ranks.

    We Westerners have to realize we are “diverse” which is the same as FRACTURED and we all are in dire need of UNITY!!

    I’d MUCH prefer to defend gay people of the West if they will return the favor than to sit by and see the islamists gain a stranglehold on all our societies.

    We all have WAY more in common with these “homos” you are implicitly putting down than any of us do with the islamofascist tide we are trying to stem!

    So if they want to get married I will hold my nose and defend their “right” to do so, goddammit!

    We need everyone at the ballot box, don’t you get that already??!!

    As long as we alienate vast strectechs of our own population they will make common cause at the ballot box with those who will indeed off them just before they come for us.

    Simply they fear us ‘mainstreamers’ more than they fear the politically correctly protected ‘unknown’ which is infiltrating our lands..

  3. Fuck you pussie! Homo marriage is a marriage of death. Plus it is wrong, unless you are a satan worshipper, for men to sleep with men.

    Dr. Savage stated diversity is perversity! BTW, you have a mental disorder.

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