Al Bebeceera Reports: London “Bomb” made safe by police

London:Massive Bombing Averted
“Packed with Nails and Gas”

Associated Limp dicks of once ‘Great Britain’ report:

Robin Oakley, CNN resident poofter, politically coorrrrrect wanker of yester- year, chimes in: A ‘potential incident’- nothing more…

* nothing to worry about, move on, the IRA, ‘political problems’- people ‘who preach violent messages’- hmm, who could that be? Ah, the ‘Muslim community who are feeling targeted’- Robin Oakley, a guy so full of it it makes you choke, what an A-sole…..


* Nothing to worry about, right? The police made it ‘safe’…

* It was a just a ‘peaceful bomb’ planted by the RoP because of their grievances. Because of the misguided policies of Britain in the Middle East. Lets blame the Joozzz and get on with it, right?

Police have made safe an explosive device in London.
Officers were called to reports of a suspicious vehicle parked in The Haymarket shortly before 0200 BST.

The immediate area was cordoned off while police examined what they described as a “potentially viable explosive device”.

The Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command has launched an investigation and The Haymarket is likely to remain closed for some time.

* London escaped what could have been its worst terrorist attack this morning when a car bomb packed with nails, gas canisters and containers of petrol apparently failed to detonate outside a popular West End nightclub hosting a ‘ladies’ night’.

* Pamela sez: Already the useful idiots talking heads are explaining the massive bomb as a result of “the unhappiness of the war in Iraq.” WTF is wrong with these people? As if. Islam was kicking ass, setting bombs, cutting clits, killing Jews, killing infidels, imposing sharia long before Iraq, 9/11 etc. These savages are at war with us.



Central London street sealed off amid new alert 



Police cordoned off part of a major road in central London due to reports of a suspicious vehicle hours after a massive explosive device was defused in the capital, a spokesman said.

Amid heightened security after the overnight bomb alert, television pictures showed traffic disrupted around Park Lane, next to Hyde Park, while Sky News reported that a red London tourist bus had been stopped.

“Police are attending a suspicious incident in Park Lane,” a Scotland Yard spokeswoman told AFP. “Park Lane is closed at Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner and a 200-metre (yard) cordon is in place.”

Asked if the incident was linked to the explosive device found in a car outside a nightclub in nearby Haymarket, she said: “Not at this stage.”

She would not say whether counter-terrorism officers were in Park Lane, nor what the vehicle was.

But she confirmed that a “gold control” — the police’s highest command system during emergencies — had been set up in response to the discovery of the car bomb, which officers said could have caused carnage if it had exploded.

Reports of suspicious activity and vehicles were expected following such incidents, she added.


British authorities should ban the niqab and return to a celebration of the miniskirt

By Bob Tyrrell

Stuffy old London is all jitters about a new craze in woman’s fashion, the niqab. It is a black gown that covers the ladies from head to toe. Even their arms are covered. Two slits, somewhat reminiscent of the slits in armored personnel carriers, allow the ladies to see out. There are no openings for the nostrils. How the ladies breath is a mystery. Perhaps they carry oxygen packs.

The heavy black garment is generally worn only by British Muslims, though possibly non-Muslim British ladies are also wearing niqabs. How would one know? For that matter, how would one know if there were more than one woman under a passing niqab, or perhaps a man, or two women and a goat? That is the problem, according to British authorities. No one knows what is going on under a nearby niqab.

Frankly, I would think that religiously strict mullahs also would be alarmed. There could be a man and a woman illicitly cohabiting under a nearby niqab, or just a rude woman sticking her tongue out at him. Compared to a miniskirt or a thong, a niqab is actually quite subversive. That is the view of British authorities. Some months ago, the Labor Party politician Jack Straw barred niqab-wearing women from his offices, even if they were wearing Chanel No. 5 and whistling “G-d Save the Queen.”

The response of Western democracies to the excesses of fundamentalist Islam is approaching the absurd. There is, in our free societies, abundant precedent for limiting provocative behavior. Unfortunately, many of our liberals are susceptible to the complaints of those who hate us. They were susceptible to communists and in the 1930s they were even susceptible to Nazis. It is my hope that the British authorities will ban the niqab and return to a celebration of the miniskirt. I personally admire a woman who has nothing to hide.


The Trouble with Islam

The Myth of Islamophobia

4 thoughts on “Al Bebeceera Reports: London “Bomb” made safe by police”

  1. What did he say, the BNP is as bad as islamic fundies? Amazing how these fools pull this equivalency BS out of their asses. I don’t doubt the BNP has an anti semitic racist element, but give me a break. Islam is a cancer, no comparison.

  2. Sheik said, “They were susceptible to communists and in the 1930s they were even susceptible to Nazis.” Ha. When has the left ever backed the right horse?

    The BBC is an embarrassment to ‘fair and balance’ journalism and it is so left wing that it embraces anything that is anti-Israel, anti-America, and anti-Capitalism just so it can sing its sanctimonious and smug tune of righteousness. As this is the same organisation that had a bloody journalist weeping on air when she was speaking about Palestine. Fair and balanced, yep, that’s the BBC.

    Recently, the BBC has publicly admitted that they have special pray rooms seperated by gender at their offices and would allow a women on air in a burqa to deliver the news, I do not think one has to question where the BBC loyalty lies.

    As for the man in the video, I have not the stomach to listen to a delusional existence that the government and the media refuse to acknowledge that many of us have to deal with every singleday in a bizarro world existence of inverse racism.

    I would however challenge him to go to the areas of any UK city where as a white European man he is the minority and when he wipes the spite off his face and is called a white devil for the 100th time if he feels the same.

  3. Ban Islamania in the West.
    Before it wipes out civilization as we know it.

  4. I love this guy ….. what’s his name ? he’s obviously an atheist….

    I loved the point he made about “hate”. He emphasised that he does NOT hate muslims but hates Islam and this is what many muslims in the West fail to realise.
    Got any more videos of this guy ?

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