Are Females Really That Dumb?

First, watch this:

End Women’s Suffrage:

Many females will do anything in the mistaken belief that they’re following some kind of fashion.

Unfortunately men are even dumber because they often follow such women.

But how dumb are women really?

Take a look:

In New Hamshire they think its cool to submit to the cult of Islam:


Fun for the whole family:


A little burka here, and a little segregation there: Gee, its all sooo fashionable!


In Amherst, New Hampshire, parents are getting the jump on the impending caliphate and teaching their children to welcome their new Islamic overlords: ‘Open tent’ at Amherst Middle School.

AMHERST— For one night, on May 9, the quaint colonial town of Amherst, New Hampshire, was transformed into a Saudi Arabian Bedouin tent community, with the help of 80 seventh-graders at the Amherst Middle School. The weather cooperated, providing 85 degree temperatures to give an authentic Saudi feel to the evening.

More than 250 guests arrived at the open tent and were welcomed with an Arabic greeting of “Marhaba” by students at a Saudi customs desk. During the check-in, guests selected a traditional Arabic name for their name badge and completed an actual Saudi customs form, which warned in bold letters “Death for Drug Trafficking” at the top.

Once inside, guests were encouraged to circulate among 14 different stations created by the students. …

Flowing fabrics hung from the ceiling separated the family and men-only dining sections. The tables were set on large rugs and lowered so that the diners sat on the floor. Only the seventh-grade boys were allowed to host the food stations and the Arabic dancing, as the traditions of Saudi Arabia at this time prevent women from participating in these public roles.

Dressed in traditional Arabic wear—long plaid kilts, white shirts and turbans—the boys offered food and entertained guests. The Arabic dancers enthusiastically performed to music and encouraged male visitors to join their dance. Seventh-grade girls hosted the hijab and veil stations, where other female guests learned how to wear the required head covering and veils. An antique trunk full of black abayas worn by women, and white thobes worn by the men, were available for guests to try on. …

An Islamic religion station included a Muslim prayer rug with a compass imbedded in it to locate Mecca, readings on the Islamic faith, call to prayer items and prayer beads.

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More weird stuff from New England:

Vermont Wants the US to End the Occupation…of Vermont…


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7 thoughts on “Are Females Really That Dumb?”

  1. Those girls are thick out! So they think it cool to submit to the cult o Islam! I wonder would they find no equal rights to women cool! Women treated worse than animals cool! Female gentile mutilations cool! Beheadings cool! Women stoned for being raped cool! Living a hell on earth life in a tent under Islamic law cool! I could go on and on. Anyone that summits to the cult of Islam is not right in the head period end off! Specially females of all people!

  2. Re “dumb females”:

    How many of them do you think knew that “suffrage” meant the right to vote and is not synonymous with “suffering”?

    Conclusion: if these are our future leaders, heaven help us!

    As for the New Hampshire school if one of my kids went there I would have flown down to see the principal, on a broomstick, if necesary and given them heaps!

    This is insanity!

  3. If those incredibly stupid women want to wear burqa’s, I have just the latest fashion for them. They can have my swag of plastic supermarket bags to pull over their heads. To ensure a snug fit, I will generously supply lengths of tape to wind around their necks.

    Besides an abundance of evil adherents to the Religion of Peace in the world, a huge proportion of the rest of humanity appears to be dim-witted.

  4. “But how dumb are women really?”–Sheik yer’mami

    How dumb are you, Sheik, to ask a question that amounts to a blanket indictment of all women?

    I appreciate your wit and creativity, so I am doubly disappointed in your feeling the need to post this item to Jihad Watch. Your lack of chivalry, in that regard is astonishing.

    How dumb are women, really? Without cracking a dictionary: The term “suffrage” has its root in “to suffer” in the secondary sense of “suffer” being “to allow”. (You know, like, “Suffer the children to come unto Me, and forbid them not.”) Suffrage is anything that is allowed by someone who dominates another.

    Women’s Suffrage is not women’s right to vote. “Women’s Suffrage” was the name of the movement by women demanding their *right* to vote. Women’s Suffrage exists only in the past, rather like the Boston Tea Party.

    The successful result of the Women’s Suffrage movement is the nineteenth amendment to The Constitution of the United States, which reads:

    “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

    Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

    Sheik, I am a mere high school graduate. The commentary above is an example of how dumb I am.

    But, how dumb were these oh-so-cute college boys who thought Women’s Suffrage was a woman’s right to vote? More importantly–where do ‘men’ like these acquire the kind of misogyny necessary to try to make women look like fools? And by the way, where is the footage of the women who told the interviewer to pound sand?

  5. Please excuse my posting this to the comments section, Sheik. I can’t figure out how to send this more discreetly through email. When I enter the prescribed “” all I get is your home page. Sorry.

    RE: “Someone like you…”

    I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean, Sheik. You don’t know me. And, all I know of you is what I can deduce (rightly or wrongly, of course I’m human and make mistakes) from your commentaries and your website.

    I like Winds of Jihad, and I love your songs.

    What, then, is “someone like [me]” supposed to do? Since you don’t know me, I can’t expect you to know the answer to that. Someone like me doesn’t dare intimate that she might be a feminist, lest she get painted with the “Feminazi” brush, or be branded with the “NOW” iron. Someone like me doesn’t have a leg to stand on, now that feminism and feminist organizations are (rightly, because they became monsters) scorned.

    Since I can’t define myself in any of the old ways, all I can say is that I am a woman who tends to stick up for herself, and her fellow women. When I’m hurt, I react strongly. Since I admire and enjoy your online persona, this tidbit about ‘dumb women” hurt my feelings.

    Laugh at that if you like. Please refrain from likening me to the cartoon ragers, though, since jihad is not to my taste. Like a typical woman, I’m more inclined to cry. Right now, I’m too depressed for that–I’ll have to wait until I feel better.

    What should I have done, Sheik? Should I have crawled back into my little woman’s “place”, without comment? Should I have yukked it up, and made a liar of myself?

    I should not have opened with the “How dumb are you”, salvo, nor should I have posted it to Jihad Watch and for that I apologize. It was childish. For the rest of my initial response, I feel no shame. My information is correct.

    This much I will admit, the vapidity of the young women in the video clip, was nauseating–not funny at all.

    We women are not all like those. Do you think I’m the only woman in the world to admit my pain, or am I just one of the few who will admit it?

    Anyway, go ahead and tell me to f*** off, and I will. I don’t want to be, even in a virtual capacity, anywhere I’m not welcomed.

  6. Abscedere:

    The point was that there is an equal amount of stupid men, men who are not only equally clueless, but who even follow such women. It was not a direct attack on you, neither was it meant to get you to crawl back into ‘your little womans place’- but again:
    The point was that there are a lot of simpletons out there who even vote against their own interests, simply because they’re ignorant.

    Nobody said you’re a feminazi.

    “This much I will admit, the vapidity of the young women in the video clip, was nauseating–not funny at all.”

    Sure. That’s what it was all about.

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