Netherlands: “Cut benefits to burqa wearers”

Spine Discovered in Holland

* If “the behaviour of the job seeker prevented him or her from finding a job,” that is the responsibility of the individual in question, not of the state.

“‘Cut benefits to burqa wearers,'” from Expatica via DW
THE HAGUE – A majority in Parliament wants the government to allow municipalities to cut benefits if the recipients are unable to find a job because they wear a burqa.
A motion to this effect from Liberal VVD MP Atzo Nicolaï and Labour PvdA MP Hans Spekman was passed on Tuesday.

Coalition party PvdA and opposition party VVD are concerned about a verdict from the court in Amsterdam earlier this month. The court found in preliminary proceedings that the municipality Diemen had unlawfully docked the benefits of a Muslim woman who wears a burqa because she had been unable to find a job after four job applications.

Aboutaleb has said in earlier debates with Parliament that the case in Diemen should be put in perspective. He says it is just “one case,” while there have also been court verdicts that have found in favour of municipalities in cases where the behaviour of the job seeker prevented him or her from finding a job. One of these cases also concerned the wearing of a burqa.

* One case is one too many.


Unemployable? You bet…

Burqas: hazardous to your health

Human beings need sunshine. “Are Muslim dress codes bad for women’s health?,” by Preeti Aroon for Foreign Policy via DW

Conservative Muslim dress codes may be causing vitamin D deficiency in women by limiting their exposure to sunlight, humans’ main source for the vitamin, according to new research.
Scientists had previously found high rates of vitamin D deficiency in Arab and East Indian women living in the United Arab Emirates.
A follow-up study investigated the effect of vitamin D supplements on 178 UAE women, many of whom covered themselves entirely, faces and hands included, when outside their homes. Only two of the women did not have vitamin D deficiency prior to receiving supplements. The results were published by a team of scientists in the June issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


Let the sunshine in…

“Burkinis not good good enough” sez Muslim Weekly

‘Pleasing Allah more important..’

* That’ right folks, nothing but the full monty, on the double:

” …there has been a strong criticism of burqini by the muslim ulema (scholars) who feel that there is nothing islamic about a burqini.”

“Zanetti, did you forget we are Muslims and are not like most people. What is the point of our sisters trying to prove themselves as equally enjoyng life according to the non believers’ standards? ”

“I am sure most of us Muslim women would love to catch a break on the wave, go jet skiing and wake boarding, or just good old free styling, but I am more sure that most of us have given up those pleasures to seek the greatest one – that of pleasing Allah. ”

Read it all

Mufti of Egypt bans female circumcision

    Sort of.     He doesn’t really mean it. And his proclamation will not help 97 % of Egyptian women to get their clitoris back either…

Egypt’s state-appointed Grand Mufti said today female genital cutting is forbidden by Islam.
His pronouncement came after an 11-year-old girl died while undergoing the procedure at a private medical clinic in southern Egypt.

Genital cutting of girls, often referred to as female genital mutilation or circumcision, is banned in Egypt although the practice remains widespread as a rite of passage for girls and is often viewed as a way to protect their chastity.

“The harmful tradition of circumcision that is practised in Egypt in our era is forbidden,” Mufti Ali Gomaa was quoted as saying by the Egyptian state news agency MENA.

There are a couple of weasel words in there. Does he mean that if it is practiced in a different way from how it is practiced in Egypt in our era, it would be all right?

Ali Gomaa, the statue-hatin’, wife-beatin’, Hizballah-supportin’ Mufti of Egypt, now says that female genital mutilation is wrong, apparently reversing the Shafi’i school’s traditional judgment that it is obligatory (cf. ‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3). It will be interesting to see what actions, if any, he takes in order to back up this ruling.

“Mufti bans female circumcision,” from Reuters

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  1. Dear Islamania,

    Please exterminate all your women. If you do so, you won’t have to ever worry about them being uncovered meat and whatnot nor will you need to deal with messy female circumcisions. Obviously, women can do no right under your benevolent god so you’d be doing yourself a favor by wiping them all out. Then you can concentrate more easily on bringing the joys of the Koran to the whole world without these annoying side issues getting in the way.

    An infidel who just can’t wait to receive the words of Mr. Perfect at gunpoint.

  2. Let them go to Saudi Arabia!

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    Can’t drive a car.

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    Sounds like paradise.

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